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There are various factors which includes internal and external in a business environment. These factors are affects directly or indirectly of a business and organisational structure and its culture. It also determine the growth and development of the company. A business environment includes legal factors, political factors, technological factors, environmental factor, social factor and others. It is too significance for the company to perform their business in this changing environment (Acs, and Mueller, 2008). This report is analysed about the business and their scope, size, structure and their organisational culture. This report is based on two companies. first one is ASDA is private organisation which operates their business in UK. They have a wide range of products for their customer. The objective of the company is provide better quality products and services to their customer. They operate various stores across UK. Second organisation is a public company called NEXT PLC. It is clothing and footwear company which operate their business in UK. The provide a long range of product of clothing and footwear for their customers. The objective of this study is to evaluate and analyse the business environment and the factors affecting of the business organisation (Agarwal, and Mital, 2009). It also explain the scope and size of the different organisation and product offered by the companies. It is also analyses that different structures and objectives of an organization.

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Part 1

Purpose of Business Organisation

According to the given scenario, ASDA is a supermarket retailer so that they can attain the success and also the targets. The entity have to provide the best quality products and which have to provide the fashionable and offer the innovations so that they can do the spend the money on the consumers on the products and services of the entity. The company have to attend the production process so that they can meet the requirements and also satisfy the needs of the consumer. They have to adopt the low strategies, economies and efficient distribution so that they can maintain the position in the competitive market. The entity has to follow the organisational structure and they have to follow the laws and regulations so that they can easily achieved the success and the targets (Anand, and, 2006). Along with this they can carry out operational activities so that they can carried out on the same basis. It is a private organisation which is operating its business in the retail industry and they have to provide the fashionable and trendy products so that they attain then success and also attain the targets in the leading position in the competitive market. They have to achieve the goals and for that they have to do the proper distribution of the goods and services. Along with this they have to do the proper changes in the policies and strategies so that they can not face any difficulty and can attain the targets easily (Bacha, and Bahous, 2008.).

Apart from this Next PLC is the public company. The company deals in clothing, footwear and home products and also have a manufacturing unit. The mission of the entity is that they have to provide the best quality products to their consumers so that many consumers can approach it. The entity having the large group which have initiated the business that having a different vision so that they can reach at the high level and also attain the maximum profits. Next PLC have to make the best quality products so that they increase the satisfaction level of the consumers so that they can attain the success and targets so that they can not face any difficulty. The company haven to utilized the proper resources so that they can not face any difficulties and do the proper work in correct manner (Bhaskaran, and Sukumaran,2007). They have to attain the goals so that they can attract the wholesaler so that they can attain the success and targets. Along with this they can attain the leading position and also improve the brand image.

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