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Understanding Health and Safety Legislations in Allianz Worldwide Care Limited

Organization Selected : Allianz Worldwide Care Limited


Health and safety are rules and regulations so that people do not suffer from diseases. It also helps the company to protect their employees from any accident (Baicker, Cutler and Song, 2017). Thus it can reduce the number of death in company. Thus company can easily maintain good image in front of all users and in industry. This leads to enhancing of reputation in company. This results in expansion and diversification of all activities in company. Assignment describes about the Allianz worldwide care limited which provide health care services to all people and their employees. It was located in U.K. Report explains about understanding health and safety legislations is executed in workplace. It also describes about various methods through which they can affect customers and work of practitioners in social care company. It also explains about monitoring the health and safety in social care workplace.

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1.1 Reviewing systems, policies and procedure for communicating information

There are various rule and regulations which help in communicating relevant information and data regrading the heath and social care. This is crucial so that all employees can easily understand the information. Hence various strategies are developed. So various laws related to heath and social care in Allianz worldwide care limited are:

Health and safety work act, 1974:

According to the act, all employers can easily create a document in which they develop various plans and policies so that employees can understand the information and data. They also develop handbooks, notes and notices and thus communicates information regarding health and social care to various staff members.

Health and safety First aid regulations act, 1981:

According to this act, Allianz worldwide care limited create various laws and regulations regarding the first aid policy. Govt. also creates various policies such as Access policy, Health and safety laws, confidential plans, safeguarding and privacy policies etc. Employers can communicate this data and information through notice boards, induction training etc.

Review of policies and procedures includes need assessment:

Care planning department of company communicate the data and information to employers as well as patients (Berwick, Nolan and Whittington, 2017). They perform research of all plans and policies so that they can create effective strategies. There is proper consultation of plans and policies with all stakeholders through mails, messages, communities etc. They also evaluate the risks in all processes and methods so that they can be reduced. Hence all plans and policies are to be reviewed so that patients, practitioners, visitors, stakeholders can be satisfied It also results in smooth functioning of organization (Bodenheimer, Chen and Bennett, 2017). Company had also create laws and rules so that all information and data can be made confidential.

There are various ways in which information can be communicated to patients. It can be notice boards and through online applications of company. It can also communicate through mail and SMS messages.

1.2 Evaluate responsibilities in health and social care workplace

Management has to create rules and regulations so that they can protect the employees. Thus it is the role of company to create effective and efficient strategies so that they can communicate relevant data to all employees. Responsibility of Allianz worldwide care limited in health care workplace are:

Top management:

It is the responsibility of top management that they can organize various training programmes for all staff members so that they can use equipments in safer manner. They can also purchase that tools which are not hazardous to their health. Through this employees can work properly and can accomplish their objectives.

Middle level management:

Staff members can easily evaluate all heath care policies and they have to follow rules and regulations so that safety can be maintained in the organization. Thus firm can run smoothly and successfully.


They have to follow the rules and regulations so that there can be no risks in the company. Thus staff members can work properly. They can reduce the risk by treating all patients in effective manner. Thus they can give superior result. This helps in improving performance of all employees.

Safety consultants:

These are the consultants which are hired by the company. They give training to all staff members so that they can install their equipments in effective manner. Thus there can be not any risk in the company. Hence they can easily perform better and can give good results.

Precautions can be mentioned in board:

Various precautions can be mentioned in a display board of Allianz worldwide care limited where all precautions can be mentioned (Christophorou, 2013). All staff members are given a pocket board and a leaflet in which all details regrading rules and regulations are written. Thus workers of company can easily implement these plans and policies (Cooper and Quick, 2017). Through this Allianz worldwide care limited can run smoothly.

1.3 Evaluate health and safety priorities

There are various priorities of the company regarding health and safety of all employees. Thus company can perform important activities firstly and the perform other tasks. Thus employees can remain safer from all accidents. Various priorities in Allianz worldwide care limited are:

There is a case when there is an accident in company, then the priority of organization is to keep all employees in a safe place. Firstly they can protect the life of all persons and the property and at last they can protect the environment. If any employee needs help then other staff member work as a volunteer and can directly help them. They can also arrange heath and safety equipments and modern tools so that they can treat the employee immediately if there is an accident in workplace. They can also call a doctor and call ambulance and this is the priority of the company. This is possible only when the training is given to all staff members. This help employees to treat the injury of all staff members in effective manner. They can also save the blood flow of any employee and give pain killers medicines to that staff members.

For security purpose there are various bodyguards who have various licensed pistols and other weapons who can guard the company at all hours and in every shift. They have all details regarding persons who enter the company and if they find that there is any suspicion then can also stop that person. They can also call the police so that employees can be protected from attacks. All employees can also know the rules and regulations so that they can also take step if there is any accident in organization (Granerud and Rocha, 2011).

First aid, fire safety and RIDDOR:

RIDDOR is the reporting of various injuries and diseases occurrence regulations. Thus the employee can register their complain under this act. Their can also have a first aid box so that employees can immediate treatment. There is a fire safety regulation in which there is fire extinguisher which is established in company.


2.3 Discussing how dilemmas can be encountered regarding heath and safety

There are various dilemmas which can be solved in quick manner. Thus the patient can get treatment and they can be protect from any disease (Hohnen and Hasle, 2011). Thus various dilemmas encountered in Allianz worldwide care limited are:

There is a case when there is a situation that doctors want to treat many patients who are suffering from Asthma problem but all persons do not want to taker treatment as they had fear that there are various side effects in the company.

There is second case when company uses modern technology such as computer, I pads and laptops so that they can easily store the data. But some employees feel that there can be many diseases from using these modern technologies and they do not want that these modern tools are used in the company. Hence as a result company has to solve both dilemmas.

There is third dilemma that company wanted to use third party that is contractor and they deliver low quality of product to company. While employees want that superior quality of products can be used in company so that they can be comfortable and can work in good environment.

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So company has to solve three dilemmas of company. By solving this, firm can easily run smoothly and successfully. There is a solution that company can solve this problem.

In first case company can motivate all staff members that they can get treatment and patients can also interact with all existing patients who had taken treatment so that they can take treatment and they do not have fear in their mind.

In second case management can explain all advantages of modern technologies that work can be done in faster manner and these many members can ready to adopt these modern techniques in company (Ku and Matani, 2017).

In third case company can hire professional contractor so that they can deliver superior quality of products to firm. This helps in enhancing satisfaction level of all employees. Thus workers can perform in an effective and efficient manner.

2.1 Evaluate information from risk assessments informs care planning for individuals

Information and data regarding risk assessment plan is very important so that company can create various plans and policies regarding safety of all staff members. Thus data and information of Allianz worldwide care limited is described below (Control the risk in your business, 2017):

Identification of risks and hazards:

The care planning department of company can easily identify the hazards and risks in company (McCaughey and et. al., 2013). Thus they can keep record of all patients and thus they can easily reduce the hazard and accidents in the company. They can also interact with various employees and customers regarding any injury and give them treatment. Hire an essay writing service from Global Assignment Help in Canada. We deliver the best content with the assistance of expert Canadian writers.

Deciding who is at risk:

The company can easily identify that person who is at risks and thus they can easily give them treatment. Thus they can can enhance the satisfaction level of all patients and hence they can maintain good image in front of all patients .

Risk assessment plan is described below:


Harm to whom

Practices required at present

Risk evaluation

Action plan


Poor working environment

Staff members and patients

Keep the environment clean and tidy so that there is no diseases to all patients

There is a risk that patients ca fall from the floor due to wet floor and due to they ill health

Keep the floor clean so that employees and patients do not slip and carpets are kept on floor properly

There can be regular monitoring and inspection of all the working environment

Aggressive nature of patients

People and other staff members

Management can interact properly with all patients and they get medicated.

There is huge risk associated with this factor.

Aggressive patients can attack on the other staff members and other patients.

Company can easily take help from a psychiatrist.

There is regular medication provided to these patients so that they do not attack on other members.

They can take suggestions from a psychiatrist.

2.2 Impact of aspect of health care on heath care practice and customers

There are various aspects of heath care practice (Reeves, and et al., 2011). It can affect health care workplace and customers. Impact of health care practice on heath care workplace and users in Allianz worldwide care limited are:

Legislation, policies and regulations:

These rules and policies are created by Govt. such as Heath and safety act and care standards act etc. Various state bodies and other companies such as quality commission centres follow all these rules and legislations. Policies such as risk assessment policy are created by a organization so that there is no risk to all employees. All rules and regulations are followed by company. This also helps the organization to easily deal with the urgent problems and issues which are involved in the company. Hence they can easily earn more revenues and thus they can maintain unique position in minds of all users.

Code of conduct:

There are various rules and code of conduct which is followed by the company. Thus there is safer working environment provided to all staff members. Staff members are to be given training so that they can easily create and follow the plans and policies.

For various patients risk assessment plans and policies are created so that they can easily create various plans and policies and thus they can easily protect all patients from various diseases. This helps in maintaining safety and health in the company. Through this policies it can directly help in increasing satisfaction level of all people. It also helps in promoting the good heath and positive attitude towards all patients.

These also helps the staff members to protect from any accidents that can occur in the company. Thus they can maintain safer environment in company (Rogers, and et. al., 2017).

2.4 Analyse the effect of non compliance of heath and safety regulation

There are many drastic effects of non compliance of heath and safety regulation in the company. There are various legislations which are to be followed by the company. Thus the effect of non compliance of health and safety regulations in Allianz worldwide care limited are:

Care standards act, 2000: Company can evaluate the standards in deliver of various services and if person do not follow these services then there is strict action against the company. As Govt. creates various rules and regulations in company then there is strict action against the company (Shackley, and et. al., 2012).

Other consequences which are followed by company are described below:

  • Allianz worldwide care limited can be degraded by Govt. as they do not follow the rules and regulations of company. Thus they cannot maintain good image in the market.
  • Thus they cannot any financial help from government institutions.
  • Allianz worldwide care limited do not get much attention of all users. Thus they can easily operate their functions in an effective manner.

If they break the rules and regulations then they cannot create good image and goodwill in the society. Thus they cannot create good position in society.

Organization is also fined of they do not follow the rules and regulations in the company. Thus they cannot maintain good image in society. Thus it is very crucial that company has to follow all rulers and regulations of the company. As a result they can maintain good position in industry as well as in front of all users.


3.1 Evaluate safety policies are monitored and reviewed

Safety rules and regulations are to be monitored and inspected on daily basis. Thus they can be changed so that company can effectively services to all users. Various methods used in Allianz Worldwide care limited are:

Regular inspection and audits:

There is regular inspection and audit of all policies and regulations so that there can be cleanliness, managing other resources and fire, maintaining safety in company. Through this they can easily revenue and monitor the rules and regulations. Thus all policies can be executed in an effective and efficient manner.

Self service practices in the organization:

Safety policies and rules can be evaluated in terms such as number of accidents, mishaps in company, less feedbacks from the customers etc. This helps the company to easily achieve the objectives and goals of company.

Measuring health and safety performance:

Organization can perform the surveys and can evaluate feedback of customers through questionnaire. Thus they can easily evaluate the plans and policies of company (Suarthana, and et al., 2011). Through this it can easily improve the organization and the performance of staff members.

Thus they can easily maintain good image in front of all patents and they can enhance their reputation in the industry.

3.2 Evaluate effectiveness of heath and safety policies in promoting healthy culture

Organization has to create effective and efficient policies so that they can give treatment to all staff members (Wang, and et al., 2011). Various methods used by Allianz worldwide care limited are:

Responsibilities and structure:

Employer can mention in detail the role and responsibilities of all staff members so that they can perform all activities in effective manner. For this they can provide the employee handbooks and thus they can mention their roles so that there can be no confusion in the company regarding the role and responsibilities of company.

Social processes:

Company can monitor the process and methods such as drug addiction, abuse, disability, unemployment etc. so that they can easily promote a positive environment.

Carrying risk assessment:

There are various rules and regulations which helps in reducing the risk in company. Through this they can also reduce the risks and emergency situations such as patients with suicidal behaviour etc.

Fire safety:

Company can also ensure the safety of company through instalment of fire extinguisher of company. Thus they can easily protect all staff members through this instalment system.


There is an act which helps in reporting the hazards and damages created by an organization. Thus they can easily promote a healthy and safety culture in the company. It directly protects patients form all diseases.

3.3 Own contribution to place health and safety needs at centre of practice

It is the big responsibility of managers to give efforts in growth of organization and its development. Being a manager I can easily maintain good relationship with all patients. I should implement all rules and legislations in the company so that I can deliver effective and efficient services to all customers. Various rules and regulations are followed in company. I have read all rules and methods so hat I can prevent injuries and illness from workers. I have also learned about the risk assessment plan so that I can reduce the risks in the company. I have also monitored many measures so that I can easily take all decisions. As a manager I can easily perform my role and responsibilities in an effective manner (Wilkins, J.R., 2011). I can also follow all rules and regulations so that I can manage all functions such as risk assessment, and various solution to risks. I have to interact with all staff members so that I can easily give solution to their problems in proper manner.

I can easily organize training programmes for all employees so that I can give training to all staff members. Through this all members can get essential training. I can also arrange first aid box so that I can easily provide medical facilities to all persons. I can also communicate with all staff members so that I can easily ask them the risk which is associated with them.


It has been concluded from above report that health and safety is crucial to every company. Health and safety regulations are executed in company. Various methods are there which can impact the customers and work of practitioners. There are various ways and methods through which policies and plans related to health and safety can be reviewed.


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