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Benefits of Producing Tourism Strategic Plans - Kranjska Gora

University: University of Sunderland London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1302
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: GEOG 201
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Question :

This unit reflects on the development of tourism destination and how they are beneficial for enhancing revenues of the economy.

  • Provide the benefit of producing strategic tourism plan and example of destination.
  • Evaluate one planning approach for tourism development of Kranjska Gora with example.
  • Examine how the use of historic buildings Kranjska Gora contribute towards strategic development.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Kranjska Gora


Tourism industry is contributing well in the economic development of the nation. In the recent time, people like to travel in other countries. Development in transportation, technologies have supported the tourism business in raising their business and attracting more people towards the destinations (Dredge and Jamal, 2015). It is essential for the development authorities and government that to make effective strategic plan so that destination can be promoted well and interest of the consumers can be enhanced towards the location. Present study is based on Kranjska Gora which is the most popular tourist destination across the world. It is located at the Slovenia. Current assignment will examine benefit of producing tourism strategic plans and its benefit for the London city. Furthermore, it will evaluate planning approach for tourism development.


A. Benefits of producing tourism strategic plan

Tourism planning can be defined as various decision taken by the authorities for raising tourism business of the nation. Tourism planning process is the continuous process which helps in achieving the sustainable development objective of the country (Sharpley, 2015). The main aim of the authorities of the country are to enhance sustainable use of resources and attract visitors towards the location. This aim can be accomplished by making effective plan and implement this plan in effective manner. Sustainable tourism is the way through which government of the nation can preserve its natural resources and can improve its economic position to great extent. All these things can be achieved by producing tourism strategic plan. Strategic plan is being developed by the stakeholders. All stakeholder share their views and give innovative ideas through which tourism activities can be increased in the nation (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014).

Benefit of tourism planning

Tourism planning is the beneficial tool that supports in taking appropriate action for foreseeable future. If authorities are able to make accurate plan then sustainable tourism development can be taken place in the destination. Tourism business is the major contributor to the economic of the nation (Moyle and et.al, 2014). It helps in increasing employment opportunity in the country and helps in raising per capita income of the nation. Effective planning helps in developing infrastructure transportation facilities in the destination so that more people come to this place and spend more money in the country. This money is utilized by the government for the development of the nation (Malek and Costa, 2015).

With the increasing tourism activities may issues get arisen in the location. One of the major issue is overcrowding. Due to increasing crowd traffic get jammed. Apart from this it affects environmental condition of the nation badly by increasing pollution etc. Apart from this, increasing travel activities is hazardous for the natural resources as well. Effective tourism planning is helpful in dealing with these problems and resolving these issues (Dredge and Jamal, 2015). Sustainable tourism planning helps the nation in mitigating the risk and encourage more positive responses.

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It is the great way through which authorities can maximize economic returns and can make financial position of local communities better. Tourism planning supports in revitalize the sector those which are not performing well (Sharpley, 2015). For the Kranjska Gora is the detonation where retail and hospitality industries were not ale to generate revenues. With the development in the tourism activities these sectors have become able to generate more profit and these sectors are contributing well in the economic development of the nation.

For example, Kranjska Gora was the small destination, earlier to effective planning this destination was unknown for the visitors (Malek and Costa, 2015). People were not even knowing its name. But effective tourism planning has supported in sustainable development of this area. With the help of this planning natural, cultural resources of the destination have become preserved. Now there are adequate natural resources that can be used in the future for growth and maintaining the environmental condition of Kranjska Gora. Tourism planning is the effective technique that has helped the government of Kranjska Gora in spreading the cultural aspects of the destination across the world (Malek and Costa, 2015). Now many visitors are liking the culture of the destination and they are giving positive reviews about its culture. Tourism planning has supported the Kranjska Gora in improving condition of societies. Earlier to this, people were having limited income sources and people those who were living in the rural areas were not having proper infrastructure facilities and transportation facilities. As tourism planning has helped the destination in attracting more people in the location. These travellers have spent huge money in the country. This has raised foreign reserves in the nation. Government has utilized this money for the development of the destination. They have invested in order to develop transportation and other hotel facilities (Dredge and Jamal, 2015). This has raised employment opportunities for the local people. Now people have adequate income sources and they are able to live a healthy life. Earlier to that they were not having adequate income sources but after implementing tourism planning now people are able to get income from reliable sources (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014).

Apart from this Kranjska Gora has got benefited by tourism planning, it has improved condition of rural areas. Now villages and other small towns in the destination are having adequate transportation facilities. Visitors like to go to such natural places thus, government has paid attention on small towns as well. Another benefit of tourism planning for the Kranjska Gora is that it has spread culture of the country across the world. Earlier to that people were unaware with the cultural aspects of Kranjska Gora . But now they respect this culture and understand their traditional values (Dredge and Jamal, 2015). Most of the people come to this destination to enjoy its cultural dance and traditional music. This helps the government in preserving the cultural values of the Kranjska Gora . This has given benefit to local people as well because now they are able to communicate well with the foreign visitors. Otherwise, they had to face huge difficulty in communication with other culture people (Sharpley, 2015). Government of the nation has involved aware local people and giving them knowledge about communicate with other culture people. This training and awarenesses was the part of tourism planning. This has given positive results to the destination because now local communities are dealing with international visitors effectively and they are providing them good services.

Tourism planning is the beneficial ways of improving the condition of the country (Malek and Costa, 2015). There are many locations which were not that much developed but with the help of good planning authorities have developed its condition and has raised more opportunities for the business. Kranjska Gora is the location where tourism planning has supported in developing more hotels and other business. Now travellers are able to get luxurious facilities in the location which may help them in enjoying the place and the tour. Earlier to that there was no luxurious hotels and even consumers was unable to search about this location. But after making effective tourism planning, concern authorities have raised these facilities (Dredge and Jamal, 20150. Apart from this they have used advance technologies and have developed website of the Kranjska Gora. Now travellers can search about this destination, its travel cost, visa polices, attractive points etc. This website has gained attention of mass audience and influence therm. After that many people have planned to come to this location and experience its amazing services (Malek and Costa, 2015).

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