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Importance of Different Types of Visitors Attraction

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Question :

The visitor attraction is defined as a destination where a number of resources that can easily attract visitors are present which includes natural and human-made, exhibitions, museums,s, etc. National Maritime Museum is a  part of Royal Museums Greenwich, a network of museums in the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. Likewise funded national museums in the United Kingdom, it has no general admission charge;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of nature and the importance of developing visitor’s attractions.
  • Examine different kinds of visitors along with their impact and different theories of tourism motivation.
  • Explain issues that impact the development process in visitor’s attraction management.
  • Evaluate the application of strategies for managing visitor’s attraction and their relationship with sustainability.
Answer :
Organization Selected : JP Morgan


This project discuss about significance of tourism. People travel to various destinations for leisure or business purposes (Mason, 2015). Tourism industry provides travellers with various types of facilities. Further, it discusses about National Maritime Museum, which attracts large number of visitors from all over the world.

It also discuss about importance of different types of visitors attraction. There are various types of factors like natural attraction and historical places that grab attention of people to visit any destination. There are factors that motivate travellers to visit particular destination.

Further, it discusses about evaluating impacts of tourism on visitors attraction, effects of different theories on tourist motivation, processes and potential issues involved in development of visitors’ attraction, analysing visitors’ management strategies and evaluating management techniques in relation to sustainability.

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1.1 Overlap of visitor attraction

Visitor attraction can be defined as place which has unique features or characters that attract tourists. There are different types of visitors attractions such as man made building, environment, etc. These attractions basically play the important role for making the interest in the tourists for a particular geographical area. So, they are considered as the major and significant motivators in the tourism industry to pull the tourists.

Natural attributes

They are like the natural environment’s beauty which has been placed in the specific region as the sign of divinity creative activity in the creation such as hills, sea-beach, and forests These natural attributes attract the traveller greatly for passing their time in order to enjoy and refreshment.

Human made ancient buildings and structures: These are the building created by human those had been made-up for the spiritual and any other goal in the past period. After that, at a time these constructions have been turned as the tourism attractions to the traveler for their great sign of building and beauty.

Human-made recent buildings and structure: These are the building those have been made-up as the touristry attractions side so that the traveller come to visit there. These piece of land are basically improved as a part of interest of some creation and beauty loving people.

Overlap is a specific type of attraction. It has gained popularity in recent years. National Maritime Museum is a museum situated on the banks of river Thames. This museum was opened with small capital. This museum attracts large number of tourists.

In past years, this has become one of the most popular place at London. 3.5 million Tourists visit London annually (Page, 2014). Natural place attracts more number of tourists. People like visiting to places that are rich in natural beauty. Museum organises unique show known as history of brave show. Tourists like to visit peaceful and quite destinations. Natural beauty consists of beautiful lake, valley, and mountains. Structure of this museum is designed in such way that it attracts travellers. National Maritime Museum become popular place to visit because of its antique monument. Theme parks, zoos and museum are built for purpose to attract customers.

1.2 Importance of different visitors attraction

A tourist attraction can be defined as a destination where more travellers or visitors prefer to visit. The features of attractive tourist place is that specific place has inherent cultural values as well as historical importance. The objective of tourist attraction is to gain the customer's attention so they come to specific destination and explore the different attractions on holiday. In UK there are various attractive place for tourist these are : theme parks like Altoon tower, Buckingham Palace etc. which attracts tourists. Visitors attraction assists in stimulating domestic tourism. It also supports the regeneration of areas. It plays significant role in promoting cultural change.

Visitors’ attraction plays a major role in increasing tourism of UK. Visitors from overseas come to visit beautiful destinations of UK. The main purpose of visitors’ attraction is to grab tourist attention that is visiting the country. They give opportunity to travellers to visit certain destination. There are various factors like natural attraction, historical artifacts that make visitors to visit from around the world. Travellers from the globe are attracted to explore such amazing destination (Importance of Visitor Attractions, 2015). Visitors’ attraction plays vital role in tour and travel industry. They are built to attract tourists into that destination. People are more attracted to natural destination that is created by nature. Tour and travel industry assure about the safety of environment; this give visitors opportunity to visit natural place without any interference and problem. They often organise events to attract tourist. Events play an important role in attraction of tourists. Tour and travel industry contributes large part to national economy. Attraction helps in promoting local culture of country (Benur and Bramwell, 2015). Visitor attraction contributes to economic as well as social development of nation. It also helps in generating the new source of income for the government in the nation. Tourism contributes to the generation of employment in the nation. Tourist attarctions act as a pulling element to traveller which might be foreigners. A tourist destination would be meaningless without any kind of attractive places, be it man-made or natural. Attractions is considered to be as driving agent of the tourism sector. It helps visitors in capturing an opportunity of adventure, exploration- an epic experience. All tourism activities or services, in return, lead to increase in the GDP of developing nation, hens advancing its economic growth. Visitors attractions plays important role in the growth of tourism as well as other industries in the nation. Visitors attraction helps domestic companies in increasing sales as well as profitability.

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2.1 Needs and motivation of different visitor type

Needs as well as motivations are two crucial factors which plays important role in tourism. The motive exists when an individual is able of developing an urge which results in to a need, which in turn gives a feeling of dissatisfaction until this demand has been satisfied. To satisfy a need there is energy with a corresponding direction. Satisfying desires of customer is known as motivation. There are generally two types of motivation external and internal motivation. Psychological needs of people are satisfied with the packages that are develop by tourism companies. People like travelling to new destinations and performing adventure and leisure activities. Travellers have different needs and desires. It is very important for tourism to satisfy desires of customers.

Tourism consultants analyse attitude of people. They make group of people with similar nature. These groups are known as segmentation. By observing behaviour of tourist, managers identify their needs and desires. Tourism industry offers valuable package to travellers in order to satisfy needs. Attitude and behaviour of tourists play a major role in motivating tourism sector. Travellers get motivated by external factors like money (Inkson and Minnaert, 2018). Factors like political and economical changes continuously take place as per the market. Income and family structure is very important factor for external motivation. Children like travelling places like Disney land, amusement parks where as senior citizens like visiting historical places. Tourists belonging to different culture and tradition like travelling to specific cultural destinations.

There are various factors such as personal factors as well as psychological factors which have direct and significant influence on the travelling decision made by an individual. Psychological variables involves inter sic value which insist a person to ravel and visit at particular destination. This variable also include need of travelling. In addition to this personal factors include an individual previous experience at specific tourist place. Attractiveness of place as well as cultural values of particular destination plays an important role in positively influencing people to visit specific place. Inj addition to this, environmental as well as social factors have great influence on individual choice to visit particular destination. Some people might visit particulars place in order to escape from social roles.

There are different types of tourist and they have various needs such as :

Purposeful cultural tourist:

The visitors prefer to travel cultural places such as art , museum , historic destination etc. These people visit particular place for attending cultural functions such as weddings, festivals etc. Such visitors participate in other activities as well during their trip. These types of visitors has desire to gain knowledge about different culture. Purposeful cultural tourist demands for entertainment.

Sightseeing tourist:

This type of tourist visit specific destination for exploring the beauty of specific place. Such type of people travel for getting relaxation. These type of visitors ned only basic facilities such as food and accomodation.

Liesure tourists:

These people travel at particular destination for enjoyment. Liesure touristy demands for recreational , entertainment and adventurous activities.

Business tourists:

These types of tourist visits particular destination for attending business meeting , training programme or seminars. Business tourist requires conference centres .

Incentive tourists:

These are those people who get holiday packages from companies.

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2.2 Evaluating impacts of tourism on visitors attraction

Tourism industry is among the largest industries. This sector helps in growth of a country’s economy. Tourism industry provides jobs to people living in remote areas. According to report prepared by tourism council, travel industry has created one out of 10 jobs in all over

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