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Today, international business is becoming more and more involved due to the higher organizational structure(Czinkota, Ronkainen and Moffett, 2011). People are working hard day and night for achieving the objectives of the organization. However, it is significant for the people who are working in the organization and who is determined to join a specific company to know about the structures of the organizations. Societies are established in specific ways for accomplishing various goals. Moreover, the organization chart can aid its progress towards achieving the objectives. Organizational structures can be divided into two sections such as legal structure and divisional structure. These two structures determine the size of the organization(Hill and Hult, 2017). The two structures are described below:

Divisional Structure: The specific structure is implemented by large companies that function in a wide geographic area. It means the campus of the company is enormous. Moreover, divisional structure is also used in large enterprises where separate smaller companies within a specific group cover various types of services and products in different areas or specific areas(Knott and Turner, 2017). Divisional structure is often known as private organizations. Private organizations are large.

Legal Structure: Business legal structures change inside and out from country to country. Gathering the right legal, organizational structure for the firm is a defender among the most fundamental decisions the company will make(Knott and Turner, 2017). While it won't have much impact on the regular operations of a private wander, it can have a tremendous impact evaluate time when the organization need to procure trade or haul out money related experts, or in the shocking event that you get indicted. While it is possible to change the organizational structure at a later date, it can be a troublesome and expensive process. Better to settle on the right decision regardless. The legal business structure can be classified into many types out of which sole proprietorship and limited partnership are described below:

  • Sole proprietorship: In a sole proprietorship, the individual owner of an independent business operates the organization as an extension of himself(Jarrett-Kerr, 2011). Moreover, in a sole proprietorship, there is no loss and profit of the firm. It has been found that these types of companies have no separate business filing. In fact, the owner is personally responsible for any business liabilities.
  • Limited partnership: Based on limited partnership, the core organization structure along with the tax implications are same as a general business. Besides that, the limited partnership helps the organization to get a permit for more than one limited partners.

The structure of an organization is mainly basic for central authority. Most business firms either have a tall or level, various tiered structure. Level structures enable small business firms to settle on speedier decisions, as they are every now and again growing rapidly with new products and need this versatility. Small business firms are generally speaking use a level, different tiered structure. For example, a director can report predominantly to the president as an alternative of an official, and her partners are only two levels under the president (Aslin, 2010). The Business Plan, an online orientation website, says small business firms should not worry about various tiered structure unless they have no under fifteen agents. The reason is that agents into an extraordinary degree small organizations have different obligations, some of which can associate different limits. As a modest organization creates, it can incorporate more prominent organization levels. For example, a thing director moreover might be accountable for exhibiting investigation and publicizing. Far reaching organizations every now and again have various levels or levels of the organization (Hwang and Chung, 2016).

Marks and Spencer (M&S)

Marks and Spencer is a major British retailer company which has over eight hundred and ninety-five stores in more than forty territories. Domestically, the organization has six hundred stores and internationally, it has two hundred and ninety-five stores. Marks and Spencer are the largest clothing retailer in the world as well as in their nation, United Kingdom(Kent, 2000). The head office of the company is located in the Waterside House in the City of Westminster, London, England. It is also the largest supermarket in the world. During the year 2008, the organization has become the 43rd largest selling company internationally. In their domestic stores, their most of the business sold both the food and clothing to their potential customers. During 1998, the organization became the primary retailer to create a pre-tax revenue of over one billion euro. In November 2009, it was proclaimed that Marc Bolland would take over as the chief executive from executive chairman. The chief executive chairman is Stuart Rose in the early year 2010. Internationally, the number of stores of Marks and Spencer is described below:

  • India – 52 stores.
  • Turkey – 48 stores.
  • Russia – 37 stores.
  • Greece – 27 stores.
  • Ireland – seventeen stores.
  • France – fourteen stores.
  • Poland – eleven stores.
  • Hungary – six stores.
  • Finland and Spain – 5 stores.

The company is very popular all over the world due to a regulated and information-related management style of SCM or supply chain management. Moreover, their dealers to make it a necessary win-win condition. The organization and contractors have essentially more than a general company, however rather transform into a complicit connection to work. Moreover, Marks and Spencer have just about a thousand of providers, and contractors Dibos organizations having more than hundred years joint effort, with more than sixty dealers with more than fifty years of the company. Based on the product department of Marks and Spencer, the organization has varieties of products from footwear, general merchandise, foods, financial services as well as other goods and services (Worth, 2007). Moreover, the business of food carries a broad range of arranged foods, ethnic foods, meats, non-alcoholic beverages, perishable foods as well as alcoholic beverages. The product prices also vary from each other.
The price of the product and services of Marks and Spencer is determined by the number of factors which include competition, material cost, market share, the identity of the product, as well the perceived value of the product. Regulation is the organization’s reliable product superiority, style, sort as well as framework of supply configuration, product appear, and even the team of the facility program has a cautious customary (Worth, 2006). Systematization administration most noticeable favored angle is that we can save a lot of the Directorate costs, while purchasers can repair the generic brand of the Marks and Spencer, giving them a home a long way from home shop foundation. Marks and Spencer have fulfilled a paperless management, which confirms that wherever all through the world Martha tie can endure running precise. Moreover, the organization followed a value price strategy from its inception. The organization has continued value pricing strategy when Marks and Spencer have concentrated on middle-class customers. The objective of the company is to locate their stores on the main streets of the major cities. They believed that it is their best strategy. Appropriately, suppliers are similarly with the headway of the change of Marks and Spencer (Worth, 2006).The company has managed to remain temperately priced. From one perspective, providers of Marks and Spencer guarantee strict demands on the quality of the product. On the other hand, the business firm takes it as its obligation to help providers reduce costs, notice suppliers mechanical change along with the happiness of their staffs. The close-by joint effort of both sides ensures the business firm to accomplish its corporate targets like outfit its target customers with the astonishing product inside the ability to purchase.

Relationship between organizational structure and organizational function

Organizational structure: A system implemented for defining a hierarchy within a company is known as a corporate structure. Besides that, organizational structure identifies each job and its functions and where it reports to within the enterprise. Moreover, the structure is developed for establishing the operation of an organization. The salary structure of the employees is created with the help of an organization chart. Once the wage structure is set, the ranges of pay can be created for each job in the company. As a result, it allows a company to meet their objectives regarding their financial goals, and it ensured salaries and dispersed somewhat within the financial budget(Hermalin, 2015).
Organizational function: A core procedure or set of undertakings carried out within the department is known as an organizational function. The organizational functions include operations, marketing, information technology, human resource management, warehousing, customer services as well as financial management. These functions are performed in both back and front office. Initially, the front office is those directly connected with the customers. On the other hand, Back-office functions support front-office happenings, but they do so with the prospects. Human Resource, Information Technology, warehousing and finance all fit into this category(Artiga and Martínez, 2015). Also, these purposes are essential to the accomplishment of an organization, but they incline to accept less public acknowledgement. Based on the front office, the organization promotes and develops solutions to the targeted prospects, and after that, they provide customer service for driving the true relationship.

Most of the organization has the hierarchy or people as well as job functions based on whether it is international or organic. Based on the business, to operate the business efficiently, the companies need to make a planned structure by which they can achieve their objectives for future. The structure of an organization is defined by the character of the enterprise. The nature of the industry is like how the managers and leaders of that specific organization think about the strategic planning of the business as well as how the plans will work and so on(Banks, 2016). Moreover, as the firm grows, the responsibilities of the employees detach from certain people. The interest turns to the responsibilities of taking a specific position in the company so as to achieve their individual goals of life. The relationship between all these various areas, the hierarchical management structures and their departments make up the entire structure of the company. Apart from these, organizational functions fall inside an organization chart. The relationship between organizational structure and organizational function can be well understood by following certain organization structures and charts. These are as follows:

  • At first, I am taking about the matrix organizational structure. The companies who are implementing matrix organizational structure can get better flexibility in the function of the business than a more hierarchical organization(Rue, 2016). Moreover, in a matrix structure, each and every employee works in the function-based department like finance and marketing. Aside from, the employees of that specific organization have been assigned with projects under different managers and teamed with the employees who have other various functions. Therefore, it is quite clear that each and every employee in these massive organizational matrix structure works with various jobs and tasks regardless of their positions in the department or the entire organization.
  • Secondly, let us consider a divisional organizational structure (Duska, 2000). The specific organizational structure has various functions as per different branches. If the company have a different line of products, the segmentation for each of the product line has its marketing, and these marketing will be operated in sales and secretarial departments. Additionally, the benefit of this specific method is that each of the organizational branches has the personnel to perform all the necessary and significant functions. However, the drawback is that with the employees in each division performing same functions. Matrix organizational structure and divisional organizational structure is different from each other. The employees of matrix organizational structure work with various jobs whereas on the other hand, the employees of divisional organizational structure work with same jobs and tasks. Therefore, in divisional organizational structure, a lot of inefficiency and redundancy can be observed.
  • At third, functional structure helps in determining the relationship between organizational structure and organizational function. Most groups receive a useful, authoritative structure. Besides that, different capacities go into independent partitions that answer to office managers, who then reply to somebody higher up. If the organization receive a concrete configuration, it has the benefit of pure lines of expert and permits every worker to focus on her specific mission. Aside from, the downside is that the company can wind up with offices that don't contrary with each other or contribute well. Also, a client may get skipped from division to position if his issue does not recognize with one detailed capacity.

The business needs to disclose the fundamental promotions to acclimate to the innovative methodologies. Moreover, a modification in the development may condense the current things outdated, as we have understood that the introduction of PC has displaced the typewriters; the screening TV has made the high differentiation TV out of form. Yet again a conformity in the form or customers' taste may transfer the demand in the market for a specific thing such as the enthusiasm for jeans reduced the offer of other ordinary wear (Abkowitz, 2008). According to these perspectives, there are external factors that are outside the capacity to control of the business. Therefore, the strength units must require to change based with these modification with a precise ultimate objective to continue and win in the company. In this way, it is precarious to have an unmistakable perception of the possibility of business condition and the technique for its diverse sections. The word 'business condition' insights external potentials, segments and organizations that are outside the capability to control of the business and they impact the working of a business wander. These associate contenders, customers, contractors, government, and the political, social, dependable and imaginative segments and so on. While some of these parts or potentials may have organize affect over the company, others may work roundabout. Therefore, business condition may be described as the total condition, which have a quick or deviant bearing on the working of business. It may moreover be portrayed as the course of action of external segments, for instance, financial modules, social workings, political and legal modules, measurement factors, specific components and so on and these are wild in environment and impacts the decisions of the business of a firm.

Macro environment analysis

1. Political: The political factors choose the capacity of an organization which may affect the economy or a specific industry. Political modules join evaluation courses of action, Fiscal procedure, trade obligations et cetera that a governing body may correct around the money related year and it may impact the business condition (budgetary condition) so to speak. Suppose taking an example, a council may oblige another cost or commitment due to which whole wage making structures of companies may change.
2. Economic: These fragments are determinants of an execution of the economy that prompt impacts an alliance and have resounding whole game plan impacts. For example, arising in the development rate of any economy would influence the way affiliations' respect their things and business firms. Moreover, financial sections merge push charges, budgetary change follows development rate, outside exchange rates and so on. Additionally, it would impact the safeguarding importance of a buyer and change ask for/supply models for that economy. Similarly, the FDI (outside direct theory) subordinate upon certain detailed endeavors who're meeting this research (Abkowitz, 2008).
3. Social: These factors look at the social state of the market, and gage causes like social examples, economics, people investigation and so on. A case for this can buy designs for Western countries such as the United States where there is prevalence in the midst of the Holiday season.
4. Technological: These parts recognize with progressions in improvement that may impact the procedures of the professional and the market decidedly or terribly. This insinuates automation, imaginative work and the measure of motorized care that a market has (Burns, 2012). 
5. Legal: These segments have both external and inward sides. Legitimate research considers both of these focuses and after that graphs the techniques in light of these institutions. There are confident laws that impact the business condition in a specific country while there are certain procedures that organizations keep up for themselves. For example, client laws, security standards, work laws et cetera. 
6. Environmental: Environmental factors join each one of those that impact or are managed by the enveloping condition. This piece of the PESTLE is fundamental for specific organizations specifically for example tourism, developing, agroindustry and so on (Burns, 2012). Parts of a business environmental research fuse however are not confined to air, atmosphere, topographical territory, overall fluctuations in climate, normal balances so on.

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Positive aspects of macro environment

Fundamental authority is more typical to specific characters, so these individuals should focus more on upgrading the way of their choices. Individuals that are less normal pioneers are consistently prepared to make quality valuations, however then they should be more decisive in following up on the researches made (Coleman, 2012). PESTELI is totally in perspective of external factors, so ensure at any rate a couple of people from each gathering think about, or can consider, the PESTEL segments if you expect using this action. PESTEL is an appropriate practice for advancing people, and is helpful for engaging a business headway, exhibit orientated perspective among all staff. In case you have to use PESTEL with staff who are not typically remotely focused you can have them do some investigation and preparing of time of the movement (Coleman, 2012).
Purposes of premium and burdens of using a PEST(ELI) research

Purposes of intrigue

  • Simple framework
  • Facilitates an indebtedness of the more broad business circumstance
  • Encourages the change of outside and indispensable considering
  • Can engage a association to presume future business threats and make an interchange to keep up a vital separation from or constrain their impact
  • Can engage a relationship to spot business openings and attempt them totally
  • By abusing change, you are generously more at risk to be productive than if your activities limit it (Coleman, 2012).
  • Avoids making a move that is bound to dissatisfaction from the begin, for reasons outside your capacity to control.

Negative aspects on macro environment

  • Some customers over streamline the measure of data used for decisions – it is definitely not hard to use pitiful data
  • To be convincing this method should be endeavored constantly
  • The best reviews require specific people being incorporated each having a substitute perspective (Giuliani and Kurson, 2007).
  • Access to quality external data sources, this can be monotonous and excessive
  • The pace of advance makes it continuously problematic to expect progressions that may impact an company later on
  • The risk of getting unreasonably data is that it may make it tough to see the wood for the trees and incite 'loss of movement by the research.
  • The data used as a piece of the research may be established on expectations that subsequently end up being unusual (extraordinary and horrible).
  • Users can bend the information that is used for choosing (Lambin and Schuiling, 2012).
  • The methodology must be driven routinely to force and much of the time companys don't make this hypothesis.
  • Users must not surrender to 'loss of movement by research's the place they gather unnecessarily information and disregard that the objective of this contraption is the ID of issues with the objective that move can be made.
  • Organizations consistently restrict who is incorporated due to time and cost considerations. This controls the procedure's sufficiency as a key perspective may miss from the talks.
  • Users' passage to quality peripheral information is consistently limited therefore of the cost and time predicted that would assemble it.
  • Assumptions much of the time outline the clarification behind by far most of the data used, resolving on any decision made in standpoint of such data personal.

Internal analysis of the company

SWOT is an acronym used to depict the specific Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that are vital elements for a specific organization. The SWOT analysis system has increased across the board acknowledgment as a result of its straightforwardness and power in creating procedure. Look into and precise information is essential to distinguish enter issues in an organization's domain. Much the same as any arranging apparatus, a SWOT analysis is just tantamount to the data that makes it up. A SWOT should speak to an organization's center abilities while additionally recognizing openings it can't at present use further bolstering its good fortune because of a crevice in assets (Lambin and Schuiling, 2012).

SWOT analysis

Organizing a SWOT research of your business is basically more fun than it sounds. It won't require much hypothesis, and doing it constrains you to consider your business in a radical new manner (Lambin and Schuiling, 2012).

The inspiration driving a SWOT research is to help you build up a solid business system by ensuring you've considered the lion's share of your business' qualities and shortcomings, and furthermore the open gateways and dangers it confronts in the business center.
As you may have guessed from that last sentence, S.W.O.T. is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A SWOT research is a sorted out outline of your business' most fundamental qualities, lacks, openings, and dangers.

Qualities and insufficiencies are inner to the company (think: notoriety, licenses, area). You can transform them after some time however not without some work. Openings and dangers are outside (think: providers, contenders, costs)— they are out there in the market, happening notwithstanding. You can't transform them (Pinto, 2015).

Qualities delineate the positive properties, unmistakable and precarious, inward to your alliance. They are inside your control.

  • What do you do well?
  • What interior assets do you have? Consider the running with:
  • Positive properties of individuals, for example, learning, foundation, planning, abilities, system, notoriety, or limits (Pinto, 2015).
  • Tangible resources of the relationship, for example, capital, credit, existing clients or distribution channels, licenses, or headway.

Shortcomings (inside, negative elements)

Shortcomings are parts of your business that degenerate the respect you offer or place you at a connected with obstruction. You have to improve these zones to fight with your best foe.

  • What components that are inside your control chopped down your capacity to get or keep up a connected with edge?
  • What zones oblige change to finish your destinations or fight with your most grounded foe?
  • What does your business require (Pinto, 2015)?

Openings (outside, positive portions)
Openings are outside engaging portions that address reasons your business is no doubt going to flourish.

  • What openings exist in your market or the condition that you can profit by?
  • Is the impression of your business positive?
  • Has there been late market progression or have there been specific changes in the market the make an open gateway?

Dangers meld outside parts outside your ability to control that could put your strategy, or the business itself, at risk. You have no impact over these, regardless you may profit by having substitute strategies to address them on the off chance that they should happen (Worthington and Britton, 2015).

  • Who are your present or potential contenders?
  • What discovers outside your ability to control could put your business at hazard?
  • Are there inconveniences made by a horrible case or movement that may incite turning out badly wages or preferences?

Impact of strengths and weaknesses

SWOT Analysis is instrumental in procedure plan and choice. It is a solid device, however it includes an incredible subjective component. It is best when utilized as a guide, and not as a medicine. Impactive organizations expand on their qualities, amend their shortcoming and ensure against interior shortcomings and outside dangers. They equally keep a watch on their general business condition and perceive and abuse new open doors quicker than its rivals (Worthington and Britton, 2015).

SWOT Analysis helps in key arranging in taking after way

  • It is a wellspring of data for key arranging.
  • Builds organization's qualities.
  • Reverse its shortcomings.
  • Maximize its reaction to circumstances.
  • Overcome organization's dangers.
  • It helps in recognizing center capabilities of the firm.
  • It helps in setting of destinations for vital arranging.
  • It helps in knowing past, present and future so that by utilizing past and current information, feasible arrangements can be chalked out.


The term 'business condition' indicates outer strengths, variables and organizations that are outside the ability to control of the business and they influence the working of business endeavors. These incorporate clients, contenders, providers, government, and the social, political, legitimate and innovative variables and so forth. The business condition is multifaceted, complex, and element in nature. The adjustments in the business condition are flighty. It contrasts from place to place, district to locale and nation to nation. The organization between the business and its condition helps in distinguishing the open doors for and dangers to the business. it open up new boondocks of development for the business firms. Natural.


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