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Marketing Management Assignment Sample

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Operations Management & Marketing Integrity through IT in International Business

Introduction on Marketing Management Assignment Sample

Information technology is defined as a system that combines people’s activities and technological tools in order to make effective decisions, operations and management. Information technology is one of the most significant and unavoidable aspects of every medium to large corporations in the modern competitive business world for their continued survival. In the present era, organizations use information system tools and techniques to operate effectively and achieve higher goals, profitability and build new business models (Graham, 2008). In this context, this research proposal gives emphasis on analysis of the role played by information technology in the integration of operation and marketing management in international business. Here, the researcher gives focus to evaluate the impact of information technology in operations and marketing integrity in global business and the numerous benefits organizations acquire after enforcing technological tools in marketing and operational activities.

Information technology has captured almost every business and diverse departments that business should have and it can be found everywhere economy, politics, relationship between nations and one can notice the boom everywhere that has been caused by the presence and dynamic development in the information technology (IT). The advancement in these technologies has completely redefined the way things are being done in business (Saunders and, 2004). For instance, the increased vigorous pressure in the worldwide economy is driving trades to swiftly adopt the wide range of computer technologies in order to increase productivity, manage inventory and expand internal and external communications so that customers can be offered novel services (THE MARKETING MIX, 2012).

The age of information intensely deal with corporations to undertake innovative activity in a universal and coherent manner to acquire a competitive edge against the competitors and to attain consistent effectiveness. Innovation and development is like a fundamental factor for profitability, survival and growth of company, in this information technology plays an important role and acts a facilitator that develops and promotes innovation. The role of IT is in major areas to acquire and maintain a market advantage over the competitors as well as for enhancement of organization (Mentzer and et. al., 2007). This states in that the use of IT in business is massive and for the success of company many of the multi-national companies are investing billions in the IT sector. The growth of informational system has been changed over the years from a prototype approach to professionally planned, organized, managed and engineering approach.

In any of the corporation the generation of novel ideas needs in creativity and goes along with knowledge of IT that helps in to change its capability to enforce in new ideas by implementation of technological factors (Singh, Gordon and Purchase, 2007). Development in IT sector aids in reducing the costs, enable more proficient deployment process and bring in products and services to market in a more competent manner than the previous. Moreover, it can also be stated in that IT sector also aids in development of each department of an organization like human resource, marketing, finance, operations and supply chain management. With the help of technological tools managers can effectively undertake their managerial functions to manage administer and make efficient decisions to acquire in organizational objectives (Groonroos, 2004).

IT is not a narrow term but covers in all hardware and software utilized by organizations to accumulate, arrange, preserve and distribute in the required information to needed persons. Information technology basically helps in to coordinate the work with various operations and diverse departments.

In any of the corporation operations management plays a chief role in its success and is mainly concerned with developing, operating and monitoring a transformational system that takes in input of a range of resources and produces in output of products and services required in by consumers (Kehoe, 2013). The prime motive of any business is to bring in the suitable product and services in the market at right price and time, in order to achieve this goal operations management of any company plays a massive role and the methods used by operations management and their abilities have direct impact on the output and performance of an organization (Thorson and Duffy, 2011).

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Operations management is a value addition of a corporation which is concerned with innovation, development, production and distribution of products and services to customers to attain competitive edge in business. Every company has a prime motive to offer solutions which the consumer faces on regular basis with the operations of diverse issues. Operations department has the accountability for all the diverse activities that can impact on the quality of product and services (Kersten and et. al., 2011). In the current competitive business era operations manager must possess in technical as well as behavioral attributes to enhance the productivity and quality by ensuring timely delivery of products and services.

Operations management is consistently changing due to technological advancement and enhancement in global competition. Modern technologies primarily IT have major role in the operations management and as it provides a new vision to seek in at processes of corporation with logical thinking to face in actual global issues (Mark, 2010).

Operations management is simply a managerial process that manages the work in a systematic manner. For instance in a service based corporation the particular operation is to manage the customer’s requirements adequately and for this companies maintains an effective communication process, trained and skilled workforce and regular feedbacks from consumers to manage in operational issues. Whereas, in a product oriented corporation the main operational work is to manage in the standard quality of products in an organized way (Grewal and et. al., 2011).

In this era business is developing in a more vast and complex manner where in management has to face intense amount of challenge and cope with dynamic economic and business issues.

Problem Statement

Here, in this report the problem statement that needs to be identified is the role of IT in operations and marketing integrity in international business. The present study gives in emphasis on assessment of previous research undertaken in the area of study and identification of ways through which diverse issues of this area can be overcome and adequate benefits organizations can acquire in through this.  By undertaking an assessment in the above section it can be stated in that information technology plays a massive role in the growth and development of a corporation and is a need of time and effective implementation of information technology that would reduce liability by minimizing the cost of anticipated failure and increased flexibility by decreasing the cost of adjustment (Graham, 2008).

Information technology is having effect on all trade business and industries in products as well as services. It impacts on employees at every level of organization and has become primarily a basic factor with every type of technologies and it enables in business to respond with the new and urgent competitive forces by giving them effective management of interdependence (Coviello and Brodie, 2001). This report gives in focus that whether IT tools can ensure in operations management and marketing integrity in international business. There is no doubt that information technology has captured the entire world and almost every function. This piece of work will prove to be an effort that will primarily try to unearth certain aspects that has not be given importance or missed in precise department i.e. operations and marketing where things can be even managed in a prominent manner (Saunders and, 2004).

In order to attain a deep insight in the area of research researcher will accomplish a secondary as well as primary research in this area. In secondary research different books, journals and articles will be reviewed to achieve valuable information related to role of information technology in integration of operations and marketing activities in international business. Moreover, researcher will also carry out a primary research where in a survey will be undertaken in one of the leading hotel i.e. Marriott Hotel, UK. The main motive behind secondary and primary research is to assess in the role information technology plays in associating the operations and marketing management in international business.


From the numerous previous researches it has been found in that the field of operational management gives in attention on management of overall process of business from the procurement of raw materials to the final goods and distribution of products and services. Multinational corporations give much of priority to the operations department as production is being done on massive level and work is being undertaken at a global level (Pires, Stanton and Rita, 2006). It has been observed that the activities of operations management is primarily aimed towards the development, production of goods and establishment of effective distribution channels.

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Companies in the present era needs to enforce in diverse strategies in order to fulfill the requirements of fluctuating market and revolution in IT sector with globalization has changed in the conditions and market deregulation which are some of the attributes that shapes the growth and development of novel economy. In the prevailing situation firms have to select in elements from the previous and present economy effectively to create a business model that can add value in management (Glynn and Woodside, 2012). The functioning of  companies have been changed over the time and the way firms undertakes in business to seek ahead and make expansion in its working structure and segments to achieve in maximum benefit.

Research Aim and Objectives

The main aim of the present research report is to analyze whether “Information technology can ensure operation management and marketing integrity in international business”. This research report gives in priority to evaluate in the role does information technology plays in the management of operations and marketing incorporation in global business. Hence, in this regard certain objectives have been framed as stated below;

  • To determine the role of information technology in operations management of international business.
  • To evaluate the influence of information technology in market integrity of international business.
  • To assess the impact of information technology in effectiveness of operations and marketing integrity in Marriott, UK.

Significance of Research

The current research will be undertaken in the area of information technology which has developed a lot over the time period and is required every in almost every sector. The recent evolution of technology has developed in several opportunities for companies to enhance their existing performance and achieve the goals. Many of the corporations have been trying to comprehend its benefits and how it adds value in their operations and the way it can be applied to acquire the advantages (Ferrel and Hartline, 2010). This report gives in focus on the importance and role does information technology plays in the incorporation of operations and marketing department at global business level and most significantly how the organization leads to success.

In recent decades growth in this sector has played a crucial role for businesses to attain success and it has become an essential factor specifically for every department of firm in order to survive in the ever changing environment and to enhance their competitiveness. This study will give attention on various benefits of implementing technological attributes in the operations and marketing department of an organization and the role it plays in associating both the units in international business (Taylor, 2007). An organization operating in a global environment needs to align its various business units so that effective communication channel can be framed as well as customers can attain the required product or services.

By undertaking the present study many of the units will acquire in benefits, specifically organizations undertaking business activities at global level and seeks in to acquire maximum benefit through technological aspects. As, this study will give emphasis on diverse attributes of IT as well as operations management and marketing integrity in international business hence the stakeholders associated with a firm will also be attain much of relevant information from this (Tucker, n.d.). A stakeholders is all the members associated with the business directly or indirectly therefore this research report will provide in numerous information on the factors that are crucial to give priority for the management as well as the stakeholder associated with the business.

 Scope of Research

Research methodology helps in assessing the various results to the specific issues associated to a particular topic. In this part researcher uses in numerous methods to analyze the issue of study that can be exactly given in a comprehension aligned to the research. In order to accomplish a successful research within the defined constraints and limitations of resources it becomes important for the person carrying out the study to design and implement an appropriate plan and schedule through which different activities can be done and consistently assess in the progress against the stated plan (Walliman, 2010).

This part of study represents in different theoretical aspects that are considered as a base for to accomplish the research. Research methodology states in the possibilities and limitations of the research as well as it places the report within the traditional and present research. This section precisely aims towards collection of secondary and primary data for theoretical or practical research projects (Sekaran, 2006). Different techniques along with strategies are used in the process of study which is exactly defined in this part of the research. Scope of research mainly gives in details about the series and the manner in which report will be carried out and presents information about the framework and diverse research strategies being implemented in the study (Silverman, 2004).

This section fundamentally depicts in the actual research approaches and framework that has been used in the research and descriptions related to methods and tools of study with the way data has been accumulated, sampling technique and finally the data analysis method. In this research report both primary and secondary research will be used in to acquire relevant information in the area of study. In secondary data researcher will use in diverse scholarly journals, books and articles to achieve reliable information deep insight in the area of research. This part will also explain in the diverse limitations and places in study in a valid form.

Moving ahead in the study primary research will be carried out in the Marriott Hotel, UK in which an interview will be done among employees as well as some of the senior personnel’s of the management. The researcher will focus in to attain much of information about the IT techniques used in by the hotel and its benefits in aligning operational and marketing integrity in global business. Moreover, researcher will also give in emphasis to assess certain variables through which variables of operations management and marketing integrity can be measured. In this context focus will be given to assess the Marriott hotel operations factors like optimum utilization of resources, inventory level in the organization, management of supply chain, service delivery with latest technological tools, and occupancy rate in the hotel.

These all are considered as independent variables as operations efficiency of Marriott hotel depends on them. On the other hand to measure in variables of marketing integrity attention is being given to assess in the brand image of hotel in global market, level of customer satisfaction as well as the novel promotional techniques used in by the corporation. Here, in these parameters are independent variables on which marketing integrity depends. In this context the following stated research strategy will be used in the current study.

Research Design –

This section includes in the ways in which evaluation will be carried out it is mainly of three diverse types i.e. casual, exploratory and descriptive. In the current research report exploratory research type will be used as here in main aim is to acquire a deep insight in the area of information technology and its role in the diverse departments of corporation.

Sampling –

It helps in segregating the respondents and achieve a valid information, in the present study with systematic sampling that will be used to accomplish interview among the employees and senior personnel’s of the Marriott hotel. Here, in a sample of 50 respondents will be taken that will be comprised of senior officers and employees from operations and marketing department of hotel.

Research Approach –

In a study there are mainly two type s of research approach i.e. inductive and deductive, both methods are used in diverse research. Here, in the present report researcher will use in inductive approach to interpret the outcomes as there is no hypothesis being formed in the study.

Research Type –

Research type is represented in two basic forms i.e. qualitative and quantitative according to the attained information. Here, in this study researcher will use in a qualitative approach to state in the information.Data Collection.

Data Collection -

The data in this report has been attained through secondary as well as primary sources.  Secondary information involves in acquisition of data through different journals, books and articles in the area of study to express the results. Whereas, primary research includes in collection of first hand data through various sources, in this study primary data has been acquired in by undertaking interview of respondents of Marriott hotel, UK. In this regard researcher will give in focus that reliable and valid information is acquired from both secondary and primary sources to represent the data in most suitable form.

Data Analysis –

The acquired in data will be analyzed to reach up to a level of predefined aims and objectives. It is mainly done in two diverse ways i.e. quantitative and qualitative or a set of them. In the quantitative method different tools are being used like correlation, regression and Ms-Excel to analyze the data. Whereas, in a qualitative method diverse results in the statement form is given that is stated in a statement form. In the current research report researcher has used in qualitative approach and data has been analyzed with the help of thematic analysis and results are stated in a qualitative form.


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