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Corporate world is facing numerous of changes due to fluctuation in several factors in order to fulfils the need or demand of domestic as well as foreign consumers (Cua, Reames and Chai, 2013). Therefore, assignment is going to analyse the SWOT of a well-known company of UK for improving the current position of an enterprise. Thus, report is conducting internal assessment of Barclay plc for analysing their hidden factors in order to take necessary steps for improvement.


Swot analysis – Barclays Plc

Swot analysis is conducted to know the internal factors of firm, and these aspects consists of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, here this embrace about Barclays plc, which is a global leading bank in the United Kingdom, and also renowned bank for largest international investment and retail banking institutions. It is performing its operations across fifty countries.


Barclays has a leadership position in a various products and services like Barclaycard payment solutions, wealth management, retail banking, etc. It's major strength is that it has a heterogeneous geographic presence in 50 countries with largest international network and strong brand reputation and one of the digital banking leader in the country has the honour to launch first banking website in 1995. It has a hefty marketing and advertising which has boosted the marque presence with most prominent sponsorship with premier league football tournament in England \(Dioko, 2016). It has innovative concept that always resides in its side, recently it introduced OnePlus card which is combined a with many functions.


The organization has gone into conspiracy because of ethical problems through providing services to people in Zimbabwe, for that it had to answer to the investors for maintaining integrity. Second time, it came to the limelight when media spread the news that Barclays was paying steep bonuses to its directions and that immersed into its image. It got into trouble and need to bailout during recent crises. Its involvement in such cases like South Africa, accusations of money laundering impacted on its image badly (Jain, Ahuja and Medury, 2013).

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