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Popularity of Tourist Destinations

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The aim of unit is related with gaining understanding of UK and other destination across the globe which are affecting the popularity of places.

  • Determine the scope of UK and other tourist destination worldwide.
  • Provide social, cultural and physical feature of tourist destination.
  • Determine how the characteristic of destination affect their appeal to tourist.
  • Critically evaluate the issues which affect popularity of tourist destinations.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Trailfinders


Tourism has developed to a large extent worldwide. It has become an important part in one's lifestyle. The environment consists of many factors that affect tourism and they are economic, social, cultural, etc. This report states about famous tourist destinations that are main source of income generation and their aspects and future trends (Mair, Ritchie and Walters, 2016). Along with many aspects of current leading and developing destinations and characteristics of different places have been included in this report. The various issues affecting popularity and potential for responsible tourism is also discussed. It helps in identifying various strategies of the industry that are used for developing tourism in more enhancing way to gain more profits.

Task 1

1.1 Key visitor destinations and producers of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation:

Tourism which can be divided into two different types of tourism destination are known as domestic tourism and international tourism. In the similar, in UK tourism destination there are income visitors who visit UK form various countries. And the UK tourism destination countries provide many attractive destinations for people. And the main point is the company only present those for customers who are most wanted places for people and their first attractions as well.

There are many destinations in the world that are very famous as tourist destinations. The first place amongst world's top tourism destinations is France. This nation generates large amount of revenue from tourism sector. Every year, it serves millions of people with its hospitality. This also supports a large amount of jobs every year with an indirect support. It has a major tourist attraction in Paris i.e. Eiffel tower which is famous for its unique structure made up of metallic parts and has been given a name as an “Iron lady”.

The next destination is Thailand. This place is also known as Land of Smiles developed to provide comfort and adventure to tourists. It has world-class beaches and mountain villages with diverse attractions. Railay beach in Krabi, delivers white sand beaches, clear blue water, etc. Phi-Phi Island is another tourist attraction in Krabi. There are other places in Thailand which are famous for its uniqueness and beauty. They give a level of peace to tourists and every year there is a high rate of tourist base which help in increased revenue.




Tourist receiver is known as the nation where tourist mostly visit for instance, likes UK then it can be stated as tourist receiver country. On the other side, it can be said that tourist generator is known as country from where tourist comes. For instance, if tourist comes from UK then they can be considered as tourist generator. It can be said that UK is one of the biggest tourist generator country. It is analysed that there are different nations of world which based on total income generate from tourism industry UK as it stands behind the number 6. For instance, USA, Spain, China and Germany. In the UK total generate income arise from tourism industry is $30.4 billion which is lower than compared to other countries. Besides, number of visitors visits UK destination places are 393.2 million to the UK in 2017 (Inbound tourism forecast, 2018). The leisure tourism considering both inbound and domestic tourism was 58.5% of the direct GDP.


It has been analysed that, Nepal is popular for its areas of trekking, wildlife views, lakeside, etc. It generates more number of visitors every year who visits Kathmandu for its sacred and historic places. It contains the most popular areas of Trekking like Everest, Annapurna and Lang Tang Regions. It has a National Park named as Chitwan National Park which is for wildlife viewing and safari. It contains more than 500 species of birds. This park is included in the UNESCO list of World's Cultural Heritage Sites.

The income generators are various inbound tourists who visit across countries as they spend money on buying entry tickets to museum, theme parks, heritage places, etc. This way it can be said that inbound tourist spends money on services they use, resulting in generation of income for economy.

As per the statistics Nepal pumped Rs 177b into Nepal economy. This forecast to rise 6.8 percent to Rs 91 billion in 2017. Number of person visiting Nepal during the first half of 2017 stood at 55, 960. Besides, as per the other data 1.2 million foreigners visiting in 2018.

(Arrivals of Chinese tourists to Nepal up in H1, 2018).


On the basis of analysation America, one of the largest countries of the world has a number of tourist attractions that are famous for its uniqueness. The strip, a long central section of Las Vegas which is lined with large entertainment places with themes for people. Visitors enjoy walking and talking in the place. In addition, it has hotels, dining, venues, etc. Fremont Street is another area in Las Vegas which has unique sites. It looks better in night so preferred time is at night for more entertainment. It gives a large amount of profits and economy to country.

It has been stated that, as per the research this has been suggested and implementing goals that helps to connect the best possible action plan. As per the results America total contribution of tour and tourism industry on GDP was USD503.7bn, 2.7% of total GDP in 2016, which is forecast to rise by 2.5% in 2017. As per the data of 2018 1.15 million number of visitors visits America. On the other hand, it helps to generate high income generation performance goals.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, famous for world's glamorous financial hub and place for luxury shopping

A visit to this place includes sea and architecture, beautiful beaches, fishing, etc. Star ferry is a cruise ride which gives rich experience and facilities to tourists and its aim is to generate more income. Hong Kong tourist industry is highly developed and well furnished. They have 35,420 rooms available in hotels. In 2018, 60 million tourists expected to visit Hong Kong. It generates high income generation goals. As per the UK estimated future trend of UK annual rate of 3.8% in 2025.

1.2 Analysing figures to regulate travel destination inclinations and forecast upcoming trends

In UK very year approx 40% inbound visitors visit for holiday and 30% visitors are visit for business purpose. Moreover, UK is highly popular for destination frequented by tourist coming from various countries. The most trends for the tourist most visited in UK for their culture and many attractive destinations places. Apart from that 1 main upcoming trend is the appearance of Asian and African grounded tourism destination. The major reason to tourist is visit in that destination which is economic development.

The Statistical data of UK Destination has been directing the current trends which are impacting over the destination. The main demand of tourism sector increasing for more leisure facilities. Investing on leisure rather than influencing the services of the travel and tourism sector increases. Long term fore cast can be also helpful to adapted economic destinations like Latin, America, Central and eastern Europe, Asia middle east countries etc. this has been predicted, economic mergers before 2020. Future prediction is considered 43% arrivals in the advancment economic destination and 57% of arrivals in the emerging economic destination by 2030.

In the world tourism industry France is considered as one of the leading destinations. Reason due to which large number of visitors attract are beaches, mountains, historic monuments etc. The trend of tourism in France and UK and would provide future prediction of the trends for tourism in these nations. France is one of the major tourism destinations at present and it is predicted that it will continue attract customers in the future. In addition to this, falling price for Euro is one of the factor in increase of tourism trend.

Tourism is trending in the market and it keeps on changing so it is the duty of the industry to keep the record of the changes to identify the strategies of present trend and to develop the future so that the tourist destinations can grow and develop more.

It can be seen that people nowadays are more interested in travelling and tourism is increasing at a growing rate. UK is the eighth largest tourist destination in the world. After global recession, the tourism industry became more important for the country to grow its economy. It became a part for job creation in UK. It is needed to focus on several trends of travel and tourism sector as various countries are responsible for generating large amount of tourism revenue. There are several other countries which show a decline in tourism in past some years so the decision maker must understand the potential country which can be developed in this sector or is already popular and accordingly decisions can be made on the basis of future trends.

People from different countries are travelling to UK for its cultural and heritage tourism which is very popular tourist destination. UK tourist contributing high amount of profit directly GBP 61.9bn in the GDP. In 2015c it has encountered 36.115, a million visits. Apart from that, it is generated therefore, people prefer going to certain places. Countries like China, Brazil, Hong Kong, Etc. attracts lots of tourists as there are many destinations in these countries that are unexplored and visiting these places is financially affordable for tourists. And because of these tourists are planning the holidays in these countries. Therefore, it is very important to make some strategies for trends of tourism that consider the requirement of tourists and increase the level of economy. This also helps to connect the best possible action plan.

Task 2

2.1 Analysing the different features of tourist destinations of UK and Cuba that appeal tourists

Selected destination was UK and Cuba on which analysis of social, cultural and physical features will be done in order to understand appeal made by all these factors for tourist who visit London. At present UK holds the title as large number of visitor attraction in UK. There are many attractive places due to which domestic and international both type of visitors visit.

The destination of tourism contains of various aspects that are attracted to tourists and by which tourists visit the places:

Social- The tourist industry is major contribute to bring social equality in UK. The industry supported more than 3.5 million jobs or work for that counties increase this annual rate. For that we can y tourism industry in UK many homes are running an it provides then with their livelihood and brining stability to overall society.

Social benefit of tourism cannot be ignoring because tourism in UK is important from the social perspective too. There are many social factors has appeal to the tourism who are visiting a specific destination. For instance, religious is one of the social factors which lead to grab attention of large number of customers in India.

Social features are the ones that are related to society that includes the community, the space, environment and all things that are in surroundings and affect an individual. Society contains humans who share beliefs, values, morals, ethics, religion, etc. They have information about each other. Socialization plays an important role in one's life and one can't survive without this aspect. So when a group of people come for a holiday on a certain destination, they check whether the place they are visiting is social or not, whether this place will be friendly for them or not. All these requirements are considered by the tourists and their travel agents.


The most effects on tourism industry is their culture and its changes according to people changes like religion, country people test and place improvement. There are many historical monuments, museums in CUBA and UK which are famous from since long time and it leads to grab attention of customers.

Tourism, domestic or international is famous mostly for culture of various destinations. People are more willing to explore places with more cultural and heritage means in their own country. People from outside the country visit UK, which creates cross- cultural interaction between people and leads to diversifying cultures which increases value of culture of country over the world. This is very helpful in making a place famous for tourists and increasing economy and tourists in the country. A traveller explores countries for their experience in new culture is a new way introduced in travelling. People travelling for a purpose. Cultural tourism includes galleries, arts, rituals, festivals, heritage, language, tradition, music, customs, etc. Culture inherited by people from their forefathers is behaviour, knowledge and values. Culture is the lifestyle of people, the way they interact with each other. The taste of food and many other things that is different from other cultures. All countries have different and unique cultures which are followed by the local people of those countries. Tourist’s visits these places to explore cultures and experience different festivals and rituals performed in these places.


In these factors mainly based with various type of geographic we well a tourist resource. Like separation of UK in four to five crucial areas which are prevalent for its travel activities. For instance Mountains and beaches are considered as centre of attraction for tourist due to which mostly people visit Cuba. These are the aspect that is related to the beauty of a place that are selected by the tourists for holiday. The physical feature of a destination is its locality, beauty, view, its quality of being famous. The place that gives relaxation as well as to the tourists is more likely to be chosen for holiday. This feature includes weather, scenery, culture, etc. The beauty of nature is liked by various tourists so its physical appearance must be attractive so that it gets a place in famous tourist destinations. Various beautiful places are unexplored in many countries and such places must be developed to increase a country's economy. A physical feature that makes the destination appealing are The beauty of beaches, historic statues, mountains, rivers, man-made things, nature, etc.

The tourist places that is UK and Cuba when going for a holiday finds these places attractive which has social, cultural and physical features in the destination. Nowadays people are very clear about their understanding and requirements when it comes to holidays. Both the destination required to make the proper and challenging making goals, many of the tourists has come to visit both places. Cuba is the place which have dramatic mountains landscapes, wild and unspoilt valleys, weeping vistas of sugar cane, tobacco, plantations glowing emerald green against the vermilion earth of the fields. All these features appeal travellers to visit places in Cuba.

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2.2 Comparative structures of emerging and important tourist destinations

As link with other countries such India, Thailand and Brazil, there is lot of beach another attractive destination which is attracted most to visitors. But UK ha major advantages to other countries, have government support to organize events and other development of infrastructure. The U government support to developed tourism and coming of visit in countries.

There are many main landscapes that be effortlessly compared between a developing country and leading tourist destination such as branding, infrastructure, etc. While comparing two in term of infrastructure elements such as roads, airline construction industry etc. As compared to in term of branding UKis been promoted by government and different stakeholders. The tourism industry concentrates on those destinations for holidays that give more profits to the industry, enhance their tourist base and increase popularity of a company. The aim is to focus on expanding business and creating opportunities by reducing uncertainty. Any destination that provides infrastructure, facilities, sophistication is said to be developed. This is the main factor that is considered by the government in selecting destination for tourism. There are many factors that affect the development of a certain destination. The selection of destination also includes capacity of the market, resources and rich culture. The destinations are selected on the basis of these basic factors:





It is the destination which provides new experience to people coming over and helps in enhancing the economy.

It provides beauty of nature to the tourist coming.


Travel and tourism industry contributes 10% to the economy.

It contributes 4.3% to the country's economy (Tonge, Ryan and Beckley, 2015).

Destination purpose

Tourists visit UKfor entertainment and its infrastructure (Jiao, Lian and Li, 2018).

People visit here for its heritage places, natural resources, etc.


Its food is expensive and hygienic.

It is famous for its seafood which is not costly but is hygienic.


Effective transportation facility and easily available

Does not have good facility of transportation so people face issues


It is the 8th leading country for tourism (Jiao, Lian and Li, 2018).

It is still developing.


Almost more than 34 million tourists visit every year (Jiao, S., Lian and Li, 2018).

Approx. 4 million people visit this country annually.

There are many countries which are at developing stages and are some less than the leading countries. Therefore, the countries need to develop their tourist destinations by making the places suitable for holiday. The infrastructure should be well developed so that when tourist visits the place, it must have proper facilities for tourists. The various factors that attract tourists for choosing a certain destination are transportation facility services, eating facility, drinking water facility, hygienic place, etc. Therefore; a destination to be chosen in tourist places must contain all these factors to be attractive.

Various countries are famous for some specific features Like e.g. A place country which is famous for its beaches must develop some new destinations in some place with a new feature so that tourists finds other ways of attractions in a single place and that can develop the economy of the country and will also enhance profit margin for the tour operators. It will increase tourist for specific destination. The tourism industry of a country must conduct research in the market related to famous destinations as to know what is famous in this destination and what is liked by the tourists. A destination is fully developed only government approve it to be a tourist place. A plan needs to be made and implemented for making a place attractive and appealing and then only it can be in the list of tourist destination. This will lead to country's economic growth, profit margin and popularity for company and tourist base.

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