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Public Relations and Media

University: Regent College London

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Question :

Public Relations is a kind of promotional activity which involves communicating the products or service to the customers. It is important to maintain public relations in travel and tourism industry. This project covers the following-

  • Purpose of research and application of research methodologies.
  • Different types of media.
  • Relationship between Public Relations and Media.
  • Different models relating to public relations.
  • Interpretation of the research conducted.
Answer :


It is very important to promote products and services that are provided by travel and tourism sector. This is because it helps in creating awareness and attracting large number of people. Promotion can be done by using different types of media (Duhé, 2015). It helps in providing information about various types of companies and their services. An effective promotion will help in attracting people. They will use those services. This will lead to increase in sales and generating profits. This report will cover the different types of media that can be used by company.


Media is a form of medium through which communication is done. They are the channels that helps in providing useful information to public. It includes various types of the mass communication forms such as broadcasting, internet, etc. the medium can be in form of printed, electronic, etc. It depends on company that which type of medium they use to promote their products and services. Also, it is important to analyse media as it can affect the overall marketing strategy. Moreover, company decide media so that accordingly plan can be developed. Usually, there are three types of media that is as follows :-

  • Electronic – It refers to electronic mode that includes website, social media, etc. this media has recently become popular as it has provided a platform to attract people at global level (Grunig, 2017). Also, it is a good source of communication. People can review comments regarding services. It also gives them live updates.
  • Print – It is a printed form of media that includes journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. in which advertisement are given. It helps in attracting a lot of people in effective way. Most of the companies in travel and tourism sector use this form of media to advertise their products.
  • Broadcasting – It refers to radio, television, cinema, etc. through which advertising is done. It is a traditional method of advertising. It has its own advantage and disadvantage

Editorials – It is similar to newspaper article. They are developed by editorials who are having an experience in tourism sector. They are different from advertisement. Example are promotional articles about hotels, flights, etc.

  • Strengths – It shows specific content that is related to hotels, flights, resorts, etc. Also, it is developed specifically for a particular thing so it attracts people. In this only relevant content is written.
  • Weakness – It does not give a brief information about services. Also, it is only published ion editorials that are not distributed to many people (Xifra and Heath, 2015 ).

Press release- It is a form of promotional tool in which an information is released by organisation. In this information released is in written form. Generally, it is done to launch a new product. In this message is reached to large number of people through different media.

  • Strengths – its benefit is it is a real time event. Also, in this questions are asked related to products and clarified at that time only. This clears all doubts about products.
  • Weakness- Basically press release is done related to any hazards in tourism sector. Also, in this it is not known that how many guests will arrive. Moreover, if answers are not given properly then it can create a negative image.

Leaflet – it is a printed form of paper that contains information about a particular advertisement, product or service. Leaflet advertising is an effective tool.

  • Strengths – its advantage is it provides a brief information about product and service. It is very cost effective (Qrunig and Qrunig, 2016). Also, it attracts people as it contains pictures, graphs, etc. it is easy to read as well.
  • Weakness – It requires a proper design and structure to develop a leaflet. This takes a lot of time as well as cost. Once read leaflet is discarded by people. It does not have a lot term impact.

Social media- It is a modern way of marketing. It is a wireless form of media that is used for promotion. It uses internet and various other social networking sites.

  • Strengths – it is very easy method of advertising. It provides a platform through which marketing can be done at global level. Also, it is an effective way of promotion as it requires very few costs.
  • Weakness – its weakness is people generally do not focus on ads that appear on networking sites. Also, it is very difficult to analyse whether marketing strategy has been successful or not. Moreover, due to technical errors ads are not displayed properly.

Photo calls- it is a method of promotion in which celebrities or famous people are invited on an occasion (Doorley and Garcia, 2015). Then photos are clicked and posted on ads. Usually, occasion is a press conference.

  • Strengths – Celebrity endorsement attracts large number of people. Their fan base helps in promotion. It is very effective way of advertisement.
  • Weakness- This is the very rarely used as it requires a huge amount. Also, it do not have a long term impact on minds of people.

Press conference – it is a method in which organisation invite media to interact with them. Press conference is organised for a special event or occasion. In this message is reached to large number of people through different media. It is very effective from to develop public relations.

  • Strengths- its benefit is that it is a real time event. Also, in this questions are asked related to products. By this information can be provided to large number of people. It can be conducted at anywhere, anytime.
  • Weakness - It requires a lot of time and cost to organise press conference. Also, it is not known that how many reporters will come (Kleinnijenhuis, Schultz and Oegema, 2015). Sometimes, to answer a question a solid proof is required.

Exhibition – it is an event in which pictures or arts are displayed. It occurs at museum, parks, etc. where large number of people can come. Exhibition can be paid or unpaid.

  • Strengths – it is based on one theme that allows people to explore it in proper way. It allows people to gain knowledge about various things. Besides this, it helps in increasing networking. In this people trust brand that increases credibility in the market.
  • Weakness- For organising exhibition a lot of work arrangements has to be done. So it a very hectic and stressful process.

Relationship between public relations and media

There exists a relationship between media and public relation. Generally, products are promoted through various media platforms. These platforms helps in interacting and communicating with people. By conducting various public relations activities product is promoted. The activities are conducted through various media. Without media public relations can be developed. Furthermore, in order to maintain public relations it is important that they remain in touch with company (Austin and Pinkleton, 2015). The media acts as a medium through which communication is done. In addition to this an effective public relations can be developed only when correct and specific information is provided to people. There are different kinds of media that is used in travel and tourism sector. It can be said that there is no conflict between them.

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Jefkins model – This model consists of 6 steps that helps in public relation model planning. It is like a research project in which aims and objectives are developed and then plan is executed. This model also helps in analysing what sources of media can be used to promote event. Furthermore, how public relations are maintained and developed. The 6 steps are

  • Appreciate the research
  • Define overall objectives
  • Define all public relevant to program
  • Select appropriate media and techniques
  • Setting a budget
  • Monitoring results

There will be various task that will be performed in organising an event.

The main objective of travel show was to create market awareness among people. For this target market chosen was middle class people. The event was promoted through press conference and on social media. The message was to have an interaction with them by inviting.

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in this first of all information about services was provided on social media and leaflet. It helped in creating awareness about launching of new service. Then, officially service was launched through press release. The message provided was :-

  • Get your dreams fulfil at a very cheap cost.
  • Go to your favourite destination with your friends.

The exhibition stand will contain pictures of various destination. Also, it will have a 3- D portrait of famous places (Duhé, 2015). Besides this, images of different famous people will be there that will describe about history. The plan is to create a feeling of tourist place. The space that is required for organising exhibition will be a big hall. Along with this some resources will be required that is man power, financial, etc. Yes the computers can be used on side to display the images of various places. Moreover, it can be used to enter the details of person who visited the exhibition.

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Social media can be very useful in generating awareness. Through this wide range of area can be covered. On Facebook an event can be created and people can be invited. On Instagram a page can be created and high quality images can be uploaded. Twitter can also be used, in this tweet can be done to provide information to people.

In newsletter the information about the entire event will be provided. This will help in attracting people. In this the information given will be about venue, date and time. Moreover, why event is conducted is also given (Grunig, 2017).

There will be different stakeholders of event. Customers, directors and suppliers. In this stakeholders will be reached by contacting suppliers. Furthermore, the data collected from social media will help in reaching stakeholders.

There are many risk involved in organising event. First is failure of event. For reducing this proper and effective marketing of event will be done. Second is financial loss. In order to minimise this, a backup plan will be developed so that loss can be recovered. Another risk is related to change in weather condition. Weather forecast will be done to ensure proper date. Risk of occurring of fire also exists. For this proper measures and safety equipments will be installed.

The total budget required for event is approx £7500. The money will be raised by charging small fee amount from the people ( Xifra and Heath, 2015). This will help in raising money. The costs of event will depend on resources that will be required.

It is essential to evaluate the results of event so that it can be identified whether goals and objectives determined was achieved or not. For evaluating event a survey will be conducted. In this questions will be asked to people. These are as follows :-

How was the event?

Interpretation – By evaluating results it was identified that most of the people said that event organised was very good and effective. It was very well organised. The arrangements made was proper.

2) What was the main thing that attracted you the most?

Interpretation – By analysing data from people it was evaluated that people said the things that attracted them was location and arrangements. They were very satisfied with it. There were different things that was provided to people. Also, the equipments that were used to display images of locations gave them a different experience.

3) Were you satisfied by interacting with company?

Interpretation - In this question it was analysed that many people who visited event was satisfied by interacting with company. This is because they gain a lot of knowledge about various products and services. Also, people were treated with respect and queries was solved quickly by employees of company.

4) Are you interested in buying our products and services or not?

Interpretation - After collecting data it was identified that almost 65% people said that will buy company products or services in the future. Also, they will recommend their friends, relatives and others to buy products and services.

Thus, on this basis data and information will be collected and overall event will be evaluated.


From this report it is concluded that there are different type of media that can be used to promote travel and tourism services. It depends on company what media is used by them. Besides this , each medium is having own pros and cons. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse which media will be used. It will also help in evaluating that whether goals and objectives are achieved or not. Organising travel event helps in launching of product and attracting people.

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