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To run an organization in an efficient manner, it becomes important for them to analyse the internal as well as external factors so that the situation can be evaluated effectively. There are several factors which highly affects the operations of the business which mainly includes government, consumers, suppliers, shareholders etc. To perform the activities of the company smoothly, they must make sure that the benefits of every stakeholders is been satisfied to their best (Brinkman, Navarro and Harper, 2014). In the present report, the study analysis on the Toyota company is been made. This is an auto-mobile organization which is highly successful in both the Japanese as well as the international market. In this, the discussion about different organization structures are been stated. Further, the fiscal and monetary policies are studied to know its effect on the operations of the company. Moreover, the social and cultural impact on business is been determined. Lastly the effectiveness if international trade and the impact of global factors on the business are been determined in the effective manner.


Task 1

There are several types of organizations which can be studied by knowing their purposes and identifying its objectives in the business. Further, they are mainly segregated on the basis of three types of organization like private, public and voluntary. The following are the companies which are been categorises under the above basis:

Toyota motor company- It is one of the largest company which is dealing the assembling and selling of auto mobiles to domestic as well as in the international market. They are categorized under the public sector. There main motive is to provide with the latest and latest products to the customers (Coghlan, 2012).

Sainsbury PLC- It is one of the leading supermarket giant in UK. It is included under the category of public limited company which is having their main competition with TESCO, ASDA. Their core motive is to serve the customers with the best of the services and its main purpose is to maintain that quality and quantity of products to attract wide range of customers.

McDonald- It is one of the largest company which is included under food industry. They are categorised under the franchising industry. They are having their retail outlets all over the world. Its main objective is to satisfy the needs and requirements of all people of different age-groups. Thus, they make several measures to provide the food for every person.

National Health service- It is mainly a public funded health care system which provides with the best of health facilities to the people of UK. The functions and operation of this is taken care of by the government. They provide with the services at free of cost so that they can help the public to the maximum. It is funded through central taxation which enables to provide the services to the public (Craig and Campbell, 2012).

Virgin Group Ltd. - It is one of the largest multinational venture which serves with different products like travel, entertainment and lifestyle. It is a privately owned company by Richard Branson. Their main motive is to satisfy the customers by fulfilling their needs and demands to the best. Further, their vision is to render sustainable lifestyle to all the stakeholders of company.

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