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Affect to Long-haul Travel Destinations

University: NEWHAM College London

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  • Level: Diploma
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Question :
  • Locate major long-haul tourist destinations in different continents
  • Outline different types of holidays which motivate UK tourists.
  • Explain how factors affect travel in long-haul destinations
  • Describe features and facilities that help in making travel destination attractive.
  • Plan a multi-centre long haul tour to meet a given UK visitor profile
Answer :
Organization Selected : Long-haul Travel Destinations


The global 'destinations' covers a wide range of man-made and natural places as well as purpose built region which are travelled through tourists. A destination be referred as the entire nation, city, area of a facility created especially to attract natural and tourists attraction (Higham and Cohen, 2011). The report will create an assessment over the different five destinations i.e. United States, India, Teotihuacan, Queensland and Mexico etc. selected on the grounds of historical, purpose-built, natural, city and coastal destinations. This report will evaluate different aspects, factors that affect travelling, facilities and features along with proper travelling plan.

PROJECT 1 P1 Major long-haul tourist destinations in different continents

Travel and tourism sector can be considered as a wide term which employs broad varieties of tourist destinations including man-made places, natural and other places that create curiosity and wanderlust among the traveller to roam more and far. Inbound tourism whereas allow tourists to travel within their countries, there are numerous destinations and tantalising places that a travelling spirit can not resist to wander. Traveller of UK can plan to make a trip to various continents and places which are efficient and more attractive to look for. Here is carried out research over the major destinations which can be wandered by a UK traveller with different purposes briefed as below:

  • Cities: Such destination consist of wide range of destinations for tourist involving different accommodation types, entertainment, attraction and other service of tourist information (Huebner, 2012). These are often well-served through public transportation like coach, air, bus, rail etc. Numerous Asian cities are there such as New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong etc. in different cities. Report have selected Mumbai, India as the city presents forever beaming with life, vigour and vibrancy. It is one of most visited and busiest city along with Bollywood city of India. It is a combination of architecture, cultural heritage, amazing beaches, man-made clubs and mall. Getaway of India, Elephanta caves, Marine Drive, Mumbai markets etc. places to wander.
  • Beaches/Coastal Areas: More popular tourist since Victorian time such as St. Lucia, Jamaica etc. Great Barrier Reef is the chosen destinations for UK tourist as this is the world longest and largest coral reef framework stretching for more than 2300km from the Cape York tip in the south Bundaberg. This is a stupendous coastal area with more than 300 reef and over 900 continental coral cays and continental island etc. considered as world's great natural wonders (Bianchi, Pike and Lings, 2014.). Various tourism activities such as scuba dividing, snorkelling, extended and overnight tours, fishing charter etc. This is generating over than 4.228 billion per annum in Australasia.
  • Purpose-built Destination: Various destinations built by human being for attracting tourist and providing entertainment to travellers. UK tourist can wander at Walt Disney Park & Resort that provide Disney theme parks and resort vacation experience and family oriented leisure. This destination host approximate 140.4million guests each and every year enlisted as one of most visited park overall.
  • Natural Areas: Such destinations has acted as magnet from the victors for venture strains and stresses types. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Africa also popular as the highest African mountain and standing mountain in entire world. The journey to reach and climb to the peak of this place make it more adventures and existing among other places.
  • Cultural and Historical Areas: Sea, sand and sun for more historical, enriching and cultural destination experience, people roam at such places like India, China, South America etc. Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Maxico is one the largest and renown structure is most ancient city of Teotihuacan which origins is still a mystery. 75 meters in height, this is popular as third largest pyramid globally popular for its cultural and historical regions.

P2 Different types of holidays available in long-haul destinations

With the purpose of travel and tourism industry, this is fundamental for UK traveller to consider different tourist aspects including flights, visit time, typical holiday type and other entrainment and attraction motivator etc. that can influence organisation as well. TUI is one of the largest tour operator company which is offering the plan and packages to spend their holidays on the determined locations (Pike and Bianchi, 2016). Here are categorised above mentioned tourist destination i.e. Mumbai City, Great Barrier Reef as beaches/coastal destination, Walt Disney Park & resort as purpose-built destination, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania as natural destination and Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihua can as cultural and historical destination on the grounds of holiday factor which is mentioned as below:

  • Mumbai City - Twin or multi-centre: A multi centre holiday offer more than two destination in the one trip space. Mumbai, though is a large and busiest city of India, but as per the view of traveller as best to choose as two or multi centre holiday as this offer range of place to visit (Swarbrooke and Horner, 2012). People who are motivated by media influence, shopping centres, entertainment and attractions along with curious for history and culture can visit Mumbai as a single centre holiday provided by TUI for 3 day tour.
  • Walt Disney Park & resort - Short Break: Short break can be referred as the holiday between 1- 3 night stay along with paid accommodation which sometime extended to four to seven nights break as well. This is a best family and kid oriented tourist destination which make entire Disney world alive providing open entertainment and fun for night and day. UK traveller can plan for the place as there are exotic 2 days and nights plan offer provided by TUI for travel. The place offer entertainment, fun, attraction, educational and volunteering activities for kids and honeymoon destination enabling visitors more fun and exotic experience.
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