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Concept of Sustainable Development - Qatar Tourism Authority

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Question :

With the help of this report Sustainable Tourism Development is ensured by analysing the environmental impact on the industry through various task such as:

  • By planning for the travel and tourism industry
  • By understanding different approaches for tourism planning and development
  • By understanding need for planning for sustainable tourism
  • By considering various current issues related to tourism development planning
  • By understanding socio-cultural, environmental and economic impacts of tourism
Answer :
Organization Selected : PKF Group


Sustainable development of tourism is analysed as important aspects which takes full accounts of its present and future economic, social and environmental influenced, fulfilment of visitors requirements, industry, environment and host countries. Its guidelines and management practices usually apply to all the forms of tourism within all kinds of destination involving mass tourism and various niche tourism segment (Lee, 2013). Present is based on analysis of Qatar which is identified as development country focusing on growth of tourism development. In recent year, tourism sector in Qatar has achieved major growth because it hosts around 80 sports events and 150 business conferences annual. Regarding this, Qatar tourism authority has also launched a national tourism strategy which is analysed as catalyst for the sustainable development through the year 2030

In this report, various stakeholder which gets from tourism development planning are discussed along with merits and demerits of private/ public sector tourism. Further, various characteristics for planning of tourism development at different level are also analysed in context Qatar. Importance of interactive planning systems and processes are also determined along with different methods available to measure the tourism influence in respect of chosen country. In addition, the introduction to the concept of sustainable development is justified and analysis of factors which hinder sustainable tourism development. Different stages in planning with sustainability and methods of resolving conflicts are evaluated in this report.


2.1 Features of tourism development planning at different levels in context of Qatar.

Planning for development of tourism sector is termed as development activities for the future in order to achieve some specific and sustainable objective of business within Qatar. However, this effective planning for Qatar tourism has provided support in accomplishment of various objectives related to tourism (Briassoulis and Van Der Straaten, 2013). One of the important goal of planning is to enhance the satisfaction of visitors, environment, global, social and economic development of country. Effective utilization of natural resource, involvement of local community in this sector are also important objectives. Development of tourism at different level in Qatar involves some important characteristics which are mentioned above:

International: At this level, tourism planning will focus upon the development of activities for Olympic and FIFA world cup in Qatar. It also lays it emphasis upon development of new transportation service in country. At this, planning will focus upon the transportation services and accommodation service which tends to raise the promotion enterprise. Further,

Environmental: There are various business operations that needs to be taken in to consideration sustaining an effective environment in country to raise the business operations (Reihanian and et.al., 2012). In this context, environment also lays an important role in attracting tourists from different countries. Public and private business enterprise also provide emphasize environment towards development of sustainable tourism.

National: At this, planning for tourism industry will also concentrate on development of tourism policies and physical structure of country. It will also tend to create plans for the important routes of country and region. Moreover, laws related to governance of tour operations are development at national level. Government will tend to analyse the structure of tourism and regulations along with investment policies for the Qatar which is also considered as planning at national level.

Regional : At this level, the planning for tourism sector will also involve development of regional strategies, policies, network of internal transportation, various kinds of attractive tourist destinations and place, education and various effective marketing strategies.

Sub regional level: Elements of planning for tourism at this level concentrates on the conditions of local or sub regions of Qatar (Bunakov and eta.l., 2015). In addition, it will also emphasize on various new amenities, attractions, general locations and accommodation and other effective service's etc.

2.2 Significance of interactive planning systems and processes in tourism


Interactive systems of planning has been analysed as framework that will also tends to promote the adequate participation within the design of estimated or expected future and creation in specific industry. In accordance with this, utilization of these systems will enable government to achieve the vision of sustainable tourism development. It is also considered as effective as it brings collaboration , cooperation and involvement that will assist to achieve the objectives effectively. As per given scenario, government of Qatar provides is major focus on development of effective infrastructure in order to increase the opportunities of employment along with source of revenue generation. Moreover, rise in social cost and losses of healthy environment will also be considered along with the development of tourism in country. At this stage, interest planning system and effective processes will also be effectively implemented after undertaking an evaluation.

There are various essential business approaches which can be utilized behind development of tourism within industry such as:

Boosterism: This effective approach involves stimulation of sustainable tourism within an intent of raising the economic advantages of country. Moreover, this business approach will also concentrate on effective operations sustainable development in country. However, it will only consider financial achievement or growth of business economy through the effective tourism development (Amir and et.al., 2015). In addition, these functions will tend to increase when Qatar tourism authority and government will consider that only financial growth in not enough for sustainable development of travel and tourism.

Conventional approach: This is also analysed as important planning approach which is also concentrated on development of tourism within country with an aim to increase number of international visitors in country. In this, continuous amendments in values and rise in tourists will also be measured by QTA in order to get important information and should be forwarded to national level.

Interactive approach: This is an effective approach which implies to communication of various important information between public and local tourism authorities at regional level for creation of necessary plans to make improvements. This approach will also help in developing and increasing relationship important stakeholder which clearly provide chances of analysing the overall concepts and objective of tourism in appropriate manner.

Supply led: It implies to development of those tourist's destination which tends to attract more number of tourists in Qatar (Waligo, Clarke and Hawkins, 2013). As per the case, Qatar is developing country which is hosting 80 sports events annually and almost 150 business conferences. These events attract visitor from different countries, therefore, it is essential for government to involve in partnerships which attracts more and more tourism.

Market leader: Significant approach which is effectively utilized for increment and growth of tourism in country. In this context, Qatar will also concentrate on improvement of tourist destinations and formulation of effective strategies of marketing which tends to attracts more international visitors in country.

2.3 different methods available to measure tourist impact with reference to Qatar

Various business models are there which helps in measurement of influence of tourism on different aspects of Qatar. These economic business influence will tend to raise the performance of tourism sector in country. These effective methods will also include assessment of effective methods which are mentioned above:

Economic impact model: industry related tool that helps in measurement of tourism influence on Qatar. This will also emphasize on the economic influence of the tourism on developing country. Findings of research have also stated that it is a spreadsheet model which provide support in development of an appropriate estimation from existing national and local information of effective level of tourism in Qatar (Graci, 2013). This model is used to analyse amount of expenditure which is incurred by tourists in a particular time duration. Model will tend to determine that increase in expenditure of tourist will also provide influence various other merchants and companies along with changes in company turnover and employment. In present case, this model is used by local authorities to identified total expenditure of tourists, revenue generated by local communities and number of employment which are benefited by their arrival.

Environment impact studies: Various scholar have carried out important research in order to analyse the influence of development of tourism in Qatar. This model is used to analyse the influence of tourism development on country (Gibson, Kaplanidou and Kang, 2012). There are various policies have been made by organization. Development of sustainable tourism in country will tend to raise the importance of environment because tourists provide more focus on environment while planning for tour. This model will also give knowledge about the methods which are used by local authorities in country for resolving or removing environmental influence on tourism.

Social impact analysis: In addition. Social impact have provided analysis of various important decision that needs to developed by QTA. In this, tourism sector promotes culture of country, religion and various important rules in order to reduce the impact of tourism.


4.1 Methods of resolving a conflict of interests

There are various important issues which occurs between ongoing process of tourism development. Tourism industry have major involvement of different stakeholders which have different objectives. According to case scenario, Authorities of Qatar provide emphasis on development and improvement of tourism sector. In this context, there are various important methods have been analysed which can be used to avoid or resolve conflicts of interests.

Negotiation: It is identified as important method which is used to resolve issue that arise between stakeholder in country. Communication is required to conduct an effective method for resolution of issues. Moreover, parties have been involved in negotiation process which is required to come with a fair deal that tends to

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