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Every business firm face challenges in its business. In order to solve the problem it is necessary to identify its root cause of the problem. It is the statistics that help firm in solving business problems in systematic way. In the present report, statistical tools like quartile and percentile are applied and results are interpreted. Along with this, in middle part of the report formal business report is prepared. At end of the report, project evaluation methods are applied on cash flows and comments are made on same. Along with this, network diagram is also prepared and in same critical path is identified.

Task 1

1.1 Sources For Data Collection


In past few years population increased in the London at a rapid pace. Due to this reason congestion get increased in the mentioned city. In order to solve this problem cross rail project is proposed to be commenced by the Government. Present research is focused on the research that that will be conducted in relation to cross rail project. Every business firm faces a specific problem in its business in the specific time period. Many times business problem does not get solved even firm management take decisions. Some business firm gets closed due to the mentioned reason. In order to handle such kind of situation it becomes very important to conduct research (Sandu, 2012). By doing a research source of problem is identified and solution is identified. In this way problem is solved by the business firm. In the present case study of cross rail is take and attempt is made to identify the perception in terms of benefit that people have towards the cross rail project 2. In this regard both primary and secondary data will be collected by the researcher. This will be done because before conducting a research it is necessary to analyze whatever things that happened in the past time period. This deep and well understanding about the research topic help one in ascertaining the points where same needs to do a research so that required and beneficial results can be obtained. In the present study secondary data will be collected from the journals, books and magazines. Same will be analyzed deeply and on that basis direction in which research must be carried out will be determined. Moreover, questions that need to be included in the questionnaire can be determined on the basis of results obtained from the analysis of secondary data. Primary data will be gathered from the 50 respondents that live in different borough of the London. In this way entire data collection in respect to the present research will be carried out.

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