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Managing business activities and functions so as to accomplish the desired outputs, it is a critical process in the business entity. In this business manager play vital and essential role in order to coordinating all functions and process of company. Considering and evaluating the internal and external factor of the environment also become an important part of handling business activities (Allee, Schwabe and Babb, 2015). In present assignment, given organisation is BMW, it is a Bayerische Motoren Werke company which presently produces motorcycles and automobiles and also delivered aircraft engines until 1945. This report is divided into different parts included significance of business processes in achieving long term goals and objectives of company. Development and implement of operational plans which is also covered in this project. Appropriate systems are also used to enhance organisational performance. Along with them different kind of health and safety related legislation also analysed in this project.

Task 1

1.1 Interrelationship between the different functions and process of the organisation

BMW is a German multinational organisation which currently produce motorcycles, aircraft engines until 1945 and automobile. This business was established by Karl Rapp in 1916 headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. According to case BMW sets tendency in production technology. With Effective Dynamics, the company consistently apply the principle of sustainable mobility and is steadily eradicating its vehicles fuel emissions and consumptions. In order to describe business process at BMW, its manager apply Input-Output business model.

IPO(Input-output model): It is identified as a functional graph that analysis the outputs, inputs and needed processing tasks in order to modify inputs into outputs in a proper manner (Input and Output Business Model, 2017). This model includes different data and information related to BMW products and services. Input of the business entity that describe the flow of material and data into the procedures from the outer (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014). Apart from this, outputs includes materials and information which is following out the alteration activity. For example: BMW Group believes there are some issues with its selecting and recruiting process. Some peoples that have been recruited stay at the organisation for less than 1 year. It includes cost of the business, since hiring new can candidates is expensive and time consuming.

(Source: Input-output business model at BMW, 2017)

Key functions of BMW: In the organisation there are different functions such as manufacturing and production, sales and marketing, human resource, finance and accounting. All these departments are work with each other in the production process related to automobile and motorcycles. Main aim and objectives of all departments is to achieve long term goals and objectives of company in given time period (Davis and et. al., 2016). These functions also help to arrange sufficient amount of money for doing business activities and functions in proper manner. Sales and marketing team is responsible for providing basic information related to model of car, motorcycles and many other by using promotional mix. Human resource department also responsible for recruiting and hiring best candidates who can easily accomplish business objectives and targets in limited time duration. In the BMW company, there are different department are work which have their own roles and responsibility for example: human resource department of the company play vital role in recruiting and hiring knowledgeable candidates which is only the responsibility of HR department. In cross culture, in which marketing department also help the human resource department while providing accurate information about customer choice.

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