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Business organisation considered several aspects to make effective results for business development. In this consideration, in global environment there are several activities has been promoted by the business which help to increase its effectiveness (Toepfer, Zellner and Kuhlmann, 2015). With this regard, present report based on the Marks & Spencer Supermarket in Czech Republic which is well known of company of the world. They deal in different kinds of products and services to attract customers from different nations. It is awarding with food and stylish home-ware products in UK. For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers company analysis, PESTLE analysis, and Porter five forces implementation.

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Main Body

Company analysis

Marks and Spencer is the Britain general retailer or supermarket business. They deal in the different kinds of clothes, gifts, home-ware, etc. The company develop their operations and functions from several years. In respect to develop effectiveness in the business, the chosen company operating their functions. In this regard, company determine operating principles to achieve desired results (Matikiti, Mpinganjira and Roberts-Lombard, 2018). In this way, value also develops at affordable price to attract more customers. In order to make effective functioning, following analysis consider from past several years' analysis:

Marks and Spencer increase their festival trade to make sure that they have attained creativeness at workplace. In this regard, for clothing and homeware, they determines around 2.8% in last year. However, in last year due to changes in political stability and inflation, the company get affected by clothing division which reduced around 1.2% for six months from 26 September. Retailer stated that there are around 40% of sales consider as the High Street retailer around 0.2%. Hence, company trading condition was challenging. High level of promotions in UK in first quarter mainly create major impact on the business results and outcomes. Furthermore, in the second quarter decisions are also undertaken on the basis of full focus on price sales and discount less that create major impact on performance. In addition to this, conditions are also to difficult so that improvement in consumer confidence needed to focus on the market of UK and other areas as well. The company stated that profit margin in food items also increasing around 2.85%. Therefore, it is important to look towards the strong competition from other retailers who focused on improvement to boost the volume.

In the UK market, retailers are also take steps to focus on the direction with business development and expansion. In this aspect, growth also considered online division which help to attain more significant advantages in the world (Marks & Spencer clothing sales rise for first time in four years, 2018). Marks and Spencer has grow its PESTLE analysis.

In the selected business enterprise, there are several operations and functions implemented that assists to meet with the different aspects of management. In respect to implement Pestle analysis, it describes framework of the macro environment which is scanning component in strategic management. It helps to implement different elements of macro environment consent to accomplish desired goals in depth (Szalai, Kiss and Toepfer, 2014). Following are certain factors implemented in the business that assists to consider impact on the Marks and Spencer operations in global consideration

Political factor: Political factors are those which run and changed by the government of country. These types of factors show level in which Marks and Spencer could able to trade in global environment. Specifically, this sector also governing with different policies such as trade policy, labour law, tariffs, etc. The chosen company unable to make changes as their own way without government participation. They need to focus on the trade policy route which frames by government. The company also make full support from the government regarding international trade. In addition to this, VAT is the also term that known as the value added tax that consider by government and paid by the businesses (Neubauer and Lank, 2016).

Economic factor: Economic factor defines as the economy performances of the country which effect by business operations and functions. In this aspect, inflation rate create impact on the products and services price. It also creates impact to make changes in the demand and supply which implemented in the economy (Dowell, Gill and Hoddle, 2016). There are different elements includes in the economic factors that create impact on the Marks and Spencer functions and operations. It also consider foreign direct investment which depends on the certain industries those undergoing with the analysis. In the UK, there is open economy so that fiscal and monetary policies also managed properly. There is low inflation and strong finance in government which impact positively on the business results and outcomes.

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