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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce: Marks and Spencer

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
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Question :

For conducting the research the aspects which must be considered includes the following:

  • Determination of aims and objectives of the research
  • Identify the reasons for choosing the topic of research 
  • Types of research approach and methodologies
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


1.1 Overview and background of research

Current trend belongs to technologies and most innovative and inventive technique is internet that people are using for entertainment and others are using for running their business actions. When an individual runs its business operations over the internet than it is called as E-commerce business where vendors are taking orders on internet and then makes delivery of goods and services on time with good quality products. In present time, human beings are more busy with their actions like persuading of job or business actions and due to this reason individuals are not having time to visit market for shopping and in this context online shopping options are quite good and people are using this mode of making purchases on wider level which is a reason of success of E-commerce businesses (Cakmak and Isaac, 2012). As people are running more and more various activities in their daily life and due tot his they are not having time for shopping and this type of action is responsible for emergence and development of E-commerce business.

People who are living in high streets are using this facility on wider scale because these people do very much activities in their life for persuading their luxury life. When human beings started purchasing items from online ventures then because of this many high street shops were went off air due to lack of prominent sales volume.

Research is based on many high street crisis in all over United Kingdom and reasons which created complications for firms who are doing business and impact of e-commerce as well on organisations. Low efficiency, the busyness of individuals are two major reasons that are being faced by companies and can be stated as some sort of problems.

1.2 Research Aim

This is a most important part of any research program because this type of actions provides appropriate direction to all activities. Research aim is stated a statement that is done as reason behind running a research program. Aim of this research is “Analysis of Extent to which e-commerce is responsible for increasing closure of high street shops”. A case study on Mark & Spencer (Wrigley and Brookes, 2014).

1.3 Research Objectives

This is a most important part that every research program contains because this is an answer of various questions that a company wants to solve by taking help of research program. These research aims are made according to research aim and this segment helps in providing right way to conduct research program. This research shows some objectives and are being set by researcher like analysation of e-commerce in altering high street shoppers, Another objective that has been made by investigator is analysation of various reasons behind closure of high street shops, fall of sales and decline in customers visiting. Lastly, one more aim which was being developed by research worker is that to analyse change in customer preferences.

1.4 Research Question

This is a part which based upon research objectives and it is prepared by investigator. Below are some research questions that should be answered from investigation questions and some questions are stated as below:

  • Why high street shops close, sales are falling and visit decline?
  • How e-commerce is changing the high street shoppers?
  • What are the ways of analysing alterations in customer preferences?

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This sections is contains in-depth research not only using primary but also it refers secondary research methods. For gathering appropriate data, researcher use secondary data methods. This part of research includes critical evaluation of research in an effective manner. Project that are linked with past investigation and result of that program reflects that how much successful was that research and how efficient result could be presented if helps is taken from that in this current investigation. Secondary research methods are useful in conducting research. This method is aidful in providing adequate and accurate results (Burns, 2016).

2.1 To analyse how e-commerce is changing the high street shoppers

According to Pantano and et. al., (2018) British high streets are showing falls in sales and decline due to low footfall of customers in these street shops as people got better option that is less time consuming as well as cost effective mode of shopping. Major disappointment of E-commerce businesses is that due to emergence of this methodology, there are many retailers who were running their shops in street market but because of emergence of online shopping people refuse to purchase items from that shops and this action became reason of shop closing and turn off because retailers were not able in struggling in market and this type of behaviour became a drawbacks of E-commerce websites. There are various factors that brings changes in high street shops and these aspects are stated as follows:

Time Consumption: This is a very clear factor that when a person shops online then less cost but more time he/she saves than purchasing offline. In present time, there are many activities that a person can do in personal life and due to this busyness human being wants to save their time from various actions where they can save their time and purchasing offlien is an action that consumes very much time and this duration can be saved by taking help of online shopping due to emergence of E-commerce businesses. Because of revolution of many E-commerce websites there are huge competition is seen and as considering this fact it is found that companies are bound to make efficient and timely delivery of projects in order to retain customers for linger duration of time by serving good services that should provide higher satisfaction to customers (Erkip and Ozuduru, 2015).

Better Quality: In earlier time, there are few companies were present that runs their business operations over the internet and that time business was not so high because people had not sufficient trust but as time passed and many organisation started their venture in this industry then due to this action people also shown their interest in this type of purchasing that was a reason of enhancing level of online businesses. When vendors whop brought their bushiness from traditional methods to modern era then they build high rated and tough competition from other companies because those shops that human beings trust became online and individuals can make purchases over because they have already trust on this shop of online portal. Due to increment in competition factor, association's are bound to provide extraordinary quality services so that how strong customer base a company have that could not leave venture and could be retained for longer duration of time. Ventures who became moderns survived and other who struggled this situation faced loss and then being pressurised went off their shops that were used to very high trusted shops in country like UK.

Emergence of Technology: At the time when technology emerged then various mode of conducting business also revolved and due to this reason various people are using internet as their mode of business and E-commerce is a best option for this. People who opt that technologies those brought digitalisation in their venture and other person who are not able ion accepting and adopting these techniques became obsolete and due to this they were pressurised for shutting down their ventures (Ezuwore-Obodoekwe and et. al., 2014).

Above are some causes that converted into results of closure of many high street shops that are went of from track and now these are facing problem in relaunching their business in market. This is clear that use of digital tools and technologies minimise efforts and resources of human being and along with this also provides better quality products and services. Mark and Spencer is a company that operates its business operations in clothing industry and also have its own online apps and other mode that can provide quality wise good products and services. In this sections products are garments and services are delivery or distribution of items.

Advantages of e-commerce in business doings of Marks and Spencer:

  • It can aid Marks and Spencer in developing long term relationship with consumers.
  • Buying & selling can be done for whole day long.
  • Products can be delivered to consumers on their houses.
  • Reduction of various expenses like developing stores and many more.

Dis-advantages of e-commerce in business doings of Marks and Spencer:

  • Influencing process cannot be taken under in e-commerce.
  • Quality of products can get compromised.
  • Delay in delivering products and services of companies which have been made by them.

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2.2 Analysis of reason behind closure of high street shops, fall of sales and decline in customers visiting

As per the viewpoints of Gerend and Novak, (2017), people are becoming modern and becoming used to of technologies that are being launched in business operations and this type o9f techniques are making human life easy and less complicated. By taking help of digital tools and technologies association can add more relevant and valuable features in their product so that products of Mark and Spencer company could get higher satisfaction of clients and this type of action is helpful in retaining clients fort longer duration of time when customer base is strong of a company then this kind of behaviour is increasing reputation and goodwill of venture in market. But, statement which was given by Gerend and Novak, (2017), may not get correct if firms are already making high profit. It is required for these firms to locate into different aspects and then to examine market trends, because then only organisation can attain its goals and objectives right on time. There are some cause that era responsible for closure of high street shops in United Kingdom and these reasons are illustrated as follows:

Low Efficiency: in earlier times, people were used to run their business operations in offline method and grabbed trust of people in wider number. But since long time; scenario has been changed and due to this offline mode has been replaced by online methodologies. The very most useful thing that has been invented is internet and there are many people that are using this technique for establishing connection with their known persons and there are many people who9m are using internet technologies to run their business operations in most appropriate manner because when human being run this type of business then it will provide very cost effective method and less time consuming. On the one hand people are using this technique very effectively but on the other hand there are many individuals that are not able in dealing with internet and online tools and technologies in efficient manner and due to this lack of efficiency many human being became obsolete from their business because in present time there are many person whom refused to purchase items from offline shops (Freathy and Calderwood, 2016). Consequently, in order to run business venture according to requirement of time the knowledges related to latest tools and technologies should be good other wise lack of knowledge will run out business from track. In present era, it is requirement of time that know-how of techniques should be done and if there is any discrepancy then this action will harmful for business houses in marketplace.

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