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Effect of Tsunami on Tourism Industry in Indonesia

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The present report is about after effect tsunami left on Indonesia and tourism industry. In present report a detail discussion of impact on tourism destination of Indonesia is done and it is shown that how tsunami effected theses tourist cities, towns, islands etc and how they have recovered over time. Along with this, the impact on business organisation which were engaged in production of products related with tourism were also effected and same is presented in this report.

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At 0058 GMT on 26th December 2004 an earthquake of 9.0 magnitude strikes coastal areas off northern Sumatra in Indonesia Followed by this some more earthquake occurred and this triggered tsunami causing massive flow of water from the oceans and this effected neighbouring countries on Indonesia including India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia and Thailand (Arce and et.al. 2017). East coast of Africa was also struck by Tsunami effecting Yemen and Somalia. This caused severe destruction to coastal areas ans small islands.

All-over Effect of Tsunami in Indonesia:

The Sumatra Island and Indonesia were worst effected by the Tsunami as both them were situated within range of 40 km from epicentre of earthquake. The effect of this was so huge that ore than 1 million people were killed in this and also destroyed economy and environment of both Sumatra and Indonesia (Hampton & Jeyacheya, 2015). The cities and towns in coastal areas were severely damaged that includes industrial areas and ports.

More than 70 streams and rivers of that area destroyed or submerged or got contaminated with salt water. Almost 30% of the farm land were effected in this disaster and our of them 20% damage was permanent which can not be recovered at any cost.

Effect of Tsunami of tourist destinations:

With hit of tsunami at coastal areas,, many resort towns and tourist were casualties. Of every 4000+ death or casualties almost 2500 were tourist, so this van be seen that large number of tourist dies in Indonesia with hit of Tsunami. Damages to beach and resort on coastal areas and high rate of tourist death there was a repaid decline in tourism industry in Indonesia. The damages caused by this natural disaster estimated to $508 million. In Indonesia along number of touris who died in Tsunami was 230000. for year 2005 turnover from tourism industry was 5002 and it reduced to 4871 in 2006, in year 2007 it increased to 5506 and then it never saw a downfall.


Ache is situated in northern Sumatra and it suffered massive and highest damages from Tsunami as it was the nearest point from epicenter of the earth quack and tsunami landed over it. This city was so hardly hit that it became difficult for it to build its economy again. After the destruction was done by tsunami more crisis were waiting to come (Kurniawan and et.al,.2016). It came in form of communicable diseases and dengue fever in month of February 2005. There was a 40% reduction in number of tourist for year 2005. This also effected the economy of city as well as whole country.

The city was destroyed to bottom and it was reestablished with help of locals, governmental and outside support but tit faces a severe fall in tits tourism for two years after tsunami hit. But with passing time concept of tsunami tourism has been developed in this city and certain thing were not changed after tsunami and not they have become popular tourist points.

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This was considered as most beautiful and popular island on Indonesia as tourist destination and it was the nearest point form epicenter of the earthquake. It was badly destroyed by tsunami. Almost 5km of land was submerged in Indian ocean after tsunami hit and it also resulted in reduction in number of tourist (Suppasri, and et,al,. 2015). As it was year when this disaster happened it was sure that tourism will be effected immediate but after 2-3 months, spreading of dengue and communicable diseases in all these cities, tourist started to cancel there brooking from all over the world with a fear of getting ill and destruction of tsunami.

The effect were massive for year 2005 as this was the year in which lesser tourism was expected as impact of the disaster was immense to collect all the pieces and rebuilt the city would have taken some time, hence for a period of 6 months nothing seems major but by end of 2005 and for whole of 2006 the fall stared to increase as people canceled all their booking as they knew hotels and resorts were destroyed and also disease were spreading in the city.


Indonesia is country which is porn to earthquakes ans disasters but hit of tsunami was the largest one and its impact can be seen today also, somewhere in positive way and at another places in negative ways. The places that were effected by tsunami in this city were the Buddhist and ancient Hindu temple and Jalan Marlboro a street for shopping and eating, many famous foods items of Indonesia are available this street (Towner & Orams, 2016). With the occurrence of the earthquake these streets was destroyed and both temple wee though nothing was damaged but have experienced tha reduction in number of pilgrimages.

The risk of blast from the Mount Bromo volcano become more imminent as with a earth quack of 9.0 magnitude, a volcano would have become active and this factor lead to reduction in tourist visits ot Java as a person want to visit almost all importance places of a tourist destination and if he/she cants they drop the idea of visiting it. Students who are looking for cheap SQL Assignment Help Services can take help from our Expert writers.

Tourism industry:

Tourism product does not mean physical goods this is referred as physical and psychological satisfaction it provides to a tourist during his/her travelling to a particular place or destination. To determine the effect on various enterprises that deal with tourism product first identification of sectors in involved in this industry is essential. The following are the sectors belonging to tourism industry and impact of tsunami is elevated on these sectors:

Food and beverages: for a tourist first and foremost important thing is food and water and the major destruction was done due to water only, what an irony of the nature, everywhere water is there but drinking water was not available (CD risk assessement: DF, DHF and DSS in Indonesia, February 2005, 2018). All flora and fauna was destroyed and with a disruption the sea availability of sea food has also become difficult ,this sectors faces a huge loss for almost 1.5 years due to lack of tourism. As a major of source of earning for this sector is tourist as most of them are always ready to try authentic and local dished from destination of their visit.

Transportation: with hit of tsunami road and water connectivity was lost and tourist stuck there faces many problems and with this experience they left the country and this gave a wrong impression about the tourism industry to outside people and lead to lost of major tourist. Another factor that affected this sector was they have established their business from scratch and this needed funds and that was not readily available and these lead to slower growth of this sector and this also effected the tourism as they with non availability of transportation no one wants to visit place.

Adventure, recreation tourism: this was the main sector which was mostly effected by tsunami as this include adventure and with occurrence of the disaster a fear was built in mind of local as well as tourist about the safety of these recreational and adventure tourism such as – natural includingbeaches, sea-bathing, possibilities of fishing, opportunities for climbing, trekking, viewing, etc. all spot of for adventures were destroyed (South Asia earthquake and tsunamis: Indonesia, 2018). There was no funds to start the business form beginning and moreover new safer places were to be found out to restart the businesses.

Accommodation: Accommodation in itself is an essential tourist attraction and this was with no proper availability of hotels and resorts no tourist would have come to visit a place. Most of the tourist destination are islands and beaches in Indonesia and major resort were destroyed with occurrence of tsunami. This was needed to be rebuilt but a fear was developed among people about safety of the place and moreover funds were not available to rebuilt the places.

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From the above report it can be concluded that Indonesia was most and worst effected country by tsunami and reason behind this was that it was the nearest point from the epicenter of the earthquake which initiated tsunami. Further it was also found out in this report that massive impact faced bu tourism sector of the nation but with time they have used signs of this disaster for good and now it has become a source of their living.

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