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Hospitality and Tourism Strategies

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Strategies

Hospitality and tourism sector is a broad framework within the service industry that includes lodging, theme parks, event planning, transportation, cruise line and additional fields within the tourism sector. Park Inn hotel is one of the mid-market hospitality brands in UK. This hotel is famous for its friendly hospitality service. This report states; marketing strategies of company, customer loyalty strategies, marketing communication activities and the strategies that develop brand, e-marketing, viral and guerrilla marketing activities to the company. With that role and effectiveness of the hotel in relation to public are also mentioned. Each business within the company is likely to have its own mission, from which appropriate competitive strategies will be derived.  Company is focusing on all the strategies that can develop and expand its space in the market of hospitality and tourism.


1.1 Marketing Strategies in Hospitality and Tourism Sector

Marketing strategies is the process of segmentation, targeting and positioning choices at different business level. The main concept of marketing strategies is to involve the task of identifying and choosing the target segment where actual or potential customers are living and desired to purchase the product. Marketing strategies are based on principles of marketing concept, like satisfying need and wants of the customer (Shoemaker, 2007). Park Inn hotel while creating marketing strategies they have to emphasize on the managing the resources of the company in order to fulfill their goals and objectives. Marketing strategies focus on fulfilling the needs and wants of the customers, in order to capture the marketplace.

Park Inn hotel as one of the large hotel, create their marketing strategies on large level and generally it is carried out by the owner of the company. The owner of the company is responsible for all the marketing strategies that are followed by the company. It is also the function of operational department to create and plan accordingly (Woodside, Crotts and Harrill, 2007). During planning the marketing strategies, one have to do scanning of internal as well as external market environment (McCabe, 2010). Internal environment involves strategies that work internally and which is not affected by the external market conditions. Some of the strategies are as follows:

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Marketing Mix Strategies: Marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing process by the marketers. Marketing mix is associated with determining a product and the brand's offer. It is associated with four P's of marketing that is price, product, promotion and place. It was further expanded to Seven P's that is process, physical evidence, and people (Okumus, 2010). These are the major factor on which company has to focus but it is not the only factor where the hotel has to focus on. It is because the condition of market changes every day as according to customer's choice. The method which is used for promotion should depend on customer's liking. If it differs, it may cause negative impact on the function of the hotel.

Performance Analyses Strategies: Performance analyses determine the action of every marketer of the hotel (Nickson, 2007). Park Inn determines the action of every marketer which was provided for gaining competencies over rival hotels under hospitality and tourism industry. The performance analyses are beneficial only when the competitor have followed the same strategies that our company had followed or else it will be useless. If the methods are not similar to rival company then output will differ from it.

When considering the external environment, it is easily influenced by the competitive business situations as because they are having monopoly in the market, the company is facing huge competition in the market (Cram101 Textbook Reviews., 2012). Hotel Park Inn, are also affected by the some external environment factors that are as follows:

Cultural and Political Analyses: These are the factors that directly affect marketing strategies of a company or a hotel. These conditions are not in control of the firm and here they have to follow some rules and regulations that are instructed by the government. These factors when influence hotel Park Inn, they even cannot oppose them as they are the government of the country (Okumus, Altinay and Chathoth, 2010).

Customer and Competitive analyses: When a company forms or originates the first thing they have to analyze is there customer and competitors. Customers provide revenue to the company and the hotel has to analyze all the factors related to the customers what is their liking and what changes the company has to make. These analyses should be considered first while making external strategies for the firm. As the competitors simultaneously keep an eye over the strategies so that they can capture the greater market share (Mok, 2013).

1.2 Role of network and customer relationship marketing strategies

Networking refers to the process of building relationship of the firm with their customers so as to make their business strong (Okumus, 2010). Network marketing strategies is very useful under the business of hospitality and tourism as it is the part of the building relationship with their clients as well as other firms. With this strategy, Hotel Park Inn will able to grow their business in the country and increase popularity among people. As the number of services of the firm will increase, hotel will be able to generate more space in the tourism market which will give large competition to the other firms.

To create networking and customer relationship Company can organize different events for other organization under the premises of hotel Park Inn; this will provide opportunity to the firm to increase its popularity among different people. The goal of relationship marketing is to create a strong connection with their customers to a brand that can lead to ongoing business. It focuses on increasing sales of the firm and promoting their brands to earn future revenue. Hotel can create the targeted market segment where all the different classes of people are included. With that hotel can provide special offers to public where they can offer discount on special products like room rent etc. for regular customers they can generate extra discount on food items and leisure facilities (Jauhari, 2009). It is very effective practice to attract there customers and take benefit on that. Different packages can be given to the employees of the hotels so as to provide benefit to them as they can become the client of the hotel.

Customer relationship marketing strategies plays an important role in the firm. It is regarded as the relationship between with an individual person who can avail the services of hotel Park Inn. It is a method of interaction and communication with their clients and knowing about their needs and wants, so that hotel can improve their services and can make it more effective (Knowles, 2004). This enables them to work with efficiency so that customers could not face any sort of problems in a hotel. When the clients are satisfied by the services of the firm the perform mouth to mouth promotion, where they promote about their hotel. Most of the people are generally get influenced by the by this type of promotional method. Customers often make choices between parity products and the services based on perceived customer experience. People often think what they heard from others. So as to increase the popularity among the customers and the other firms the company has to make best of the communication with their clients. Create a positive word of mouth and increase productivity.

Promotion of hotel can be done with the help of social media where users can find the details or related information about the company (Baum, 2008). They can easily access the sites for the information which they want to find out. It creates two way communications between customers and business. Different promotional techniques can be applied by the firm to influence their customers and get the best result out of it. Providing customer rewards on winning any type game played in the hotel. Providing benefits on the gaming zone of the hotel, where different games are played by the customers of the hotels for their enjoyment. When organizing events in the hotel large number of crowd will be gathered at a single place (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully, 2013).  For better environment of the company and for increasing reputation, employees behavior and decent interaction with the clients is needed. With providing better services to clients, the demand for the hotel will be increase and with increase in demand the efficiency and productivity of the firm will go further. It makes them feel reputed and the image of the hotel will enhance.

1.3 Recommend marketing and customer loyalty strategies for Hospitality and Tourism Organization

Park inn is a one of the leading hospitality brand in UK. The hotels main focus is on colorful and attractive environment to their customers with that serves delicious continent and local food. Strategy can be defined as the major determinant of business. Marketing strategies of the hotel must be based on the principles of marketing strategies concept, which satisfy needs and wants of the customers (Harrington, 2014). For attracting and retaining the customers, organization can develop customer loyalty programs. Customer have more choice for the concerning to various types of accommodation and services, therefore the hotel can create powerful brand so as to differentiate it from the competitors and that is easily recognizable and distinct from other competitors.

Hotels can provide various special offers and customer loyalty programs. Park Inn, can arrange business meetings or conferences in one separate side of the hotel so that the delegates are not disturbed by the tourists. Hotel can provide business customers with LCD-projectors, whiteboard, stationary, Internet access in one meeting, as well as can serve lunch, dinner, mineral water or coffee during meeting hours.

Park Inn can provide special offers for women. The first lady rooms where they can provide beauty products, make mirror, iron board, special magazines etc. they can offer services such as both outdoor and indoor swimming pool, solarium, sauna and other relaxation facilities.   Hotel can guarantee the reliable internet connection or Wi-Fi facility to their customers. For fun; hotel can provide gaming zones where tourist can relax and play games. Computers for those who don't have personnel laptops, along with that a printing machine can be facilitated in the hall of the hotels. For customers of the hotel free parking facility can be provided (Bissell And Dolan, 2012).

Park Inn can scale its hotel brand by offering best hospitality service to leisure and business travelers. Park Inn can promote their hotel brand on social media sites with describing all the facilities with best continent and local food available in the hotel. Every hotel must consist security, service quality, reputation, staff behavior, price, location, the presence of alternatives, advertising, word of mouth communication, appearance of facilities are the major attributes a customer find for and major consideration are given to these facilities by the customers (Barron, 2014).

Email marketing can be used as a means of communicating commercial or a fund raising messages for the mass people. It is one of the effective and popular media for marketing. By email marketing, Park Inn can target its online marketing efforts to the specific audience of individuals for the particular products or services. It allows keeping in contact with current customers which encourages customer loyalty and generates opportunity of acquiring new clients.

Viral marketing can be used as marketing techniques to increase its brand awareness among people (Chen, 2008). It helps organization in gaining short term objectives, which enables the organization to light within the competitive business world. It is the faster mode of reaching to the customers.


2.1 Use of marketing communication

Marketing communication is the latest form of the communication where a firm convey messages of the firm to their clients and the other public in the market. Brand communication is done with the help of media which includes E-mails, Fax, print media in the form of newspaper and brochures and internet (Jauhari, 2009). All this media is helpful in promoting the hotel brand in creating awareness of the business among people. These strategies promote the hotel and make the brand effective. Different media forms can be applied to identify brand strategies which a hotel can perform. That are as follows:

Internet - Internet is the best media for marketing communication where huge number of population is covered. With the help of internet a company can advertise their brand in an attractive manner, so as to influence the large number of people towards the hotel. Internet has the capability to attract large number of people in few seconds with interest to the firm. The advertisement made on internet gives popularity to the brand (Barron, Leask and Fyall, 2014).

E-mails – E-mail marketing is the direct marketing where a commercial message is send to a group of people (Clarke, 2009). Every email is sent to potential or current customer so as to enhance the relationship of a merchant with its clients. Hotel Park Inn can use email marketing facility to grow their resources in every part of the market and update regularly with the latest plan and offers for the client. It maintains the interest of the people towards the latest plan and offers.

Newsletters – It is also a good form of communication where people are given seasonal offers which are suitable to them. It is a form of advertising individually to the customers and providing discount offers to selected clients. This method is done to retain the customers for a longer period of time and make them feel satisfied with the services provided to them (Clarke and Chen, 2009).

Print Media – It is one of the traditional approaches of marketing communication, but then also it is so effective. It is the best form of communication to spread awareness of the firm in front of public (Negi, 2009). It includes pamphlets, articles, newspaper and brochure which are distributed among people to create awareness about their brand. Print media is the only source through which a firm cans aware public at each and every place of a country.

These are some of the best medium through which a company can promote its brand identity strategies which every company should consider. Creating brand strategies is very important process as it requires immense promotion and awareness of the brand among people.  But to obtain sustainability in the market company have to follow this scenario. To increase effectiveness of the hotel, company has to make a deep research of the market environment. There are some of the steps through which hotel can develop brand strategy are as follows:

Defining the Brand – It is very important for hotel to define brand with the help of services provided by them. Brand can be defined to their customers by providing best services in the hotel (Buhalis, 2013). It can be defined with the help of advertisement, where company will advertise his brand in front of the public through different media.

Creating target market – After creating the brand, company can make proper target market which will help the hotel to achieve the targeted audience where image of the firm can be created.

Market Analyses – When creating a new brand company have to analyze the market where they could analyze the competition in the market and customer demand. Market analysis and research have been done to determine the best place in the market (Walker, 2004).

From the above strategies which a company performs will create a brand name in the market and this will increase profitability. With the help of these techniques hotel park inn can observe fast result in their business. The different promotional techniques which are used by the hotel are the modern approach which has the capability to create brand identity in the market. All these factors if developed properly the hotel will generate the best outcome from others.

2.2 Assessing the effectiveness of E-marketing, viral and guerrilla marketing strategies

E-marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as the means of communicating with the audience (Bissell, 2012). It is one of the popular media of advertising where relevant information is provided to the customers by the firm. With increase in use of internet by the public, e-marketing has become one of the popular and useful means of marketing. By using email as the marketing media, hotel can target its online marketing efforts to a specific or potential audience for a particular service or product. E marketing allows keep in contact with the current customers which encourages customer loyalty for the hotel and generates opportunity of acquiring new clients. By adopting Email marketing, hotel Park Inn can generates various benefits which are as follows:

  • Email marketing covers the vast area of population where company can promote its services at large (Murray, 2006). This will cover the large area of market and can capture wide area of market for their business.
  • It is the cheapest form through which company can promote its services in the market. It reduces cost in terms of manufacturing marketing elements and advertisement cost.
  • Latest information related to the services is easily updated by the company.
  • This means of communication is capable to get immediate response and feedback from the clients so that they can improve their services as regarded to feedback provided by the customer.

Another type of marketing strategies includes viral marketing. It is also a great form of marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to increase its brand awareness among people and achieving marketing objectives through replicating viral processes. Viral marketing helps hospitality and tourism industry to gain short term objectives of the firm (Robbins, 2001). It enables business propositions to reach to a global market by putting effective internet connectivity. Considering viral marketing strategies for hotel Park Inn they observe some of the advantages:

  • It is helpful in achieving short term goals of the firm. The goals which are created for short period with limited target could be taken into consideration for fulfilling the objectives.
  • The advantage of wide area of connectivity of internet, viral marketing is effective in reaching out to the global audience in market.
  • It is also effective in altering the marketing methods, as new and modern techniques of promotion will lead to growth of hotel Park Inn.

Another form of marketing that can be used by the business entity is guerrilla marketing. This type of marketing helps small business enterprises as traditional advertising are complicated and expensive to the point of marketing. It is the cheapest way of marketing which involves networking with the customers and other businesses. It is the form of creating network with the existing clients and also creating relation with business organization which will help the hotel in making long term business relation (Cole, 2000). There are various benefits of guerrilla marketing strategies which are presented as follows:

  • Organization become committed to the designed marketing plan as it is made for the short period of time and in this period company have to produce the big result.
  • The firm consider plan as investment so as to achieve fast goal.
  • In this technique the management of hotel Park Inn make an objective to work according to the needs of the customers.
  • The marketing plan made by the management should be flexible not rigid, so that it could be practiced anytime as per the requirement of the hotel.
  • With reference to marketing methods, management are always involved in with their customers. This makes customer feel important and they avails the services of hotel again in future.  
  • Hotel can put the element of amazement in the marketing, that will amaze their customers about the services provide by them.
  • Hotel Park Inn can use measurement technique in order to judge the effectiveness of the marketing.

2.3 Recommend marketing communication strategies for Hospitality and Tourism Organization

Park Inn can establish different marketing and communication strategies for the growth of the organization.

Advertising- Advertising is the form of communication that formed to promote the sale of the product or services which influence customer’s opinion and gain political support (Woodside, 2007). As such advertising is a form of marketing mix, where any organization convince there buyers to buy the products or services to earn profits to the sponsors. Advertising covers wide range of people and also it is informative and persuasive in nature. Advertising is sometimes rigid and unbelievable.

Public relation- Public relation is the designed and continuous effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and the public (Alonso, 2010). Building relation with various public by obtaining publicity with corporate image and by heading off unfavorable rumors and stories is the component of public relation marketing mix. Hence, public relation is an art of maintaining good relation with the public consisting of: customers, press, local community, employees, suppliers, stockholders, government and so on. Also it is low cost to advertisement. Public relation techniques are difficult to measure. Sometimes selection of appropriate media creates problems.

Personal Selling- It is the form of communication where selling of the product is done via facing the customers. Here seller promotes their hotel through his specialist knowledge about the product or services which are provide by the hotel. They provide all the information related to the product. Personal selling draws higher range of customer attention and creates best customer relationship. It is a labor intensive communication method which causes time and money.

Sales Promotion- Sales promotion is a short term technique which is used by most of the organization. Park Inn can use this technique to promote its hotel to business customers, and normal customers. Consumer promotion can be done by enhancing customer brand involvement. Sales promotion is short term in nature and customer switching to different hotels may be high.

Direct Marketing- It means connecting directly with targeted customers. Direct marketing is extensive in nature which makes use of direct mail, telemarketing, viral marketing through internet and other new approaches (Malhotra, 2009). The major advantage that an organization can get from this is flexibility targeting of customer to different geographical area. But one of the consequences it faces is that people regarded as junk mail.

Structure of Marketing Communication Plan- Many organization fails to integrate the communication channels on daily basis. The message which is delivered by the different channels that is, advertising may be differ from personnel selling as these are executed in different departments. Therefore, to integrate different tools, communication must be clear, consistent, and the adequate message to be provided for integrating best marketing communication plan.

 Therefore, the hotel must be ensuring about the communication channels which they are obtaining for advertising. Communicating is the best media through which organization can increase its goodwill in the market of hospitality and tourism. Different marketing communication channel can be used by the organization to promote its hotel and earn profit.


From this report we can conclude that in hospitality and tourism sector, environment changes quickly. This sector is one of the dynamic sectors in the market where huge competition is faced by the company and which influence directly to the hotel Park inn. Firms that are operating in this sector they have to adopt different marketing and customer loyalty strategies to enhance its business in the market. Strategies including social media, email marketing, internet access, loyalty cards etc. can help the firm in promoting its business worldwide. The hotels are needed to maintain their customer relationship and effective marketing. Deep understanding the desires of their customers help hotels to keep their customer loyal to their brand. To increase brand identity Park Inn have to follow a set of rules and regulations maintained by the government. By adopting different marketing channels company can increase its brand identity when compared to others. Communicating and spreading information among the customers will maintain the presence of the hotel Park inn in hospitality and tourism industries.


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