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Strategic Tourist Decisions - Trailfinders

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The aim of current unit is related with understanding of tourist industry, stages involved in creating holiday, strategic decision.

  • Provide brief of tour industry within the travel and tourism sector.
  • Determine various stages involved in creating holiday by Trailfinders.
  • Provide brief review of the brochures and methods of distribution for sell holidays.
  • Develop strategic & tactical decision making for Trailfinders.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Trailfinders


Travelling and tour industry one of the emerging industry in UK which is furnishing varied of travelling and holiday packages in industry (Alim, Ray and Hossain 2016). The report will inclusion of analysis of the effects of current and recent trends and developments on the tour operators and assess the sages and timescales involves in developing appropriate holiday plan in respective manner. The report will be discussed about Trailfinders organisation, which is UK based well-known tour operator organisation. The firm will be able to implementation of variety of planning decisions taken for the design of a selected brochure and Suitability of alternatives to a traditional brochure for various types of tour operators. Apart from it, the assignment also will be discussed about different s Strategic decisions developed by different types of tour operators.


1.1 Effect of recent and current trends as well as development on the tour operators industry

There are many industries that contribute effectively towards growth and development of economy. Among these, travel and tourism industry is one that supports the country to raise their economic condition. However, with time, there are many changes that take place in relation with technology and all these aspects are considered so that rate of satisfaction to customers can be met. Perception of people has been developed in a positive manner through social media. Individuals post their experience of visiting foreign countries and this enables to develop positive impact towards tourism among viewers. (Beirman, 2016).

As per the recent or current trends, it is important to focus on innovation so that large number of people can get attracted. In this respect, tour operator like Trailfinders need to develop attractive packages that can help in raising tourism. In this way, the set of goals and objectives that are set can be attained in an appropriate manner.

To make their business in order to raise their sales and profitability, Trailfinders make sure that frequent changes are made in their tour packages. Below given are effects of the recent or current to Trailfinders:

Independent travellers: Around the world, the number of independent travellers are raising. For this context, main reason is availability of online packages which are provided cheaply (Bellman, 2015). This way, there are negative impact faced by other tour operators. Further, travellers also have the opportunity to make comparison of all the available packages and thus selection of those are done that covers wider areas at cheaper price.

Technology: There are frequent changes that has taken place in relation with travel and tourism. These type of changes are made so that people can attracted. The type of coverage made helps in considering the need and requirements in effective manner.


2.1 Various stages in developing a holiday

The rate of competition has raised tremendously and this has caused tour operating companies to make sure that proper steps are taken in order to develop strong customer’s base. With this respect, Trailfinders Ltd. focus on developing attractive tour services. More specifically, they ain at offering travellers luxurious services and high quality services so that rate of support can be raised in effective manner (Bhatia, 2012). As per one of the plan that is developed by cited firm, it is for 42 students, a trip of 5 days, destination are London and Paris. It is important to make sure that services includes accommodation, transportation, food, etc. To develop these type of package, below given are the methods involved:

Market research: There are frequent changes that take place in relation with the preferences that they have. In this context, the perception that individuals have towards London and Paris need to be identified before package is developed. In situation when the preferences for these places are low, then it can cause serious issue in attain the set goals.

Planning and Scheduling: The packages should be developed in such a way that consists of all the information starting from tour date and all the services that will be provided and it should also include prices.

Forecasting: Further, forecasting needs to be done, in all the areas or spots that are decided are covered. Moreover, it also includes details regarding the changes in climate that taken place (De Koster, 2012). All these information should be provided to customers so that take steps accordingly.

Contracting: This is done so that effective relationship is developed with customers. It enables to provide different type of services in the tour and misunderstandings can also be reduced.

P 2.2 Suitability of various methods of contracting for different elements of the holiday

Numerous components of holiday plan packages can be adopted by organisation to sum total of different elements which makes the plan complete. The different factors of the holiday for Suitability of various methods of contracting which is described as below:

Accommodation: Various types of accommodation facilities must be provided by Trailfinders organisation during proper holiday plan (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). According to holiday plans needs of 42 students and the tour is per 6 days and 5 nights. The detained proposal refer to inclusion of a tour services form United Kingdom to Brussels and Brugge, Belgium. During the period of tour, different contract of accommodation facilities will be provided by tour organiser company in terms of staying in the hotels of London and other selected places. So varied of accommodation services should be furnished by them wile proceeding tour program within different contracts need to be done.

Travelling: Travelling services by Trailfinders tour planner must be arranged in proper form so that, they will be able to pay attention upon ticket booking, pick and drop services or travelling for sightseeing, for this purpose contracts will be made with airline and other bus services provided by the organisation. So travelling services must be organised by company as per predetermined time period so that trip would be comfortable and memorable for the student during travelling process, overall travelling costs must be negotiated to the company to reducing it.

Guide: Guide costing also must be included within tour planning which incur during the travelling form different-different places in various cities as per predetermined planning. In London and Belgium, variety of historical and memorable places located there, which will attract students more (Filby, Stockin and Scarpaci, 2015). So total sum amount of pay will be paid to the guide.

Food and beverages: Food and beverages costing occupy during tour program execution. So Trailfinders organisation must be provided appropriate information about overall costing which will occur on food and beverage expenses during entire tour program. Student may demands for various types of food and beverage products while staying in hotels. so it being necessary for company to ensuring the availability of foods according to students demand within hotel.

As per above all components, Trailfinders organisation must considered all of them with well arrangement during the holiday planning, so they will be able to manage all activities that is needed during tour planning (Holland and Leslie, 2017). All student would have satisfied with facilities provided by Trailfinders organisation as per its standard.

2.3 Selling price of a holiday as per the given information

In order to computing overall costing of various activities during holiday planing of 42 students group from London, United Kingdom to Brussels and Brugge, Belgium. Overall costing must be provided by company to students which may occur while execution of tour plan.

Computing of accommodation costing: In this tour, various types of accommodation services will be provided by organisation to students, so it necessary for the company to displaying proper sum of overall costing which may be incur within tour (Jin-hua, 2013). So it being necessary for the organisation to reviewing of expenses on accommodation facilities per student.

  • The cost of twin room with two adult sharing is 72 Euros and extra bed is available for 15 Euros per night per person. So as per numbers of students, 15 rooms will be booked and 6 extra beds can be taken to accommodating 15 more students in a total costing.

72 * 15 + 15 * 6 = 1170 Euros per night.

  • The costing for 5 night will be 1170 * 5 = 5080 Euros.

Computing of transportation costing: Transportation costing must be included with tour planning agenda in order to determine the actual value of expenses upon travelling section. So it being important for Trailfinders organisation to displaying of overall costing on travelling which may occur during execution of holiday program as desired by students. The travelling expenses will be 1500 Euros for 21 seater luxury coach involving the cost of two divers, furl costs and roads and ferry taxes.

The overall costing of Trailfinders firm during this tour agenda which is described as below:




Ticket booking



Accommodation facilities



Food and beverage expenses



Transportation expenses



Tour guide expenses



Tour price (platinum package)



The costing of ticket booking per student will be charged £130 and upon overall costing for 42 students will be £5460. In addition, the total pricing of platinum package offering by firm for per student costing is £650 and costing for all student will be £27384, inclusion of ticket booking, transportation expenses and food and beverages costing etc.


3.1 Evaluation of the planning decisions taken for the design of a selected brochure

Varied of stages can be taken in order to proper designing of planning decision taken for the selected brochure which is following:

Stage 1: Strategy of analysis: In this stage, important information regarding to collection of appropriate data related to research of study. It consisted of background materials, written brief and study related to the existing issues of the brand by particular research. Information regarding to planning decision must be included all factors related to customer preferences and their demand such as youngster and boys and girls students. So its attractive tour package will attract its targeted audience in relevant form which resolves all queries related to formation of reliable brochure (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). The planing of brochure designing should be involves attractive color, image, formatting and framing etc, which will attract its targeting audience most.

Stage 2: Concept design: After completion of fist stage, further stage goes to attractive format designing as per idea. The concepts of formation of brochure must be included all important elements of concepts regarding to tourism and travelling sector. Several types of attractive formation stages must be involves into designing which is, typography, technological and geographical conceptualise, graphical stylish and proper colour combinations etc. all appropriate concepts for designing an attractive brochure must be included into formation of it perfectly.

Stage 3: Development and detailed designing: The chosen concept is regarding to implementation of the various important detailed data tourism and travelling packages regarding to development of attractive brochure which bring out more customers for business. All relevant information concerning about travelling and tour packages or voucher must be mentioned within particular broacher in terms of gaining proper response from its customers (Leo, 2017). Trailfinders agency must need to include information based at London modes of transport, tour prices, holiday packages, accommodation and hospitality facilities offering by them or documentation required and extra charges for additional facilities must be included within brochure.

Stage 4 : Implementation: The information gathered will help professionals to designing of superior quality of broacher designing as per artwork needed to formation of it. The professionals programmers assist them converting effective designing into HTML codes efficiently.

Stage 5: Supervision of designing: In terms of improvement in quality of production, therefore supervision play important role in order to completion of each stages in predetermined form. So it being necessary to organisation to formation of proper framework for a specific website, the most appropriate ways of selection the name of site (Li, Hu, Huang and Duan, 2017). The application of search engine must be included technological innovation within it to optimise the search engine in order to execution of exact designing of brochure.

P 3.2 Suitability of alternatives to a traditional brochure for various types of tour operators

In terms of delivering desired offering regarding to travelling and tourism services, there are majorly four types of tour operators are working in industry according to capability and availability of resources to meeting their desired organisational goals and objectives. In today's world due to transformation of technology and increment within glocalisation making impact upon changing the ways of selling or offering of products and services in marketplace. In order to gathering variety of informational regarding to brochure, the business professional can utilisation of internet services in order to execution of proper marketing or promotional activities of variety of tour operators (MAINA, 2015). In this context, for example, the inbound tour operator can utilise can make direct deal with foreigner customers by exploitation of e-broacher framework to promoting and offering the information to reaching out to target audience into marketplace. Online marketing of different types of tour or holiday packages can attract its customer's more in order to selection of their packages rather than its competitors. In terms of the best ways for Trailfinders organisation, the best belling of its variety of tour and travelling offerings is designing attractive broacher in which all relevant or necessary information regarding to tour packages and special offers must be included within it. So its customer will be able to get appropriate information concerning about selection of desired packages can be gained effectively. Boucher is one of the suitable approach for Trailfinders organisation, whcih can be adopted by its professionals to cover wide range of audience at domestic and abroad level as well. In addition to it, varied of online alternative options can be adopted by all other tour operators in context of promoting their various quality of services in industry efficiently (Page, 2014). Tour operator like ground level and domestic tour companies can acquire the approach to utilisation of social media and e-mail marketing methodologies in context of each out to expected audience from marketplace. Making an account on social media and regularly maintain them may affect positively towards its existing customers in market. The organisation can reach to its targeted audience by sending them e-mail of holiday packages and making them aware about special discount offers of company towards its loyal customers in marketplace can enable them to attaining desired business goals and objectives within the business environment. Hence,it can be said that, varied of effective and innovative approaches presented here which can be adopted by various tour operators in terms of reach to willing customer base in industry.

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