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Concept of International Tourism Industry

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the role of tourism industry in economy development practices. Furthermore, the impact of television and other tools to promote tourism of specific country.

  • Evaluate the concept of international tourism.
  • Critically analyse the changing role of tourism in contemporary society.
  • Provide a reflection over tourism, its operation and other practices.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Waitrose


The changing role in travel and tourism sector has made various changes into operations which in turn brings the fruitfulness among the government of various nations. Therefore, it approaches the government of various nations as to make effective increment in the capital projects, develop infrastructural needs of country. The rise in the number of tourist in a year for every nation which will be effective as to have the large amount of foreign direct investments as well as the development of domestic businesses on global spectra. In the present report there will be discussion based on the impacts of films and television in motivating people to travel as well as raising the tourist of any nation. Moreover, it can be said that impacts of television and film which brings appropriate positive image among the people with best experiences which motivates them as to make a trip to that particular location.

Critical review on concept of international tourism

Internationally people are wanted to travel in the new location as to have analysis over the culture, tradition, climate and environmental changes which brings them memorable experiences. In the past time people use to travel as to have trade practices as well as sell their produces goods among the different consumers from several places. The motive was to earn for living while after that era there has been rapid growth in transportation facilities which creates boom in businesses as well as numbers of travelers (Mannakkara and et.al, 2018). Overall, over the period there has been a main impact of films and televisions which creates curiosity among individual to explore the new places and have satisfactory experiences over there. Thus, in accordance with such changes there has been rise in the numbers of travelers each year in the various countries like, UK Switzerland etc.

Apart from domestic people there has been huge curiosity occurred in the international tourists. For instance, the release of movie Brave which brings the appropriate traditional and cultural look of Scottish people. The castle and the cultural dresses as well as all the locations were quite attractive and satisfactory. It attracts people as to explore Edinburg castle and the main city to have best experience knowledge regarding the cultural diversity as well as the history of such place (Elbaz, Haddoud and Shehawy, 2018). There has been rise in the number of tourists to that place as travelers wanted to have best historical visit and information. On the other side the movie Da Vinci Code 2006 has bring s the appropriate historical information regarding the place as the Irish and Scottish culture in UK is the main historical cultures such as blowing bagpipers etc. the cultural music and the attractive monuments has created rise in the tourist sector. Moreover, The rise in the number of travelers and tourists will be helpful and assistive to the government as to have balance monetary system as well as economic system of the nation. It will bring them best revenue sources as the local or domestic sector industries were tends to have rise in their income level (Pablo-Romero, Pozo-Barajas and Sánchez-Rivas, 2017). Additionally it can be said that the films and movies are the best sources as to bring the appropriate information regarding the culture to the visitors. It approaches the government in making effective changes into infrastructure facilities, transportation, technological facilities which brings them on the equivalent level with the other nations. Moreover, tourism is the main industry which in turn positively impacts over raising the economic condition in a nation. The international tourist brings the new ideas and development criteria which will be helpful and beneficial to the nation as to have better growth and living.

Changing role of tourism in contemporary society

In relation with analyzing the contemporary societies their main source of income is only tourism. Therefore here it can be said that there will be fruitful growth and development and in the operational practices of the people which in turn will be effective and helpful as to balance their economic level. The impacts of films are on global phenomenon on which the people from various nations become able to know more about the nation. It also provokes the development of film-graph in the world. Pixar, Disney and Sony entertainments are the main names which are releasing the movies on the global level. Rise in numbers of travelers in mainly due to the release of a movie which describe the internal cultural environment of a country (SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, 2018). Therefore, these terms approaches higher revenue gains to the local businesses as well as brings the new advance technologies in various nations. There will be development of using the upgraded technologies in studies, medical and engineering sector which brings rise in research and development activities as well as also improves the public wealth. Moreover, these are the basic needs of the nation which is developing.

The impacts of movies over people are that there will be satisfactory rise in visitors to the places like national and historical monuments where the films were shot. It creates curiosity among people in analyzing the past technologies as well as history relevant with such places., the government of the nations tends to make efforts in relation with protecting as well as promoting the historical monuments among the society at large. It brings the rise in the wealth and profitability among the people from contemporary societies as to have appropriate marketing and promotion of their traditional food, dresses and relevant things among society at large (Magoutas, Papadoudis and Sfakianakis, 2018). Therefore, on the other side, it will be beneficial to the government as they will have rise in the science and technologies. Many of the new drugs and vaccination of various medicines will be invented and will support the society as to have cure from such diseases. Similarly, in relation with films and television people travel the most of the places which they have watched in theaters and have the best experiences in watching them. The Scottish government has made various efforts in reaction with securing the national and historical monuments such as castle, jails etc. which were being used in the parts time. The prevention of the historical places will be helpful and attractive to the travelers as they will experience the best tour or trip as well as have the fruitful information relevant with such locations.

Critical reflection on tourism

In relation with the sudden rise in the tourism sector, the economic scale of various nations the film sector and television forecasts play, main role in attracting individuals. Therefore, there have been influences of various factors in improving the tourism sector in a nation. The psychological impacts over the people’s preferences is that they mainly got attracted towards the hill station, beaches and various locations which brings the satisfactory experiences to them. There are various kinds of travelers in the world which has been categories as per their preferences and genre which motivates them (Giampiccoli, Mtapuri and LOCAL, 2017). The allocentric travelers are mainly drifter and explorers they find adventure in searching the new places and love to experience the travel. Basically, these are the travelers which aimed at exploring new places, discovering new locations as well as improving their knowledge and building the better memorable trip. On the other side, midecentric are those travelers which like to go on a trip as the individual mass tourist. They basically visits the places which are the huge popularity and individual travel arrangements and mainly to the well known places. It can be said that these are the people which unusually get attracted to the new places as they wanted to have fruitful experiences of places which does not have any scarcity of resources. They approaches towards visiting te well known or developed places. Similarly, psychocentric are organized mass tourist, they usually seeks for the holiday packages. Thus, they wanted to have a preplanned trip and the packages which cover all their needs such as food, shelters and transpirations. They seeks for the travelling agencies at the location which will covers all the historical places and tourist attractions. Moreover, the growth of travelling sectors will only depends on the number so traveler visits the places as well as the governmental plans and policies for visa and monetary exchanges.

In consideration with the movies and films which plays main role in detailing the history, culture of the particular Diaspora among the internal scale will be beneficial tro the have publicity and promotion of such place. There have variations examples such as The Brave Heart etc. which interest to highlight the Scottish Diaspora. Similarly, there ahs various movies which were shoot and filmed over several locations, counties, cities etc. it will be helpful in promoting the location other than the local media to the large media. Movies on the other hand increase the interest among people as to make trip and explore the location (Van der Sterren, 2017). The historical places and the vintages thing attract curious travelers as to have better knowledge regarding the primitive technologies. It is the best medium in attracting various individual to the locations. It can be said that the places which were being discover by the individuals are mainly as per their interest and curiosity to explore the places as well as analyze the environment variation in such locations.

The incremented economic conditions as well as rise in the living standard of the people of the particular location which will be quite attractive and helpful s to have rise in the economic level as well as generate the new opportunities for the local citizens. It brings the opportunities as to improve the employment opportunities as well as enhances the trade practices among the various nations. Moreover, the impacts of movies, films and television episodes which will be helpful as to communicate the positive and negative facts as well as brings the attention of people to explore new places (Mannakkara and et.al, 2018). Indirectly, it will be helpful in promoting the cultural environment of the location among various other nations. People started travelling and exchanging things just for having better returns over their produced goods and services. China is best known for the technical country and fireworks. Thus, the promotion of fireworks in among the world really helps them as to have r rise in the business sector. On the other hand there are various locations which are better known for their resources and the production which helps in uplifting the main kind. The kung fu, Karate, Marshall art has been promoted among the various nations as per the impacts of films of Jacky Chain and Bruse Lee which creates the curiosity among individual in terms with learning the art.

Moreover, it will be the best medium in terms of promoting the traditional viabilities of locations among various places. For instance, Italy, France, Germany basically known for the best locations as well as best food varieties such as pastas, Pizza spaghettis etc. which attracted people in having such dishes as their meals as well as it brings boom to the trade organizations in such locations. Saudi Arabia is best known for dealing in the petrochemical products which is having their businesses spread over world wide area. Thus, it has the impacts in raising the economy scale of those particular locations. Moreover, it can be said that the films, movies and televisions which will be helpful source as to bring the information relevant with the place among the various location as well as attracting the large numbers of consumers.


On the basis of above study it can be said that the films and television play main role in creating the interest among people and which in turn helpful for rising the tourism level in a particular locations. There have been various movies in the past and current times which explore the cultural and traditional viabilities of the particular location. Moreover, it will be helpful and attractive to the consumer of various locations.

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