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Unit 5 Business Environment CBC College Level 6

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Current business environment is very dynamic in their nature so that each one company has their own aim and mission to run all enterprises activities in a appropriate manner. In order to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time, management of the firm has develop strategies. By this they are analyse macro and micro working environment and it impact on organisation performance as well as productivity. In this report select Unilever in order to know the impact of business environmental factor on their performance. It is a British- Dutch transnational goods organisation, its main product cleaning agents, food, beverages, personal care and many more (Al-Swidi and Al-Hosam, 2012). Unilever is a world largest consumers commodities firm according to revenue of the year of 2012. They are owns over 400 brand like Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Hellmann's, Dove, Axe, Magnum, Rama, Sunsilk, surf etc. Unilever has approx 169,000 employees in the year of 2017 with total income of € 6.486 billion. In this report covers various kind of organisation with its size, scope, purpose etc. It also includes negative as well as positive impact of macro environmental factor on enterprise.

Task 1

M1 Analyse how the structure, size and scope of different organisations link to the business objectives and product and services offered by the organisation

There has relation between structure, scope and size of private, public and voluntary organisation. For example: companies has big structure that automatically has large scope and size within marketplace. As multinational organisation also have range of products and services which will positively impact on business performance and profitability. It will be more essential and beneficial for the growth and success of organisations within given time duration.

Task 2

The organisation construction are define as hierarchy of different level with in work place which are includes all enterprises task and covers all regulation, duty, policies, rule, responsibilities of every staff members role in business unit. It also explain how communication has help to spread information with in work place which create awareness of employee (Bryman and Bell, 2015). There are several department has work into one firm and each one have their own role and responsibilities toward company like human resources, operations, marketing, sales, production etc. It benefits as well as relationship of Unilever department are detail as follows:

Human resources department: An organisation has make aim and objective in order to run entire business activities at market place. It reflect their structures hierarchy and human resources manager develop strategies in order to manage all employees in an appropriate manner. They are hire candidate according to needs and wants firm. Unilever are organising training program for all staff members in order to enhance their skills and knowledge which help to improve workers performance as well as productivity in long period of time. By this, institutes has able to achieve goals and objective in limited period of time effectively.

Marketing department: It is a main division of entire enterprise. The aim, objective and business structures has make by owner of the firm and marketing department has work in order to achieve their goals and objective in a appropriate ways. Main role of marketing department has organising market research to know clients preferences, demand, attitude, perception, learning style, behaviour and many more accordingly they are produce product and services (Christopher and Holweg, 2011). This directly effect organisation structures and its aim because marketing manager has deal with market and each one company has work for sell something into industry.

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