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Business and Business Environment


            Business Environment  refers to all the external as well as internal factors or elements affecting the various functions of an organization including the customers, employees, business regulations, management of the company. Internal Factors are those which are not able to control by the organization and Internal factors are those which able to control by organizations. This report will identify and describe the size as well as scope of various types of organizations. The report will focus on identifying the factors affecting the business operations of Sainsbury, a UK super market and the aim of this assessment is to gain knowledge and understanding  about impact on business functions on  the retail sector of UK. Pestle analysis and SWOT analysis and Porters Five Model forces is also taken to identify the positive and negative impacts the  macro environment has upon the UK Sainsbury's Company.


P1. Different Types of organization.

            Difference between public, private and voluntary organization. To evaluate differences three different organizations working in different sectors has been taken into account.

Basis of Differences





These are mainly owned and funded by government. The national health service organizations of United Kingdom is wholly owned by government sectors (Ramadan. and Ahmad, 2018).

The private organization are wholly owned by sole proprietor, partner or as a joint venture who has an acute interest in profit earning and maximization of profit.  Sainsburry company being a UK based retail chain of the super market has a sole aim of earning profit and enhancing its expansion and becoming the leading supplier  (Begg, van der and Levy, Eds., 2018).

It is usually owned and run by a group of people which have purpose rising the society. These are the organizations works for the welfare of the society. They contribute towards wipe-out the prejudices from the community started at  midget platform not having the motive of earning the profit. DCA, EURAD are NGO's among the organizations in UK working as voluntary organization.


The public company is able to list to its share in the stock exchanges for the intention of purchase by general in the public eye. 

The private limited companies is not suitable for public listing of shares. They raise money by selling shares and debentures to shareholders.

The voluntary organizations being a non registered company cannot take part in these and normally has a small area of transaction which does not require large amount.

Business Aim

Maintaining the well being of the people is the main intention of public sector enterprise.  There arr many public sector enterprises in UK which  are rendering health assistance,  free facility of food in a best way.

The main aim of private organization is to make huge amount of profit. In this sector  there no intention of benefiting the   society. The profit earned by the these private sectors are some distributed to shareholders as dividends and some proportions are kept for reserve.  

The main intention of Voluntary organizations are welfare of the society not the aim of profit earning. Organization such as  DCA, EURAD are the working for the welfare of the society y eradicating the poverty.

Mission and Vision

The vision of the public company is safeguarding and protecting health of people in UK with the mission of [providing regular examination.

Sainsbury being a profit making firm wants to achieve its vision of leading supermarket chain in UK. The mission and vision of these sectors are only making profit (Solodilova, Malikov and Grishin, 2018.).

DCA, EURAD being a voluntary organizations has vision of safeguarding society and mission is what the amount of profit is earned is use for the society not for personal use.


P2. Size and Scope of the organizations.

            Difference between Micro,Small, Medium and Large Scale organization.






On the basis of operation

The scale of operation of  micro enterprises are small. The capital and platform of operation of the firm is also small. 

The scale and scope and size of these organization is small as they are control and owned solely proprietor or corporation, so they are generating small revenue.

Medium organization have a moderate scale of operations and an average size employment to minimum workers. They have usually greater investment funds of which create higher revenue (Turban, E. and et.al, 2018.).

Big organizations has a large scale of operation with huge amount of fund investment. And the profit of these enterprises is so large. The projects of these large enterprises is big and cost and revenues are also in large term.

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