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Benefits of Stakeholders From Planning - Tourism Development Qatar

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Question :

Explanation regarding awareness of planning in tourism industry in order to manage them accordingly.

  • Examination of various principle of planning within tourism industry
  • Examination of different approaches within tourism industry.
  • Examination of requirement of planning for sustainable tourism.
  • Understanding current complexities in tourism industry.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Case study on Qatar


Tourism is the fastest growing sector that supports government economy significantly. It is the industry that assist in generating revenues, enhancing employment opportunities in the country (Chaperon and Bramwell, 2013). Present study is based on Qatar, It is situated at middle east. Every year many tourist come to this location to watch sport events. There are many attractive points that gain attention of mass audience. Current assignment will discuss benefits of stakeholders from planning. It will describe features of tourism development planning. Furthermore, report will explain concept of sustainability tourism development. It will explain different stages in planning for sustainability. In addition, report will discuss methods to resolve a conflict of interest in the nation. It will explain implication of balancing supply and demand.


1.1 Benefits of stakeholders from planning

Government gives full support to travel and tourism industry because it is the sector that helps in rinsing foreign reserves in the nation (Font, 2016). There are various stakeholders of this industry that gets benefit from the planning of tourism development. Qatar is the country which focus on increasing tourism activities in the nation. For that it develops its attractive points and organize many sports events so that many travellers come to this location from across the world.


Government of Qatar is the main stakeholder of tourism business. They largely get affected from the activities of this industry. If this sector is performing well then government gets benefit of improving economic condition but if travel industry gets failed to perform well then it may negative impact on employment rate, GDP etc (Jaafar, Noor and Rasoolimanesh, 2015). Government of Qatar has made several laws and flexible visa policies so that many tourists can come to this location and they can spend their money in the country. This helps the government in generating high revenues and improving foreign reserves (Knollenberg and et.al, 2014).

Local community

It is another stakeholder of the tourism industry, if travel sector is working well then it will affect living of local population to great extent. Increasing tourism activities create consequences for the local people because of over crowding and noise pollution. But this also raise employment opportunities for them and they get benefit of improving their living standards (Mihalic, 2016). Money generated by the travel firm is used by government in improving infrastructure facilities in the nation. By this way living standards of the local population gets improved.


They are essential stakeholders and they get benefits from the planning for tourism. If there is proper planning then travellers will get more attractive point and infrastructure facilities. By this way they will be able to enhance their knowledge about culture and historical background of Qatar. There are many people come to this location in order to get more knowledge about its building and architecture. They can get to know all these details easily through effective planning for tourism development (Nara, Mao and Yen, 2014).

1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of this partnership are discussed as below:


  • This partnership is helpful in getting adequate funds for the development. Public organizations provides financial resources to the private firms so that these private entities can implement effective strategy for the development of the country (Stanford and Guiver, 2015).
  • The main agenda of this partnership is to improve life standards of the local population. This partnership continuously work for providing effective infrastructure facilities to the local public so that these people can improve their life (Terry, 2014).
  • This partnership is beneficial for the private organization because this development supports in attracting mass people towards Qatar and private firms will be able to generate more revenues by increasing tourism activities (Westerberg, Jacobsen and Lifran, 2013).
  • This partnership is beneficial in generating more employment opportunities in the country which helps in improving economic condition of the nation to great extent (Wray, 2013).
  • Public private partnership is helpful in minimizing environment consequence and can help in protecting atmosphere and keeping it safe.


  • Public private partnership some times create conflicts situation because objective of public and private firms are different from each others. Public firms work for welfare of population whereas private organization work for generating high revenues. In such condition conflict get created that impacts on overall planning to great extent (Tourism is Economic Development, What Government Leaders should know, 2007).
  • In this partnership, public firms do not monitor the progress in such condition some times private entities compromise with the quality (Mihalic, 2016).
  • Improper communication create problem in making effective plan due to which overall objective may gets failed to be accomplished.
  • Cost of development can get increased due to involvement of large members (Jaafar, Noor and Rasoolimanesh, 2015).
  • Some times risk is being ignored by private firms which affects overall success of the project of development of tourism in the country.
  • This partnership is long term contract due to which development takes long time (Page, 2014).


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