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The business and business environment is dependent on the type of organisation. There is a different type of organisations who have their unique size, scope, objectives and structure. These organisations are highly related to its stakeholders. However, depending on the purpose of the organization, the organisational functions or operations change. In addition to that, the internal and external environment of the organisation is related to the organisational performance in the targeted market. The interrelationship between the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation with the external organisational environment is crucial. In this study, the business and business environment of different type of organisations and their interrelationship between internal and external business environment will be evaluated.

Task 1 (LO1, LO2)

P1 Explaining the different types of organisation with their growth in the business environment.

Presentation here talks about functions and operations of three different organisation. The public sector in some part of economy which has focused on the department for environmental food and rural affairs. The collaborative consumption economy in relation to the animal health trust has helped to grow exponentially in the UK market which has helped in the value chain for development and emerging in the market. Structuring and regulating the principles of the organisation has helped the charitable industry to work for the animals and protect them from their diseases. Urbanisation has also helped the citizens with regulations to take care of their pets and animals and enable few workers to access and label it’s the new economy.





Fairdene lodge

Department for environment food and rural affairs

Animal health trust

Fairdene lodge is the private organisation which has referred in the third profit sector of the community and has created social rather than material wealth. The beautiful residential care home is in Brighton and Hove.  The development of the home care in terms of international development has helps to increase the economic growth for the needed people (Hillary, 2017). This works directly with the membership organisation to represent through a range of areas of policy and regulation for promoting the functioning and the competitive market. The organisation in reference to the private sector has adopt it appropriate regulation, taxation and stable policy so that the organisation can grow by understanding the business analysis and the market situation (Botha et al. 2014).

The organisation is undertaken by the government affairs of UK. It deals with the environmental protection, Food Corporation and Rural communities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland. The organisation has developed their financing commercial enterprises in the international market by helping the individuals in the United Kingdom. The direct administration fund is through taxation so that it can meet the commercial success of production which is determined by the government in the international market (Hair Jr et al. 2015). The adoption of strategy for the benefits of low-key with acknowledgement towards the problems and constraints has developed the organisation and Commerce the political positioning of the agency in relation to the stakeholder as well as the management of international relations.

According to the world economic forum the prime minister has a huge transformation as the “fourth industrial revolution” for this week and extension of the disruption in the international market. The non for profit organisation is profitable and neglected teammates by addressing them within the local authorities and hospitals (Goleman, 2017).  Animal health trust is associated with animals and pets with different facilities and latest technologies which has enabled the business to understand the peer platforms and facilities the commerce. Beside that they are also trying to be in the place in the international market. However, due globalisation and changes in technology collaborative platforms in the organisation faced challenges to regulate the market and keep in peace with rapidly evolving Business models (Deasy et al. 2017). The pioneer work improving diagnosis of injurious animals and the technologies of the organisation has helped to fight disease by saving the lives of the animals.

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