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Contemporary issues in Travel and Tourism - Thomas Cook

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Question :

Explanation drew on various aspects associated with the industry of travel and tourism.

  • Understanding of existing issues faced by industry of travel and tourism.
  • Examination of current trends within the industry of travel and tourism.
  • Understanding response to the change of industry of travel and tourism.
  • Examination of the Influence of change within industry of travel and tourism.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Thomas Cook


Travel & Tourism is one of the lucrative and fastest growing industry. Several advancements has seen in recent times and there are various positive developments takes place. This sector is constantly advancing & progressing with increasing number of travellers day by day (Becker, 2016). High progress is shown by industry in terms of revenues, profits, goods and services. In the present assignment, chosen organisation is Thomas Cook which deals in travel and tourism sector. The report includes analysis of current issues & trends that drive and influence change in tourism industry by use of suitable techniques and resources. Apart from this, some strategies are defined that assist in responding change effectively. At last, impact of change and its consequences in travel and tourism industry is discussed in this project.


1.1 Analysis of issues that currently drive change in travel and tourism sector

In spite of having high potential, there has been various issues facing by UK tourism industry which are as follows:

Technological advancements: In the area of technology, there have been some notable changes takes place in recent years which was promptly introduced in industry. These transformations tends to blend a equitable amount of tourism (Cohen and Cohen, 2015). Access to Mobile technology includes online mapping of travellers destination, GPS services etc. provides powerful and meaningful contribution to travel and tourism sector.

Need for increased security: Safety against any threat for community or society is necessary. As tourism level increasing constantly, security has become the major challenge for this sector as well as for government. For instance, In UK, many tourists come to visit destinations like London and Rome. But, terrorism and social security influence growth & development in ratio of domestic as well as international tourism.

Global economic changes: In United Kingdom, various changes takes place due to Brexit and it put high impact on economy of country. Many policies and regulations made by government related to tax and currency rates etc. influence travel and tourism sector in adverse way (Cohen and et. al., 2014).

Low cost airlines: This factor highly impacts the development of tourism in less famous destinations and in smaller cities of United Kingdom in several ways. By cutting costs, airlines with low fare fly to regional and secondary airports with lower taxes and landing fees which sometimes decline the demand of air travel & decline tourism in country.

1.2 Analysis of different issues by using suitable methods & resources

Various issues discussed above can be analysed by using appropriate methods and resources. It is required by tourism sector to use appropriate tools so that, issues can be examine correctly (Connell, 2013). These includes both, primary as well as secondary sources.

Primary method:

Primary method includes analysis of market employing observation techniques and conducting surveys. Primary method assists in determining actual issues by taking perspective of visitors who came to visit various destinations of country. By the assistance of questionnaire or by directly interacting with visitors, firm get to know about their perspective. Marketing team of Thomas Cook ask various questions to visitors regarding their holiday trip. Their perception and feedbacks helps firm in resolving issues like security or other.

Secondary method:

An another technique used for identifying issue is secondary information. Secondary sources includes collecting information from different sources like online texts, books, journals and others. All these sources assists in determining issues in more better and effective manner and this information also assists in resolving them.

By application of these methods various issues of London and Rome can be analysed. In this globalized world, economy is highly interlinked at world level. So, the adverse consequences of issue of one country could be confronted by others and in this manner, the chain continues. Main reason behind fluctuation in currency and inflation rate is globalization which is increasing very fast. Primary and secondary methods are very helpful in gathering data so that issues can be analysed effectively and can be eliminated.

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M1 Effective approach to examine current issue and made judgement

Primary sources is one of the effective approach for determining current issues that are face by travel and tourism sector. By assistance of this, firm is able to know about perception of visitors and are able to resolve such issues (Dickinson and et. al., 2014).

D1 Conclusion regarding travel & tourism issues

All the above mentioned factors are deterrent to the sentiments of tourist in United Kingdom. Because of such issues, inflow of visitors becomes decline day by day. It is required by travel and tourism industry as well as government to consider all such factors and implement appropriate resources and methods in order to resolve them.


2.1 Evaluation of current trends that influence change

Adventure tourism: One of the segment that is identified as largest in domestic and global tourism is Youth (Hall and Page, 2014). They are experience seekers and like to enquiring and collecting unique experiences. Risk and adventure have significant role to play in attitudes and behaviour of young travellers. Increase in number of travellers is fuelled by various factors like falling level of unemployment, increase engagement in higher education, increased travel budget by parental contribution.

Gastro tourism: It is very popular & interesting kind of tourism. Its main purpose is to understand domestic culture related to food and drink. Getting knowledge related to local taste is main priority of visitors in this kind of tourism. Culture exchange is the main reason behind it that develops interest of people to food of other countries (Hannam, Butler and Paris, 2014).

Sport tourism: It defines as travel that includes participating or viewing a sporting event apart from usual environment. It is one of the rapidly growing sector in travel and tourism industry. It refers to individuals travelling to engage in competitive sport event. This type of tourism attracts more visitors to visit sports events such as Olympic games.

Educational tourism: Due to growing popularity of learning and teaching of knowledge and improving technical competency, educational tourism is developed more in current scenario. People who visit other countries for educational purpose mainly emphasize on learning about culture.

2.2 Analysis of current trends by using suitable techniques and resources

Several improvements in sector of travel and tourism influence visitors to drop their own vehicles and travel by buses and airways. For this, a proper campaign is required to make aware the visitors about new goods and services to visitors. Income from this industry can be invested in several developmental programmes. The main challenge that is confronted by travel and tourism sector of Rome and London is to administer development to domestic communities without influencing culture and environment. Because of improper monitoring techniques, it becomes difficult for firm to identify and execute those factors which are responsible for growth in this sector.

Tourism is a complex mixture of infrastructure and physical resources which influence several tourism destinations. Entire tourism sector is based on experience which is the main reason to grasp this concept (Hartmann, 2014).

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