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Impacts Of Sports Events And Its Managerial Issues

University: London College of Contemporary Arts

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Question :

The assessment will need certain answers from the students which are like:

  1. What are the different types of noticed tourists in sports events?
  2. What is the impact of sports events on the country?
  3. Elaborate on the managerial issues in sports companies.
Answer :


Sport and event tourism refers to a number of clients who visit a city or country to participate in and watch particular games. There are different sports events like FIFA World Cup, Invictus Games, Olympics, National Football League, Super Bowl, etc. Invictus Games is an international multi-sport event which was created by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. In this game injured, wounded and sick army personnel take part in different 9 sports. In this report, relevant types of tourists that visit the country to enjoy the game will be included (Kirkup and Sutherland, 2017). This will also include their experiences and what motivates them to travel for sports events. There will be factors of event and destination planning that are important for the hosting country in terms of different aspects. At last, this essay will include managerial issues that need to be addressed while hosting sports events.


Different types of tourists during sports event

Invictious Games is a international multi – game event in which injured armed services individual take parts for nine different types of games. They are sitting volleyball, indoor rowing, wheelchair basketball, etc. and inspired by Warrior Games. These were first held in September 2014 in UK and continued to host by UK thereafter. There are different types of tourism that took place in sports events like active and passive sport tourism. The explanations of such sport tourism are as follows:

Active Sport Tourism: These are those individuals who travel to host country with the motive of participating in the sport events. These travel to get engage in sports rather than just watching and enjoying the sports events (Duglio and Beltramo, 2017). Due to danger and threats it is important that their safety and security should be kept in mind by host country UK. It is one of pre – requisite for successfully hosting a sport event and thus involves taking different decisions. These are like venue selection, personal safety, risk assessment, sports facilities, etc. In case of Invictious Games it is important that safety measures and equipments are according to participates that there is no incident when they get more injured or mis – happenings occurs. Active sport tourism also gave higher importance to natural environment elements so that safety and security is assured at every level. There is also need that crowd control measures are also effective so that active tourists privacy and safety can be managed effectively. This can also have negative impacts as hosting country may give more attention to local participates and might ignore others which arises negative experience for different active tourists. This also impacts social and economic factor of host country as partiality in sports participants can lead to negative impact and sports federation may host the event in some other region.

Passive Sport Tourism: It refers to those who are spectators and visit to sports venue to watch and enjoy the game while active sport tourists are playing it. These are more in number than active one and thus lay importance on factors like safety, management and security. There number should be predicted effectively so that venue is selected accordingly and safety measures are employed (Higham, 2018). Venue should be capable enough that sitting arena is big enough for visitors and there are appropriate safety measures and equipments to manage the crowd effectively. Such passive sport tourism are also the one's who travel to sport places and attraction to visit the place which is famous for its sports events in past. For example, Hall of fame which is famous for Women's College Basketball. They contribute in economic development by spending in country and also bringing different social – cultural environment in UK. There are also negative impacts as local individuals might not support engagement of outside tourists in their country games. Passive tourists poses issues to safety and security measures as they are large in number and difficult to manage. Crowd management is one of major aspects in Passive Sport Tourism which needs to planned and execute properly so that there is no accidents of mis – happenings in sprots events. In case of Invictus Games there is huge number of passive tourists who come to motivates army athletics and thus pose threat to active and passive tourists. There is need that safety measures are effective enough to eliminates threats and be proactive in case of any accidents.

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Experiences and motivations of tourists

Experience: Tourism is a leisure process that provides different types of experiences and motivates individuals gets motivated from different destinations and attractive activities. In case of sports events it is difficult to demonstrate the experience of both active and passive tourists (Mallen and Adams, 2017). The experience is based on different aspects like motive, knowledge of game, past experience, venue, activities, etc. Some of the experiences are as follows:

Aestheticism experience: Such experiences are for passive tourists as by this they seeks to get immerse or include in an environment or events where they feel pleasurable. In context of Invictus Games, such tourists attend sports events so that they get indulge in events where they feel enjoyable by encouraging injured army personnel.

Edutainment experience: This includes events which give different experiences and learn something new out of that activity. Invictus Games this experience is for passive and active tourists both as active get skills set to play games. Passive one's have encouraged experience while seeking information about different games designed for injured, sick and wounded personnel (Wise and Harris, 2017).

Entertainment experiences: In this tourists are mainly passive they want experience for entertainment purpose only unlike edutainment one. In this they experience with what they see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Invictus Games it is pleasurable for eyes to see injured army individuals to play different games and be active in daily life as well.

Escapism experiences: This type of experience is for both active and passive as in this tourists search activities by which they become hyper – active and gets involves. Practices for these Invictus Games keeps participants involve in daily lives as well which gives them experience.

Motivation: The motives of tourists behind taking decisions for travelling is determined by different factors (Gibson and et. al., 2018). In case of sports tourists there are elements that differentiate them from other types of travellers. Such tourists are either involved in gaming activities or attend sports events for personal experience and leisure time. The factors are as follows:

Physical Motivators: This type of motivating factors are applicable in case of active sport tourism as these relates to relaxation and health related aspects (Newland and Aicher, 2018). In case of Invictus Games it is important for participants to manage their health and be active in daily life as well. This motivator includes motives like fitness, well – being, weight control, relaxations, physical appearance, etc. This can also be in case of passive sport tourisms as this also indicates pleasurable excitement for the viewers.

Interpersonal Motivators: In case of active sport tourism, they are motivated to seek new and different type of experience to have fun. On the other hand, passive sport tourism seek this is as an opportunities for escape from routine life and experiences. This type of motives are characterised by desire and chances to meet new people, old friends and relatives. In case of Invictus Games, empathetic and encouragement are the factors which motivates passive tourists to attend these types of sports events. 

Status Motivators: This is one of most important motivators in case of active tourists as this encourages personal development in the participants. This also motivates individuals to achieve goals by winning games and satisfy their personal objectives of life. Invictus Games gives opportunities for injured army personnel to be active and attain their physical objectives by preparing and winning games (Dickson, Misener and Darcy, 2017). This is also characterised by enhancement of ego to maintain theit lifestyle and self – importance in society.

Event importance and its impact on the country

Sport tourism have impacts on different factors of country which are economic, social, cultural and environmental factors. Impacts on these factors are as follows:

Economic: Sports events contributes greatest in economy element for host country as it generate revenue for local economies and other economical profits for host country (Getz, 2018). It is easy to identify boost in economy of UK while hosting Invictus Games. The impact can be seen as follows:

Positive Impacts: They generate employment for local communities and generate income for them. This brings profits for local people as they provide different facilities to tourists at different prices. This leads to increase in living standards of local individuals as revenues are generated.

Negative Impacts: If not planned and execute properly they can also leave host country in debt, damage infrastructure and displace homes or jobs. This can also leads displacements costs during Invictus Games as other tourists will avoid travelling to such destinations where prices are higher than usual.

Social: Sports tourisms involves travelling of individuals for purpose of participating and attending sports events and games (Hinch and Holt, 2017). There are both positive and negative impacts of sports tourisms on social factor of country.

Positive Impacts: This is sense of pride for UK yo host Invictus Games every year and increase self – actualisations. This also have opportunities for entertainment who belongs to local communities so that they can spend time together. National team of UK in these games shows health and fitness level of team members of UK.

Negative Impacts: There can be clashes about nationalistic sentiments which might results by interactions of different team members. In these games outside tourists are given priority due to costs and profits for country. This can also showcase bad and foul behaviour by some fans due to failure in Invictus Games.

Cultural: There are other impacts of sports events other than economical boost is impact on population of host nations (Gibson, 2017). The importance to increase experience and satisfaction level of tourists different cultural impacts can be seen, some of them are as follows:

Positive Impacts: It helps in strengthening national heritage as regional communities works collectively to promote their culture in front of world. This has positive impact on generating and preserving traditions that are performed in culture of UK.

Negative Impacts: This can have adverse effect on the balance of local economy due to attracting employment opportunities. This can have negative impact on present culture by leaving foreign impression on local communities. This can even lead to crowd disorder, violent accidents and tensions in region as well.

Environmental: This is one of the major concerns while hosting sports events as these are growing day – by – day. Different outdoor games can also harm natural environment in many ways, some of the impacts are as follows:

Positive Impacts: When there is such a huge gathering of people at one place this can be impactful in promoting awareness about natural resources. This can also be done by winners who won the Invictus Games so that visitors can be influenced for environment awareness.

Negative Impacts: Displacement of agricultural land to build infrastructure for sports events is one of biggest negative impact on environment. Construction can also lead to damage to natural resources, setting and pollutions.

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Destination planning

Planning about destination for venue is one of the important aspects in hosting sports events and should be done effectively (Ramshaw and Gammon, 2017). In case of Invictus Games, there are nine different indoor activities that need proper space and other facilities so that participants are comfortable. Venue selection is critical as it should be safe and secure for visitors and staff members as well. Here are some steps that are followed to select destination of Invictus Games:

Analyse need of event: In this step needs are analyse so that venue planning can be done according to those factors. In case of Invictus Games there are nine different indoor games that will require huge infrastructure to host. Number of visitors will also be identify so that setup can be planned as well. There is need that it should be near to airports and other transport facilities so that it is easily accessible by foreign visitors.

Investigate possible venue: In this different alternatives will be investigated from available options so that best can be selected. This is in case of Invictus Games will be done by sports federations so that there will be events are organised effectively (Mackellar and Nisbet, 2017). This is done by maintaining database and checking credibility of venue in terns of safety and security. For this government of UK can hire a event management organisation who is effective in planning and executing such mega – sports events at international level.

Visiting site: There is need that inspection is done personally so that infrastructure can be developed as blue print in starting stage. This can be done with visiting more than one event destination so that best one can be finalised. The purpose is to find out sustainability of the venue in terms of dimensions which is area or height in indoor games of Invictus Games. Another is environment which is maintenance, safety, ventilation and other factors. Adequate number of facilities, accessibility by public transport and cost of venue are other sustainability factors.

Selection: After evaluating each alternatives and feasibility study, final decisions is made about destination planning. This is one of most important step in this process and should be done effectively for success of sports events. In case of Invictus Games, it is necessary that participants are kept in mind as they are injured or wounded army personnels. So there is need that government of UK analyse each and every factor before finalising venue for sports event.

Communicating: After the final selection, next step is to communicate about destination of sports events to general public, participants, media and other share holders (Perić, Vitezić and Badurina, 2019). This can be done with invitations sent to participants, social media platforms, e-mails, print media, etc. This ensures that each and every interested individual is informed about the destination where Invictus Games are being hosted.

Arranging basic facilities: In the last stage government of UK or events management company will make sure that venue is fit and appropriate for use. There are different amenities that should be provided to participants, visitors and working professionals so that they ate effective in their performances. Safety and security measures are also arranges so that venue is free from any type of risks and mis – happenings. This can be done by making further visits to venue and planning about infrastructure so that decisions are effective.

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Managerial issues related to sport and event management

There are many challenges which arises while managing events and there is need that they should be managed properly so that events are successful. In case of Invictus Games, there are basic and specific issues that are faced by organisers, are as follows:

Technological Challenges: There are issues related to technology as this factor can impact participants, visitors and staff members. There is need that machines, equipments, audio and video technology is up – to the standards and infrastructure of venue. In absence of this it will difficult for visitors to identify activities during sports events (Van Rheenen, Cernaianu and Sobry, 2017). There should be such technology that games are fair and without any biased influence of any participants.

Planning memorable events: Every event is planned in such a way that it create impacts on every individual who is interested in event. There is need that there is some special activity is directed so that it becomes memorable. There is important factor affecting this element is budgets which allows events manager to additionally organise activity which creates impacts of spor

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