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Aspects of Research Project - Vodafone

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
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Question :

In the research report following aspects must be undertaken by the researcher:

  • Introduction or background of the research
  • Literature review on basis of previously conducted research
  • Methodologies to be used for the research
  • Timeline for research activities
  • References for the proposal
Answer :
Organization Selected : Vodafone


In today's technical world, mobile technology has developed so far. It gives various benefits to people in conveying their messages easily to other people. Advancement in technology has given various innovation like internet and telecommunication services. These creations help in introducing beneficial services for customers by adding new values in commodities. In context with mobile technology, it aid organisations in communicating with people of remote areas easily. Mobiles are wireless devices which provide various ways of communicating. It includes wireless fidelity, bluetooth, 3G or 4G global system, dial-up services, virtual private networks and more. These impressive factors are used in earning competencies of the enterprises and achieving customer loyalty (Verhoef, Kannan and Inman, 2015). Mobile technology in IT world relates with various devices like Laptops or network computers, smartphones, GPS device and more. These devices help mobile operators in making interactions with customers more easily through which they can gain higher efficiency, employees' productivity, greater access to apps and more. These services help enterprises in gaining loyalty of people which aid business to become more stable as well as gain profitability. Through multi-channel schemes, a firm can offer various services to customers like online facility, telephonic services and more.

This research is going to forecast the impact of mobile technology on customer loyalty in context with a company of UK named by Vodafone. It is a British multinational telecommunication organisation, headquartered in London. This mobile operator firm is ranked with 5th position in terms of revenue while in number of connection, it is on 2nd. Business of this industry is operated in almost 26 countries. This assignment is discussing the way of mobile technology affect on improvement of customer loyalty.

1.2 Background of research

This current research discuss about the various challenges during implementing mobile technology at the workplace. It is necessary that researcher should include the better or relevant information for collecting data in a better manner. In addition top this, it is necessary that digital technology plays a necessary role and helpful in enhancing productivity and development of an organisation in better manner (Kumar and et. al., 2016). If firm will provide better services or products to consumers on the basis of their demand then in this case they will be loyal towards firm and profit level of company will also be maximised in an effective manner. Vodafone is British telecommunication firm and it operates its services in Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Between the group of mobile operators internationally, rank of Vodafone is on fifth rank as well as second in connection numbers. Vodafone use effective quality of mobile networking services to customers according to their needs as well as demands in better manner. Loyalty of consumers is necessary because from this they can retain towards firm for long period of time (Shankar and et. al., 2016).

1.3 Rationale of research

Rationale motive of this investigation is to locate customer's belief and loyalty after adopting mobile technology in their daily life. It has been analysed that there are ample number of benefits that a customer can get after using mobile technology. In today's world, digitalisation has changed every single person's way of thinking. Telecommunication companies like Vodafone, Virgin and so on are some of organisations under this sector that has delivered various services like 2G, 3G and then to 4G which has given high speed internet experiences to consumers. This research may aid Vodafone in understanding the principals of new and updated technology. Overall challenges can be easily faced by Vodafone where researcher's investigation is locating the impact of mobile technology on consumer's loyalty towards organisation. It has been analysed that if Vodafone is regularly fulfilling all the needs and wants of customers it may be possible that firm can earn high revenue and profit as well at both domestic and international level. Researcher's motive is to collect good information and then to adopt best strategy so that to develop the experience of customers. Here, word innovation plays a vital role as technology has a rapid changing nature (Jung, Chung and Leue, 2015). Therefore, Vodafone needs to keep on bringing in modifications in their services and products that they are offering so that to keep on building interest of consumers in their services. Apart from this, investigation is much necessary at every single place so that to make effective decisions which will directly help a company in gaining competitive advantages in near future. Investigation has been done in order to analyse that after using new and updated mobile technology which is being delivered by Vodafone, if a customer's loyalty gets decreases or increases. With the help of this, firm can generate high profitability and with productivity.

1.4 Research Aims

The main of this research is “To analyse the impact of mobile marketing on consumer loyalty. A case study on Vodafone”.

1.5 Research objectives

It is a necessary part and in this various variable are included. The main objectives of research are given below as above:

  • To determine those marketing tools which are available in achieving loyalty of consumers (San-Martin, Prodanova and Jimenez, 2015).
  • To determine an impact of digital marketing on consumer loyalty.
  • To evaluate that digital marketing will enhance loyalty of consumers of Vodafone.

1.6 Research Questions

In this, research questions are based on the aims and objectives of an investigation. Some research questions are mention below (Hofacker and et. al., 2016):

  1. What are different marketing tools which are available in achieving loyalty of consumers?
  2. What will be impact of digital marketing on consumer loyalty?
  3. How digital marketing will enhance loyalty of consumers of Vodafone?


2.1 Impact of Digital technology will enhance customers loyalty

According to the study of Pérez and Rodriguez del Bosque (2015), it is analysed that digital technology has help organisation to attract large number of customers toward their product and services in limited period of time effectively. For this, management has develop strategies in order to implemented digitalisation at work place are explain as follows:

Technology has improve clients experience: When firm used digital technology at work place which help to produce high quality goods and services that improve customers satisfaction as well as long term sustainability of the company at market place. Through this process, they are gather information related to buyer needs and wants accordingly they are manufacture commodities with higher efficiency thus enhance engagement and loyalty of individual with an organisation in long period of time effectively.

Technology is a platform for resolve consumers issues and provide control as well as convenience: Technology can not restricted to Business to Business activities but it can be extended to enterprises communication with their buyers by which company has able to enhance consumers loyalty and satisfaction. In present market environment, most of firm has make online self service portal to keep all their clients engaged with brand as well as website that help to manage customer relationship scalable.

Technology helps in making customers' experience more personalised – The current aura of technology is tend upon personalised marketing. By using new and innovative techniques managers can easily know needs and wants of customers and then generating products and services accordingly. Technology make easier the process of customer search as they can easily search about a specific product or service (Lamberton and Stephen, 2016). It helps in increasing sales and profitability of a business organisation. For instance- technology i.e. Liferay helps in tailoring websites as per the needs and wants of every individual with targeting information as well as segment identification. It is not only beneficial for the businesses’ bottom line, but also increases customer engagement.

It supports to simply processes – Acquisition of new technologies help in simplifying and compacting complex day to day activities. Execution of these techniques, like – portal technology supports to make searches, transactions and create more efficient processes. It also reduces time and operational cost which is beneficial for business associations in terms of gaining high competitive edge and improves market share. For example – The Liferay experience built in features and easier integration to create portals; it results customers will easily complete their transactions in the best possible manner.

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2.2 To determine marketing tools helps in achieving customers loyalty

According to Verhoef, Kannan and Inman (2015), modern times digital marketing tools are very highly effective for achieving the loyalty of consumers. With the help of this company easily increase customers base and retention as well. Some of marketing tools are discussed for achieving customers loyalty are as follows:

  • Email marketing: It is an very effective tools for achieving consumers loyalty as they keep in contact with their consumers. Reason of loosing a enterprise buyers is a lack of consumers contact. By using these mails they can promote their product by promoting them by using these marketing strategies.
  • Social media marketing: It is a very important marketing tool in today's times as many of public are using social media as through that they can make a relations with their customers as well as they can improve their buyers support. This tool help in retaining customers for a long time with business.
  • Video marketing: It is a powerful strategies of marketing that they can share and make videos that provide consumers an insight into internal working within the enterprise. They can also make a promotional video for introducing their consumers to their latest services as well as products (Kumar and et. al., 2016).
  • Content marketing: It is all about distributing and creating content which is useful as well as relevant to their customers. It is in a form of videos, blog posts, articles etc. involved in making a special community where they communicate with one other. It help in building credibility, authority and trust.
  • Mobile optimized website: In today's scenario, number of people use internet from their smartphones and tablets. By using this tool company easily promote their services in front of customers which may helps in attaining their satisfaction and loyalty as well. In this, by having full responsive, mobile optimized website company easily interact with their customers and provide them entire information towards the products which may leads in increasing their satisfaction level.
  • SMS Text Message Marketing: It is also an effective tool which used by every person to communicate with each other as per daily basis. By using this, company can communicate with their customers by delivering text message to target customers. This will help company to attaining loyal customers in effective manner.
  • Blogging: It is one of the best and appropriate way to invite larger number of customers towards company products. On a company blog, firm provide better services with high quality by distributing them latest information of the company products and services which may leads in improving the customers base (Shankar and et. al., 2016).
  • Customers Reviews: It is also an important tool which provide valuable feedback towards the company products and services. With the help of this company easily evaluate the customers taste and preferences and company modify their services accordingly. This will aid in increasing customers retention for longer period of time.
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