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Business Environment Assignment

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Business environment may be included with two factors such as external and internal that impacts on the organisational activities or operations (Business environment, 2018). In this different factors are needed by the enterprises in order to run their business successfully such as employees, supply chain, rules and regulation. On the other hand, business environment is mainly identified as the external factor or those enterprises which are beyond the monitor and impacts on organisation's functions. In this foremost factors like competitors, political, social, government, suppliers, technological, legal, economic and environmental (Cassell and Blake, 2012). All these factors are highly influence on enterprises performance and profitability at marketplace. In this study, given organisation is public, voluntary and private i.e. Tesco, British Heart foundation and Nestle. In whole assignment chosen enterprises is Nestle which is deals in food and drink products across the world. This assignment will explain different purpose, types, legal structure, scope and size of this companies. It will depict the relationship between function of an organisation that relate with its structure as well as objectives and also define the favourable and unfavourable effects of macro environment on business functions. This will organise PESTLE analysis to identify its weakness or strengths with are connected with macro forces.


P1 Explain the relationship between different organisational functions that how they link to organisational objectives and structure

Chances of success mainly arise when every individual gives their maximum level of contribution and cooperate with one another. Behind every successful business company, an entire unit will mainly help out in assessing the work with one another in order to have better and effective attribution which can be extracted (Cavalcante and et. al., 2011). There are multiple kind of objectives which in turn can mainly be crafted so that managers can mainly accomplish it by the managers and thus numerous factors can be acknowledged. These kind of objectives mainly works as blueprint in which employees will perform in definite course of time. Therefore, this can be stated as necessary for interpreting the factors in better and effectual manner of reference. There are number of sectors which mainly works upon the company like human resource, marketing, finance, operational and many more. These kind of sectors have high potential and thus they are interlinked with one another and thus they are described below:

Human resource department: There are mostly various capacities which are fundamentally performed by number of areas which resemble workforce arranging, compensation assurance and some more. Support is basically being given by elements of workforce to enlistment of abnormal state of workforce in different sort of divisions. Aside from this, when there is ascend in level of execution , it will assist in building up the preparation programs which thus can give out inspiration for workers in accomplishing goals.

Marketing department: There is the immediate linkage with this sort of segment to the generation area of Nestle. It is the obligation of promoting segment which thus has the duties regarding leading the exploration alongside assurance of the new innovations and request of clients (Cronan and et. al., 2011). This sort of information will fundamentally assist the generation area for satisfying the different needs of clients.

Finance department: This kind of sector mainly holds the responsibilities of formulating and preparing out the Finance and its budget for every kind of sector. Support is mainly being given in allocating the funds in better and effectual manner. There is direct link between finance and marketing sector which in turn can ,mainly be utilised for modern tools of promoting along with production which can use the advanced equipments.

Production department: This is one of the effective and essential factor within the company which in turn can mainly produce and formulate multiple kind of food items as per the taste of clients. Data is mainly being utilised for conducting the research and analysation which can bring improvisation within the sales figure (Elliot, 2011). This kind of sector is mainly linked with the various functions for giving out products to clients.

Organisational Structure:

There is the given kind of structure which is mainly being divided on the grounds of various factors and thus they are described below:

Function based: In this kind of sector, help is being given out in deciding the structure of the company as the functions which are being performed in effectual manner. For instance: human resources, marketing, finance and operations.

Geography based: In this, classification is being done according to the various kind of regions as per the area of countries which in turn can give out products and services.

Product based: Structure can mainly be fixed on the basis of diversified products which are being given out by company.

Consumer based: Determination of the behaviour of consumers for structuring out the company.

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