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Tour Operations Management

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Question :

Package tour development officer has to make a new holiday package for a different breed of customers. The plan will start with visiting heritages sites but it will also include wildlife parks and beaches at a tropical destination.

  • To develop an understanding about tour operators, like Trailfinders, who are working in the travel and tourism industry.
  • Analyze different stages involved in creating a holiday package.
  • To assess different methods of selling holiday packages and review the design of the brochure.
  • Evaluate the tactical and strategic decisions of Trailfinders.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whitbread


Tour business runs in society and there is requirement of policies which help to provide better satisfaction to consumer. As per change in plans and policies due to alteration in external forces. It is essential to know what can be done to achieve targets in pre determined time. Touring is much more preferable these days (Allahyari, Salari and Vigo, 2015). As they have to analyse market and know demand of customer which help to achieve high profits. Tourist visit various places so it is essential that tour operator has to provide best services which give them best memories ever. While touring there is requirement of different services such as transportation, accommodation, food facility, communication, etc. in this report there is discussion about Trail Finder which is situated in UK and Ireland. This is one of the biggest travel company. In this report there is discussion about tour operator industry, stages for creating holiday packages, cost incurred for making tour business.


1.1 Effect of current and recent trends and development in tour industry

There are variety of changes which are taking place in tour business. This is sector which is changing very fastly. It is important to know what can be done to achieve goals and objectives. There are possibilities that if manager of Trail Finder does not take actions to adapted new policies, then they become out of run and customer does not want to avail service from them. There is change in demand of society as compared to older days. New trends if are followed by company are as follows-

Globalization- These days people do not want to visit repeated places as initial days. There approach is to visit different parts of world. This helps to perform activities which are affecting business operations. Glottalization means whole world is considered as single units. But initial days there are some specific places which are common and hence tour operates also have limited options (Bagan and et. al., 2013).

Variations in demand- There is difference in demand of customer as per purpose. These days every age group wants to visit different parts of country. So variation in demand means to perform activities which are related to achieving targets in better and effective way. Manager of Trailer Finder has to make policies through which demand of customer get satisfied.

Various purpose of visit- As comparison to older days there is difference in visiting purpose of visiting destination such as business, family, educational tour, etc. while in older days it is not in trend. It is important to judge what can be done and how it can be achieved.


2.1 Time scale and stages involved in developing holidays

To make plans for achieving business in better and effective way (Bhatia, 2012). There is requirement of proper planning. As per change in plans and polices, there must be alternation in actions. Times scale is the time which are required to be followed by manager to make plans and policies. Manager of Trail Finder must keep eyes on working style of workers to know whether they are working as per standards or not. In case of negative results actions must be taken.

ITINERARY- For 6 months




Date of reach


1-40 days

At this place they have to visit various historical and natural resources with family and friends.

1stMay-20th 2018


40- 100 days

This place is famous from movie Fast and Furious. People have mind set related to adventure and darimng task. Car races, night life of Tokyo is famous so they must visit in for longer duration.

10th June 2018


100- 180 days

This is small city near Bangkok. There are various places which are famous for animal, creatures, etc.

7thof August 2018

Stages of developing plans are-

  • In first step there is requirement of research as per purpose of visiting. There are many factors which has to be undertaken while thinking about destination such as budget, time, etc.
  • Then itinerary will be developed which helps to make actions which are related to actions. This must be developed by manager after analysing market trends (Chaumont and Yor, M., 2012).
  • In making itinerary there is requirement of funds, so it is essential to know what price is required. After determining price promotion must be there for targeted consumer.
  • In last this plan must b e executed and manager of Trail Finder has to keep eyes on actions, so positive results can be achieved.

2.2 Different methods of contracting for various elements of the holiday and types of tour operator

There are various methods which has to be used by Trail Finder to analyse market and this affects business in effective and efficient manner. As per requirement company has to select source so this can achieve targets in better and effective way. Sources selected by Trail Finder are as follows-

Sales contract- In this contract there are services as per requirement of customer. In above mentioned case, family wants to visit for 6 months and they have 3 destinations. In this case they can modify plans as per their requirement. This approach is beneficial for people who want to visit places as per their choice.

Fixed contract- This contract have rigid nature. In this case, Trail Finder sale what they have. Preference of customer is at least priority (Dodds and Kuehnel, 2010). These contracts are preferable in case of business and educational tour. But as per current scenario, they are less preferable by society.

It is advisable for family to prefer sales contract. In this contract they can modify plans and policies as per their choice. There can travel as per their convenience.

2.3 Selling price for holiday packages

Family is thinking to visit places for 6 months. They prefer to travel through economic class and travel through economic class Air-plane. The tour is planned for five people for three months and cost for whole visit is as under-

Type of Expenditures

Total Expenses

Stay for 5 Persons

60000 Thai-Bhat

Meal expenses

50000 Thai-Bhat


20000 Thai-Bhat

Transportation fee

70000 Thai-Bhat

Expected Tax rate @ 25%

50000 Thai-Bhat

Total Expenditure

2500000 Thai-Bhat

In this family two people are sharing same room while three children are sharing one room. Thai-Bhat is currency of Thailand.

  • Total expenditure for all five persons are = 2500000 Thai-Bhat.
  • Cost of holiday for per person cost is 2500000/5 = 500000 Thai-Bhat.


3.1 Evaluation of planning for preparing brochure

While making policies for tour business, it is essential to make strategies which are helpful in satisfying need of customer as well as company (ErdoÄŸan, Laporte and Calvo, 2014). There is change in perception of workers, so it is essential to analyse sources and then adopt best among them. There are many alterations happening in demand which can be satisfied if plans are more flexible. Trailer can issue brochure which help to advertisement offers provided by company. There are chances that due to change in plans and policies. There is requirement of factors through which more and more people can aware about services. Brochure is written advertisement in which there is discussion about change in demand and this helps to analyse market and hence this helps to achieve targets ion effective way.

In brochure mainly there is highlights of policies which shows offers and discounts. Cost of brochure is high as compared to other means and this is not as fruitful as others. This method is impersonal so it is not possible to interact with customer. Designing of brochure is one of the most important task in Trailer Finder. So they appoint special personnel for it.

Reason for issuing brochure- It is important to know reason behind issuing brochure. After this planning will be done accordingly. When there is season of vacation, Trailer Finder must form brochure. Through this division of workers is possible and management can plan similar activities for all (Fei and et. al., 2014).

Format of brochure- Preparation of brochure is easy as there is some specified things which has to included. As brochure is the element which helps company to deliver information related to their services. So it is essential to work accordingly. Services availed, time of residing, name of tour operator, accommodation and meal facility, etc. are required to b present in brochure.

Budgeting and selection of target market- While making brochure, there is requirement of funds. There is some specified amount spend on it, so manager must work after proper analysis. So there must not increment in cost. While selecting matter to be involved in brochure, it is essential to know who are target persons. This helps to grab opportunities present in market. Brochure must be attractive, so they have can attract them.

Time scale of completion of stages- This is the document which is required for promoting activities. There must be some specified time set to complete research related to brochure. This responsibility of manager to work and analyse activities, hence there will not halt in promotional events.

3.2 Alternatives to a traditional brochure for different types of tour operator

Today is era of digitalisation (Figliozzi, 2010). Trailer Finder is thinking to work according to recent market. As tour business has much scope is more, hence there is more competition. There are changes taking place in business operations. Through digitalisation it is easy to contact more people at one time. There are many elements which has to be used and then this is effective to generate knowledge about demand of customer.

Through modern means there is clear communication between employer and client and this helps to know what can be done to satisfy them. Through this there will frequent solution of query and client can know about product and services while sitting at one place. If company switches to modern means of communication, then they can improve their image in industry. Traditional brochure can be replaced by traditional brochure are-

  • Official website
  • Social media
  • Online brochure
  • Mobile application
  • E- brochure
  • Social media
  • travel agents and call centres

These are some ways which are better than traditional brochure. Through large number of people can covered and due to alteration in policies, there is direct contact between customer and Trail Finder. Selection of source depends on budget specified by management. Above mentioned options are accessible by 24*7, so customer can use it number of times (Flores-Garza and et. al., 2017). In case of online brochure, mobile application, etc. it has to be updated timely, so proper and correct information can be gathered.

3.3 Different methods of distribution used to sell holiday package

Apart from above discussed online ways, there are some other approaches which can be used by management of Trail Finder to know what can be done and how is it effective. As in case of brochure and other approaches, these does not create personal relations with customer. There are some problems which can be effective to know what can be done in order to increase sales (Milanfar, 2013). As there is requirement of proper planning which help to achieve set targets on time. There are possibilities that due to alteration ion facts and finding, manager has to alter strategies. This can be done if they frame polices which are flexible. Planning helps to create an guidelines map which help to perform activities in better are effective way. Workers are aware of changes taking place in business, they can perform actions in effective way. Some measures are discussed which can be used in place of brochure and other digital tools-

Direct sales- In this options, sales personnel is present to tell about tour packagers. In this case it is not possible to cover large number of people. There is face to face contact between employer and client, so sales personnel must have complete knowledge about product and services (Frenzel and Blakeman, 2015). Due to use of this option manager can use factors which are efficient in achieving targets and this helps to know what improvement can be done.

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