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Strategy refers to a plan or a directed course of action in order to attain an intended set of goals and targets in better and effective manner. Business strategy refer to as such process and consideration which facilitate in define better and supportive things. This project will going to describe bout the google strategic process which facilitate and enable management to gain and accomplish their targets (Balasubramanian, Hurley and Neidle, 2011). This project will going to describe about the analysis of company strategic position with appropriate analysis of internal and external environment analysis. It will also going to define about strategic position of a company in better and define manner. Although, it will also define about major issues and sections with appropriate recommendations. It will also going to depict some recommendation on issues used to face by a company. Although, strategy will going to implement in better and effective manner with critical reflection.


Analysis of the firm's strategic position

1. Overview of the Company:

Google LLC is an American multinational technology organisation that mainly deals in providing internet-related products and services which covers search engine, online advertising technologies, software and hardware and cloud computing. The company was mainly founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 when they were pursuing their Ph.D. Degree at Stanford University, California. Both together had incorporated Google as a private company in September, 1998. The name of the company is named after “Googol” which denotes “one with 100 “0”s'. The name reveals the major objective of the Google inventors to collect and work out as much information or data is possible and they offer this information to all users that gives them adequate and comfortable search (Berthon, Plangger and Shapiro, 2012). It is the leading internet search engine tool whose primary services is offering population targeted results that is mainly selected from more than 8 million web pages. When the company entered into the category of online search market, Yahoo was the strong market leader that was giving strong competition to other firms with same field. It also offers other services that are mainly designed for productivity and work (Google Docs, Slides and Sheets), scheduling and time management (Google Calender), cloud storage (Google Drive), social networking (Google+), email (Inbox/Gmail), language translation (Google Translator), video sharing (YouTube), turn-by-turn navigation (Google Maps, Street View,Earth) and the list continues. In-fact the company is providing Android mobile operating system that makes much easier for customers to find what they really wishes or desire for. In 2017, Google is ranked as among the most valuable brand all across the world (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). It's mission statement is “ to manage the world's information and tries to make it universally useful and accessible”.

2. Identification of tools and techniques:

Internal analysis of the company: There are several internal factors that exist within the business environment and that affect the operation and functionality of company as well. Such factor can be identified through SWOT Analysis which are discussed below:

Market Leaders in Search Engine: The main strength of the company is that, it is the undisputed leader in search engines which interprets that Google is having domineering share of the internet searches all across the globe. Currently the company is having the market share of 65% which gives them high competitive edge in overseas market. In-fact none of their rivals does not even come close to anywhere where Google is currently standing.

Ability to generate user traffic: In modern era, Google is referred as a household brand all across the globe. Its potential to drive internet user traffic is well-know. With their effective business operation and functions, they become the most powerful brand of the company. According to the statistics report, The average hits in the form of unique searches is more than 1.2 billion which gives them unparalleled advantage over its available existing competitors prevailing in the market.

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