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How to Improve Business Environment ?

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Introduction to Business Environment

Business environment depict about the combination of both internal and external factors that influences the prevailing activity of enterprise (Business environment, 2014). For the purpose to achieve the success of identified strategy of enterprise, it is required by manager that is to carry out through analysis of business environment. For the present report, Dominos pizzas and Easy Jets are selected. This report will provide detailed description regarding the main purpose of both identified organizations. In addition to this, the report will also showcase the impact that global factors have on the working of the organizations in an effective way.


Information regarding description, purpose and ownership of Dominos pizzas and Easy Jets

Dominos Pizzas is the famous American restaurant chain that has it’s headquarter in Domino Farms Office Park Ann Arbor Charter Township, Michigan, United States. The organization was founded by Tom Monaghan and his brother, James in the year 1960. Currently it possesses the team of 220000 employees (Dominos pizzas, 2014).

Easy Jet is the British airline carrier company that has it’s headquarter in London Luton Airport Luton, United Kingdom. Organization has its operation in 32 countries (EasyJet, 2014). It has the team of 8,343 employees that dedicatedly works towards the objective of enterprise.

Dominos Pizzas has a sole aim to expand its operation in the British market (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014). This is because organizations think that they have not fully broken into this market and it is reason why they would like to expand more (Dominos Pizza's aims and objectives, 2014). In addition to this, they have another objective to improve customer relationship by providing them finest quality of product within given specified time limit. Besides this, Easy Jet has objective to provide its customer safe and point to point air services. Further with this, they have an aim to offer consistent as well as reliable services by giving affordable fares to their customers.

Ownership of both the companies identified. Both Dominos Pizzas and EayJet is the sole proprietorships companies where power to make decision within enterprise is resides in the hand of one person only which is the owner of firm. These organizations have the sole objective that is to earn higher profits within the enterprise in an effective way (Wild, Wild and Han, 2014).

Describing the stakeholders who influence the purpose of these companies

Stakeholders are the persons who influence or get influence by the decisions which are made within company. In this respect, number of stakeholders identified that influences the purpose of these companies such as Dominos Pizzas and EasyJet etc. It comprises of customers, employees, supplier and government etc. The stakeholders are common for both the organization. Dominos Pizzas has sole purpose to provide finest quality of goods and services to their customers (Wheelen and Hunger, 2011). This objective can be achieved by them if they possess the team of competent employees that are capable enough in terms of giving finest quality of services to their customers in an effective way. In addition to this, supplier of Dominos Pizzas causes significant effect on the operation of firm. For example, if organization has decided to sale specific quantity of Pizza within given specified time limit. This aim can be fulfilled by them if they possess the supplier that fulfills their demand relating to the raw material in an effective way. Government affect organization objective through their policies. Any changes in the policies of government with respect to the interest rates and taxes affect the existing strategy as made by the corporation like Dominos Pizzas. Change in the tastes and preferences of customer’s influences the Dominos Pizzas objective of expansion with their specific product in an effectual way (Kolk and Van Tulder, 2010).

In the similar way, stakeholders of Easy Jet influence their purpose in the following manner. Easy Jet objective of providing their customer safe and point to point services can be fulfilled by them if they possess the team of trained employees. This is because it is with the help of them only safe flight journey can be provided by the manager of organization to their respective customers. The policy of government influences Easy Jet purpose to provide reliable services to their customers by giving affordable fares. For example, government has increased the rates of taxes in UK, than in this condition it became difficult for the organization that is to sale their services to the customers at the affordable prices. Increased demand of the customers with respect to the Easy Jet services causes its significant effect on the existing services. This is because any kind of changes in this aspect takes lots of time and money of the enterprise. Delay in the services of supplier leads to causes its necessary effect on the Easy Jet purpose of giving point to point air services to their customers (Kotler, 2011).  

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How the style of organization helps corporation in terms of fulfilling their purpose

Style of organization depicts about the hierarchy as followed within enterprise. The hierarchy clearly indicates the specified roles and responsibilities which are required to be carried out by the employees in organization. Dominos Pizzas has flat organizational structure. It is the type of organization which contains very less number of levels. In this structure, individuals are provided full freedom with respect to present their views in front of the management of the enterprise (Elliot, 2011). This style is effective for the Dominos Pizzas. It is because with the help of this, corporation can identify the area which is impacting their performance in a negative manner. It is through this way only corporation objective of providing finest quality of goods and services can be fulfilled by them in an effective way.

In the similar way, Easy Jet also possesses flat organization structure. With the help of this structure coordination between the employees can be maintained. This is usually hinders when corporation possess long chain of command. Moreover, it is because of the presence of this aspect only Easy Jet is able to fulfill their purpose of giving consistent and reliable services to their customers in an effective manner.


Feasibility study of two different markets of Dominos Pizzas is carried out. In this respect, India and UK market is selected. For the purpose to assess the feasibility study of these two markets following questions are answered.

Explaining that how economic system attempts to allocate resources effectively

Economic system plays crucial role in allocating the resources within nation effectively. From the analysis it is identified that both countries such as India and UK possess mixed economic system. In this economy collective decision with respect to the allocation of resources is being taken by the government as well as private entrepreneur. In this economy, private enterprise like Dominos Pizzas are not permitted to function freely and they are being controlled through price mechanism (Jung, 2011). However, this economy allows organizations that are to make decision which is beneficial for the customers of Dominos Pizzas. In the economic system allocation of resources is done effectively because here shortages of goods are avoided which is usually occurs when  ineffective planning with respect to same is being carried out by both private individual like Dominos Pizzas and government.

Assessing the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on the organization

Fiscal and monetary policy causes its necessary impact on the working of Dominos Pizzas. Fiscal policy is the type of policy which is used by government for the purpose to collect revenue within nation. This is done by them by carrying out variation in the taxation rates. In India, firm like Dominos Pizzas has to pay the tax rate of 30%. However, in UK the tax rate is in between 24% to 21%. This depict that Dominos Pizzas will have pay high taxes in India. Any changes in the given rate cause its significant effect on the existing strategy as well as working of organization. This is because increase in the rate of these taxes influences enterprise like Dominos Pizzas that are sale their product at the high prices. On increasing the prices of product large number of customers cannot be attracted towards the organization (Lee, 2011).

Monetary policy depicts about the process through which monetary authority of country carries out their control over the supply of money. For this purpose they use the instruments like CRR and SLR etc. In India CRR rate is 4% however in UK there is no legal requirement for this rate. Organization will have to pay high interest on the loan if the rates of CRR in the particular country are high. These rates can affect the production as well as pricing policy of Dominos Pizzas.  

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Impact of competition policy on the organization

Competition policy possesses significant impact on the organization. UK competition policy has a main objective that is to save consumer from two types of behavior of the organization such as collusive behavior and abuse of market power etc. In collusive behavior firms earns higher profits on the expense of customers. UK competition policy affects the motivation of recognized firms like Dominos Pizzas. This is because, by complying with such type of policy the selection with respect to the any kind of strategies such as pricing and promotion etc is not being carried out by them in an effective manner (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014).

Competition policy of India carries out full control over production, supply, distribution, storage and acquisition of goods and services. This is done for the purpose to reduce the monopoly of particular company within country. This influence the organization like Dominos Pizzas in terms of relying changes in their strategies like pricing. For example, Dominos Pizzas has decided to sale their services at high process with an aim to create monopoly within India. This objective cannot be achieved by them due to the presence of this policy.


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