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Business strategy may be considered as the high level of plan for achieving specific goals or objectives of the organisation in an appropriate manner. Organisations formulate strategies for developing the business, accomplish set targets because these are essential, and lead to growth of the firm, strong positions in the market. It is necessary to make appropriate strategies and prepare action plans so that financial performance can be improved (Ackermann, 2013). This is essential for organisation which provide various opportunities to improve their strengths and people development so that productivity can be increased in more appropriate manner. This report is based on EE limited which is a leading British mobile network operator and division of BT Group in the UK. This firm provides number of services in the market regarding networking and internet service provider. This assignment will analyse PESTEL analysis and Ansoff's growth for organisation's strategy. It will apply VRIO/ VRIN model for determining strategic capabilities and identify strengths or weaknesses. This will evaluate the competitiveness of telecommunication sector through Porter's Five Forces Model and analyse Bowman's Clock Model for this firm.  

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Task 1

P1. Analyse the impact and influence of macro environment on organisation and its business strategies

Every organisations focus on formulating strategies and action plan for achieving competitive advantages in an appropriate manner. These strategies generally depend on environmental factors that can affect on business operations. In this included various factors such as micro and macro which have major impact on the organisation and its strategies. These forces are generally beyond the control (Audretsch, 2013). so it is the duty of manager to formulate strategies and manage those factors in more effective manner.

EE Limited, which is a British mobile network operators provide several internet services to the customers. It is a division of BT Group and established in the year of 2010. it is the largest mobile network operators in the UK. It has around 30 million customers and is also the largest 4G service provider in Europe. This firm is focusing on providing better internet solutions and mobile networking so that customers can be satisfied and prefer this brand for getting more services as well. This firm provide number of products or services such as fixed line telephone, broadband internet and digital televisions and many more in the market place.

It deals with various countries and there are number of factors which can affect on the business operations and depends on the environmental elements (Alsoboa, 2013). Therefore, it is necessary to identify and understand the atmosphere in appropriate manner so that better strategies can be formulated.

Here are some ways for analysing the impact and influence of macro environment on an organisation and its business strategies such as PESTEL Analysis.

PESTEL Analysis for environmental analysis:

There are number of factors involved which have direct impact on the business and its functions. These forces are generally due to change in the climate, as it has worse impact so organisations focus on identifying those forces so that better strategies can be formulated for achieving set targets or objectives in the competitive environment. In this, several elements are included such as political, economical, environmental, technological and legal factors which are beyond the control and manager are required to manage those by adopting best strategy as well as plan for the organisation. There can be analysed that environmental forces which affect on business in both way as positive and negative and it is depends on situations and nature of the EE limited.

There is  PESTEL analysis for better understanding of environmental issues such as:

Political Factor: It generally refers to various political issues or problems within the country because it is a major factor that has a direct impact on the business operations and its decisions Here several elements are considered such as tax policies, employment legislation, rules and regulations, laws or code of conduct and the government stability (Aldehayyat, 2013). This must be undertaken by the organisation while making business decisions regarding adaptation of strategies and tools or techniques so that they can survive in the competitive world in an effective way.

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