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Contemporary Issues Facing Travel And Tourism Sector in Brazil - TUI

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Question :

There are following questions which full fill the requirement of the given project.

  • Describe the current issues in travel and tourism sector.
  • Analyse the current trend in travel and tourism sector.
  • Analyse how the travel and tourism sector responds to change.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TUI


The travel and tourism sector provides various products and services to the customers which include activities of leisure and recreation. The tourism industry includes travel to destination places in order to provide customers with relaxation. There are various issues which are faced by travel and tourism are known as contemporary issues that affect the travel and tourism business. TUI will be included in this study to perform its various task. It provides various services relating to travel and tourism, accommodation services etc.

This assignment will include Brazil as a tourist destination place to analyze various issues faced by travel and tourism in Brazil. Furthermore, it will include current issues which are affecting the travel and tourism sector. Moreover, this study will provide emerging trends in the travel and tourism sector. This assignment will also include the response of TUI to the emerging trend in the tourism sector.


Current issues driving changes in travel and tourism sector

There are various issues which have affected the business of travel and tourism sector. There are various tourist destinations in Brazil which include Rio de janerio, Salvador, Iguacu national park etc. Tourism is facing lot of problems which include lack of proper infrastructure, service level, rising cost of fuel and taxation etc (Wachowiak, 2016). are the main problem which affect the tourism sector to the great extent . Lack of proper infrastructure facility include improper accommodation facility and various other problems relating to infrastructure include place of transport, airlines infrastructure etc. affect the travel industry due to which its customer base is reducing .

Customers are attracted when the organization is providing them high quality facilities and services. Service providers provide Tourists with better experience relating to their trip.(Smith, 2015) . service providers are the people that include tourist guide, taxi operators etc. which provide guidance to the tourist and thus their performance affect the tourism industry(Sönmez and Sönmez, 2017). With the increase in fuel cost the price of the tour package also increases which affect the tourism business as this change affect their customers and also the profitability of travel and tourism industry.

There are also various issues which have driven changes in travel and tourism sector that includes technology advancement, increased environmental awareness and increased security(Luh Sin, Oakes and Mostafanezhad, 2015). Technology advancement is one of the major issue faced by travel and tourism sector. Technology advancement include changes in method of providing services by use of various technology. For example increased use of internet for booking travel package etc. If the organisation is not adopting the latest technology for performing its various activities that the firm have to face the negative impact of the issue and if the organisation adopt the latest technology then firm is able to gain competitive advantage.

Nowadays, there has been an increased awareness among tourists regarding environmental protection to protect the nature from harmful effects and also it is required to dumb the wastage properly in order to reduce diseases. Due to this organisation is affected it is not following the rules and regulation regarding environmental awareness. Increase security is also gaining popularity with the increase in level of tourism. Security improvement is required to provide tourist with safe journey(Luh Sin, Oakes and Mostafanezhad, 2015). Brazil is the safe place for travel but there are chances of Terrorism in that place so it is recommended to avoid empty and dark street . Brazil is gaining its market in travel and tourism industry as there are various places to visit for travel and have great experiences.

Globalisation : It is process through which organisation is involved in performing various operation at an international level to increase its brand image and profitability by attracting customers from various countries. It means to interact with different people belonging to different countries. Globalisation is increased due to advancement in transportation and communication technology. It helps in integrating the activities between different countries to increase trade between countries. Globalisation is also increasing due to increase in the investment from different countries in the various companies to generate higher return.

The issues faced by travel and tourism industry of Brazil

Brazil is famous for its various attractive places which include Amazon rain forest. This place is also famous for as it include Christ redeemer statue which is located at Rio de janeiro is the 7 wonder of the world. Brazil faces issues which affect its tourism attraction that include increase terrorism in that place due to which tourists are also affected(Hannam, Butler and Paris, 2014). The most affected place in brazil with crime is Favela which is located in Rio De janeiro. This place have most of the crime which include mugging, robbing, kidnapping and gang violence. Another problem faced by Brazil tourism is relating to environmental awareness which has affected the tourism industry to a great extent. To identify the issue organisation must do proper research and make policies regarding environmental awareness.

 The third issue faced by brazil travel and tourism industry is related to high tax rate imposed by government on the travel and tourism sector which has affected the profitability of travel and tourism sector(Cohen And et.al., 2014). Travel and tourism sector in order to reduce the problem affecting their business must utilize the resources properly to reduce wastage and also improve the security to reduce the violence and crime to attract more tourist to the place.

 Globalisation has its impact on Brazil due to which its has increased its sources of revenue . With globalisation , the trade regulation between the countries are reduced which has assisted Brazil in free trade with different countries. Globalisation have reduced the restriction on trade between countries which has assisted Brazil in attracting more foreign investment to the country which has help in the economic growth of country.

Low cost airline have its impact on Brazil as it will increase the profit margin of Low cost airline by offering the travel package at low prices due to which Brazil travel companies have to control its cost to increase its customers base otherwise the demands for the travel and tourism company operating in Brazil will have low profit margins.

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 Emerging trend that are influencing change in travel and tourism sector

There is a increase in number of tourist due to gaining popularity of tourism in the industry(Hall and Gössling, 2016). The tourism trend is changing day by day because of the changing demands of the tourists. There are different types of tourism which include :

  • Inbound tourism : This type of tourism is related to travelling to places within the demographic boundaries. Brazil have various attractive places which have led to increase in inbound tourism.
  • Outbound tourism : Outbound travelling refers to tourism in which people visit different destinations which are outside the demographic boundaries.
  • Cultural tourism : this tourism take place when the people visit particular place to know about culture and history of that place.
  • Nature tourism : when visitors travel to a destination of wildlife and nature.
  • Dark tourism : this type of tourism involves travelling to the places related with death and sufferings.
  • Medical Tourism : it refers to going to a place for the medical treatment. It is associated with travelling to another country to receive medial, dental or surgical care etc.
  • Niche tourism : it refers to a specific tourism product which is tailored to meet the demands of the particular audience or market segment.
  • Sex tourism : It is characterized by a disparity between the motivation of the tourist and the sex worker. The tourist have disposable income which can be used to pay for sexual services.

There are various changes in the trend of tourism which affect the particular destination and are changing according to the needs and demands of customers(Tussyadiah and Pesonen, 2016) . for example, youngsters prefer adventure tourism to have fun and experience of new things whereas old generation like to have culture or religious tourism to travel to a religious or historical place. Brazil attract most of the foreign tourist because of its gaining popularity of Amazon rain forest which is one of the most popular places of world(Hartmann, 2014). This place follows the trend of nature and thus comes under nature tourism. Emerging trend include changes in tourist travel to a particular place which causes a reduction in tourist attraction to that place. Travel and tourism sector is increasing popularity and due to this more people are attracted towards this sectors due to the growing demands for exploring new things and increasing experiences.

Analysis of current trend using appropriate techniques and resources-

The current trend prevailing in the Brazil includes nature tourism as this trend is attracting number of tourist to the that country(Becker, 2016). The most famous destination for nature tourism include Rio de janeiro which is famous for its natural settings, carnival, balneario beaches etc. there has been increased in number of tourist to this place as every year 5 million people visit to this place .

Positive influence of these issues- In this, the change in the weather condition can creates the positive influence on the warm and pleasant condition that promotes the tourism in Brazil. In addition to this, the enhance in rain fall makes the place more attractive and this all attract the travel destination at the high context. Furthermore, the fall in exchange rates and value of the currency provides cost benefits to and this all results in number of increment in the visitor in the Brazil. Thus, actions of the other incidents can impact the tourism in Brazil. It can be understood with the help of the example as- decrease in price of tickets of aero plans, accommodation, transportation this all results in enhance in the rate of tourist destination. 

Negative influence of these issues- These issues can create the negative impact on the travel and tourism of Brazil. Thus, cold and hot destination can create the issues on the health of the visitors as enhance temperature can cause issues to the health and various kind of infection can be happen to the individuals. Thus, action of the other countries plays the huge role as service of the travel and tourism in each country are generally based on things as are hotel services, transportation services, communication services and airline services so this kind of the services cab creates the huge impact of the travel and tourism. Due to this tourist will be less attracted towards Brazil and will prefer other destination which are safe.

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Impact of dark tourism on Brazil

The dark tourism in increased to Brazil due to increased violence at the place which have increased dark tourism to Brazil as there are may death and suffering is increased in the Brazil due to violence at certain places of Brazil. There are few places in Brazil which have increased terrorism and many people atre dying in that increasing terror and many tourists have been affected by the terror at those places which have increased dark tourism. Due to increase dark tourism many people does not prefer travel to Brazil due to increased terror in that country.

Impact of medical tourism on Brazil

Medical tourism have increased to Brazil due to high treatment provided by the hospitals of the Brazil. Many people travel to Brazil for their treatment which has increased travel to Brazil and have increased profit margins for the tourism industry operating it business in Brazil. Medical tourism have its impact on the Brazil due to which many people from different countries are travelling to tourism for the treatment which have increased income for the country.

The below graph is showing the number of tourist arrival in brazil which increased to 6589 thousand in 2017 from 6547 in 2016. Increased in tourist to the place is due to its increasing trend of different types of tourism that include nature, adventure and cultural tourism. In which nature tourism is most popular in brazil.

2.2 Description on current trends using appropriate techniques and resources.

In the given context, current trends will be helpful in tourism market of Brazil. Secondary research will be helpful in order to collect the information newspaper, articles, relevant research so that all things can be conducted effectively. There are the number of key trends in travel and tourism so that all things can be done in the efficient mode. This, there are some common trends and it has been defined in below context as are-

  • Recent technology-This is the latest trend online booking, cashless transaction so that online information can done in better mode (Holland and Leslie, 2017). Thus, technological expansion is one of effective tool in order to monitor, analyses current trends, communication and security. In addition to this, TUI would be helpful in order to fair trades. Events and sports around the world.
  • Human resource- The human resource is one of crucial step in order to implement planning travelling package so that all things can be observed in better mode. In this, the sufficient number of human resource will be employed at work in order to find latest trend and offer service customers.
  • Economic resources- Travel and tourism is the industry that is highly affected to the GDP rate of the country ( Daniels and et.al.,2018). Thus, things as strong financial situation, high quality infrastructure and good services will be helpful in terms to improve the travelling activities so that effective services are needed to be provide and with help of it there can be possibilities in finding and adopt new changes. 

In this, following strategies are needed to be taken in terms to cope up with the impact of tourist in business activities and it has been defined in following presented manner as are-

  1. There is need to bring improvement in public transport system by encouraging tourist to inform the tourist about the services.
  2. In this, the well spread campaign is crucial to inform the tourist about the new services. 
  3. In this, the income from tourist can be reinvested in order to having developmental purposes as well as guard against adverse financial position of the organisation.

Dark tourism- This can be termed out as in which tourist are associated with the historically associated with death and tragedy. The main attraction to the dark location is their historical value rather than association with death or suffering. Thus, it can be said that the dark tourism is that kind of tourism that involves the visit to the real and recreated places that are associated with the death, suffering and misfortune and it is the kind of the adventurous trip to the visitors.

Medical tourism- In this, the medical tourism is the one in which people can travel one country to another in order to receive the medical, dental and surgical care at the same time. Thus, it can be said that medical tourism and it is a flourishing and developing industry. Furthermore, the medical care due to have affordability.

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3.1 Define how travel and tourism business could respond.

The Travel and Tourism business must be conducted in better and efficient manner. This kind of the activities will be helpful in order to respond to the changes and it has been defined in below presented manner as are-

  • Technological changes- In this, there are some immense changes in the technologies and this all enhance the working of the tourism industry in the large impacted manner on group of TUI. . There must be advancement of the tourism data available online. Thus, effective technological implementation conducts the better and efficient working.
  • Socio- economic changes- In this, it can be said that the tourism sector need to bring the changes and in these changes are needed to be bring in terms to the economic changes and this must be related to the activities as households etc.
  • Changing in customer preference- The tourism is industry in which it is crucial to bring changes so that things can be done in better and efficient mode (Sönmez and Sönmez, 2017). This kind of the activities plays the crucial role in order to the things in the efficient manner. Thus, changes plays essential role so that all things can be handle in better mode.

3.2 Description on the strategies that how selected travel and tourism will respond to travel and tourism.

In order to conduct the travel activities effectively, the SWOT has been taken into the consideration and it is defined in below context manner as are-


  1. This is must be rich in the historic monuments and places of area that is attractive in order to enhance the attraction of people.
  2. It is one of the world-famous destination and this all leads to enhance the competitive advantage.
  3. This is the things that attracts the tourism in all over the world and this all effects the working of the industry in huge context.
  4. This is the term that is effective in order to manage the number of tourism with the world class facilities so that the all things can be attracted (Long and Shi, 2017).


  1. 1. The historical significance is crucial and this all leads to conduct the better working in the society.
  2. 2. The currency is highly flexible and in this all things are needed to be conducted in better and efficient manner.
  3. 3. The enterprise needs to conduct the things in better and efficient mode.


  1. 1. In terms to enhance the visitor experience the travel and tourism industry must ensure that they are providing the all kind of the working in the at the better location.
  2. 2. Brazil is one of the popular tourist destination and in this the travelling expenses are needed to be reduced so that the things can be enriched in terms to provide the long-term benefits to the customers.


  1. In this, one of the biggest threats is that there are strong threats to the British tourism activities and currency of the country are affected in high context.
  2. Racial attracts creates the negative impact on the working of the industry and this all affects the growth rate of the tourism (Holland and Leslie, 2017). Thus, travel community must be concerned about the safety concern in the country.
  3. The extended of the economic recession can impact the harsh working in the enterprise and this all leads to put the negative working.

3.3 Description on strategies for how selected travel and tourism business respond to change.

In this, there are number of the changes are needed to be taken in the travel and tourism so that it can be possible to bring the changes so it will be defined in the following manner as are-

  • Political factor- There are number of factor that uses to generally occurs such as trade restriction, tarries, labour law and environmental laws so on. The all laws and legislation of legal authorities must be framed.
  • Technological changes- In this, customer care needs to be set up so that all things can queries of customers. This all are the activities that aid customers and they can able to travel in much effective manner (Hannam, Butler and Paris, 2014). Travel company should work as to cater the need to customers so that it all can be satisfied.
  • Socio economical changes- The single parents are too much worried in order to visit the country in much more effective manner. In this term, the enhancement in awareness of health and all other related issues will be helpful in terms to conduct the things in the better and effective mode.
  • Changes in demand of customers- There are number of the changes that leads to have impact over demand of the holiday package for non-family members. Thus, firm need to take various initiatives in terms to provide the services as per the needs of the customers. Thus, effective lodging facilities and all other packages will be helpful in terms to deal with the needs of the customers.
  • Environmental changes- In this, firm needs to be aware of the things as natural disaster and their all other possible occurrence and this all impact the working of the travel and tourism industry (Luh Sin, Oakes and Mostafanezhad, 2015). Under, they must take various initiatives so that they can able to provide quality products to customers. This kind of changes leads to have positive impact on working of the enterprise. The changes in the season and demand of the customer must be understandable so that all things can be done in the better and efficient mode.

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4.1 Description on analysing the impact of issues and trends that drive change and tourism sector.

The TUI group can be able to leave strong image in eyes of customers. Thus, Brazil travel and tourism is also taking initiatives in order to run their business activities successfully so that there can be possibilities in terms to maintain strong brand image, good quality of customer service, various promotion offers and best holiday package than other travel and tourism. From the last few years travel and tourism industry in booming in all around the world and it is achieving the sustained growth and this is becoming the one of the fastest industries in the world. Under this, there are number of key factors and this all are relates with the economical, strategical technological and organisational infrastructure. 

There are two factors that are crucial in terms to get success by implementing department of Tourism and commerce marketing and with help of developing marketing strategy as qualified workforce, training and professional development and this are need to be continuously improved by the TUI travel and tourism. in this hydrocarbon sector Thus, in this the following things are needed to be taken into consideration as are-

  • The tourism is one of the global industry and it has become the developing country and this all impacts the working of the enterprise in the huge context.
  • In the developing countries like tourism the all large kind of the contribution must be made in proportion to the gross domestic products (Machuca, Größler and Morita, 2018).
  • It has become the fastest growing service industry in the country with the greatest potential expansion and diversification.
  • Thomson offers tours some of the world most exciting destination so that all the things can be conducted in better manner. 

The main attraction of this packages as are-

  • The wide choice of tours and that has to be combined with most of the hotels.
  • English speaking guides on all the tours.
  • Room and boar upgrades are must be available at the time of booking.

4.2 Discussion on consequences of business falling to the changes.

There are number of the travel and tourism industry and they are facing the industry in the huge context and it will be faced by the business in the following context as are-

Travel and tourism is one of the most successful hospitality industry in Brazil. Thus, they provides clean beaches, coastal areas and various attractive sites.

Thus, Dubai is also travel and tourism industry and it is also famous for countries, service and tourist sports. It is place with which visitors can get attracted by standard and service quality of hotels. This country is also renowned for the periodic shopping, international exhibition and many other kind of activities around the globe.

  • In this first there must be great loss in the business earning front with the various things of plans.
  • Lack of the market share and eventual loss of money from the on business so that potential customers (Mwesiumo, Halpern and Buvik, 2017).
  • The losses and attrition can lead to the situations like bankruptcy.
  • This kind of the activities will be result in reduction of confidence of social and the situation of the business leads to its extinction.

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Based on the above report it can be concluded that travel and tourism is one of the booming industry in all over the world. This can impact on the working of the industry in the huge context. The present report is based on the business activities of TUI enterprise Brazil. In this report, the following things are needed to be taken into consideration as consequences of business falling, travel and tourism activities and main impacts on tourism industry has been determined.


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