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Cosmetic Testing of Body Shop

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3296
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: HI6008
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Generate the difference between theory and opinion in the research.
  • Generate whether LR is critical or not. Provide information about specific and general areas of academics.
  • The body shop is a UK-based cosmetic company investigate about the company and generate significance and impacts of the operations in general.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Body Shop


Cosmetic testing on animals is a kind of animal testing that is used to test the safety as well as the hypoallergenic properties of goods for use by an individual. Using animal testing in the growth of cosmetics may relate to testing either a finished good or the personal ingredients of the finished good on animals, often mice, rats, rabbits, and many other animals. Animal testing is referred as a phrase that most numbers of person have heard but are possibly still unsure of really what is involved, whether it is called animal research, animal experimentation, and animal testing, it refers to the research executed on animals (Berggren et. al., 2015). Animal experiments include exposing animals to radiation, forcing animals to inhale toxic gases, surgically removing animals' tissues or organs to deliberately cause damage, etc. It is followed to assess the effectiveness and safety of everything from therapy to cosmetics, as well as to know how the individual body works. Along with this, animal use in harmful experiments or research is not only felt but also frequently ineffective. The animal never acquires many of the people diseases that an individual does, such as the main kind of heart disease, HIV, cancer, schizophrenia, or Parkinson's disease. In this dissertation, the given organization is Body Shop which is a British skincare and cosmetics organization that was introduced by Anita Roddick in 1976. currently, the company has approximately 1000 products which it sells in over 3049 franchised and owned stores globally in 66 countries. Body Shop started campaigning or causing to end the testing of animals in cosmetics. It is the first global and international cosmetic company.

Today, the Body Shop has launched or developed a new campaign for an international ban on cosmetic product testing on animals. Along with this, cosmetics animal testing ingredients by 2020, modifying the cosmetic industry and protecting different numbers of animals across the globe (Bessems and et. al., 2015). Besides this, the Body Shop cosmetic industry will take the campaign or approaches to the top authority, the UK, and request a global meeting banning cosmetic product testing on animals.

Cosmetic testing on animals is still a more risk across the globe, with over eighty percent of nations still having no legislation against testing in cosmetic products. Thus, it is identified and shown, a large number of nations not need safety data or information based on cosmetic test on animals and certain options are available. Beside this, Body Shop use effective and innovative cruelty-free ingredients or elements in their products.

Rules and regulations of cosmetic product testing on animal are presently patchworked, with laws differing across the globe leaving customers ill-informed. Traditional test of cosmetic products on animals have never been accurate or validated for their application in faithfully detecting the safety or security of cosmetic ingredients and products (Doss, 2018). Now, there are modern and effective options such as naturally develop human skin or body, that are in the cases majority, as more effective or efficient as the animal trial they regenerate and have been authorised by the legal authority.

1.1 Research Topic

“Disagreement surrounding Animal Testing in Cosmetics Industry in the UK. The Body Shop Case Study.

1.2 Importance of the problem

In this research proposal, one of the main problem is Disagreement surrounding Animal Testing which highly impact on animals and business in a direct manner. For this, research is more essential and significant for the investigator to identify impact of cosmetic testing on animal. Some experiments needs the animal to die as a test part (Hennigs, Karampournioti and Wiedmann, 2016). For example: regulatory experiments for vaccines, Botox and few other trial for chemical safety or security are fundamentally changes of the “Cruel Lethal Does 50 Test”, as per this test approx 50% of animals killed or die very close to death.

1.3 Aim of the research project

Main aim of this dissertation proposal is to identify the influence of disagreement surrounding Animal Testing and its impact on Cosmetic industry. A case study on Body Shop. Main purpose of conducting this dissertation is to analysis the effect of disagreement surrounding Animal Testing and its direct influence on Cosmetic industry (Laquieze, Lorencini and Granjeiro, 2015). It is a main issue in this project which is faced by the Animal and highly effects on business performance. Beside this, investigator need to make decision about Disagreement surrounding Animal Testing in cosmetic industry. Thus, it is essential for the researcher to analysis different ways to overcome such type of issue and gain better results in given time duration. All this information are gathered by the researcher with the help of research. Thus, research is more essential and important for the cosmetic industry to analysis data or information about the impact of cosmetic items on animals.

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Research Objective:

It is a main part of dissertation which is based on research aim. It is divided into two variables such as dependent and independent (Locke and et. al., 2017). Thus research objective is more significant and essential aspect for the researcher to accomplish objective and aim of research effectively and systematically. In this influence of disagreement surrounding Animal Testing is a independent variables in which growth of company is depend on this.

  • To Understand the concept of Animal Testing in Cosmetic industry.
  • To analysis the issue faced by animals in testing of cosmetic products on them.
  • To make decision of Disagreement surrounding Animal Testing in cosmetic industry or to Body Shop.

Research Questions:

The research question is identify as one of the main and essential section of the dissertation which is prepared by a researcher to fulfil research objectives in an accurate and effective manner (Madia, Worth and Corvi, 2016). There are some important questions made by investigator according to the research objectives which are described as under:

  • What is the concept of Animal Testing in Cosmetic industry.
  • What type of issue faced by animals in testing of cosmetic products on them.
  • How decision of Disagreement surrounding Animal Testing in cosmetic industry or to Body Shop are effected on them.


Literature is identify as a type of information source. There are different kind of literature source which is used by the researcher in order to collect accurate and relevant amount of information from the respondents. Beside this, books, journals and questionnaire are identified as a main source of literature review. In this different number of authors are give their opinion and point of view about the research topic (Mamayko, Boyko and Merkulova, 2016). It is also referred as the main and essential factor of research. This section involves views of various authors and scholars, an investigator analysis the view and opinion of writers in order to analysis a term and to know more about it in detail and in-depth manner. All this support an investigator in drawing legal and efficient conclusion.

Concept of Animal Testing in Cosmetic industry.

According to the Murnaghan, (2018), Animal testing is also known as animal research, experimentation. It is used to support an animal who are faced issue and impact of cosmetic products produced by cosmetic industry. An animal test is refer a scientific test or experiment in which an animal is forced or effected to experience something that is possible to cause them distress, suffering, pain or lasting harm. Animal testing is an effective term which is refers to procedures worked on living animals for aim of investigation into basic diseases and biology. There are different number of animal tests that can be completed on cosmetic ingredients and formulas. The primary and main tests covers the following:

Draize test: It is identify as an effective procedures applied to find out dermal irritation. In this albino rabbits are used because they have more sensitive skin or body than humans. Along with this, semiocclusive patches of the trial material are located on skin and data point are taken at twenty four and seventy two hours.

Eye irritancy test: Such type of test happens if the cosmetic product gets into the eyes. This test involves albino rabbits animal again and compounds or elements are put into the eyes. In this evaluation take place at twenty four, forty eighth, seventy two hours and up to seven days.

Type of issue faced by animals in testing of cosmetic products on them.

Each year approximately 100 million animals namely mice, frogs, cats, dogs, mice, hamsters, fish, birds, monkey, pigs etc. are killed in United State. Laboratories for medical training, biology lessons, curiosity-driven experimentation, and food, chemical, drug and cosmetic testing. Before animals deaths, few are strained to inhale toxic fumes and many other are immobilized or floating in restraints devices for some hours. Some animals have gap drilled into their skulls and some other have their skin injured off. Such type of testing also impact on animals by crushing its spinal codes. As per the point of view of Bessems and et. al., (2015) Cosmetic test on animal is also impact on its body and can cause considerable distress and pain including swollen eyes, blindness, sore bleeding skin, organ damage, birth defects, internal bleeding, convulsions and death. At the end of test, pain relief is not given to animals, so it can cause as their death, normally by neck-breaking, asphyxiation or decapitation. Thus testing of cosmetic products on animal is highly damage their body parts and kill their life.

The decision of Disagreement surrounding Animal Testing in cosmetic industry or to Body Shop are effected on them.

In this Body Shop make an effective decision to stop disagreement surrounding animal testing and its impact on animals. In an international marketplace, it is essential for all nations to ban cosmetic testing on animals. In this cosmetic industry make an agreement or decision to launched their global campaign and to call on legal authority around the globe to ban animal testing for cosmetic. Animal test are progressively state replaced with cheaper, quicker and more reliable non-animal methods. All these are identify as modern methods which are more relevant and valuable to people and have been analysis to predict an individual reactions much better than old and outdated animal tests (About Cosmetics Animal Testing, 2018). Beside this, Body Shop can prove their cosmetic products or items are safe by applying established ingredients. For example: approximately 20,000 ingredients in EU's database for which security and safety information is available. There are different ways to overcome impact of cosmetic testing on animals. All this ways are adopted by Body Shop and make an effective decision to implement an effective strategy. Beside this, they always purchase cruelty-free products, educate others, help stop cosmetics testing in the US, make a donation etc. all this are identify as one of the main and essential ways to reduce the impact of cosmetic testing on animals. Boy shop can stop animal testing impact on animals and still produce, existing, safe and new beauty products, simply by producing the cruelty-free way. It is do by the organisation by applying different number of ingredients or products with a long detail of safe use.

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Research methodology is refer as an effective and main process in Dissertation. It is used by an investigator with purpose to collect data and information for the motive of making accurate business decisions (Marx and et. al., 2016). This section of research may include interviews, survey, publication research and many other useful research techniques and could cover both real and historical data.

4.1Research Design, Research approach and Research Type

Research design: It is identify as a set of procedures and methods used in gathering and evaluating measures of the research problems. Each and every activity of investigation is highly depend on research design which is executed by an investigator for determining the impact. There are three kind of design in research namely descriptive, experimental and exploratory. All these are assist a researcher to measure variables specified in the research issue. According to the research and the topic, descriptive design is more suitable and valuable because it will be support them in driving accurate conclusion.

Research approach: It is another important and valuable part of the research which has basically divided into two parts such as inductive and deductive. Both approaches are essential but according to the topic deductive approach is more suitable for understanding the respondent's response about the topic.

Research type: There are basically two types of research which is used by researcher to executing each and every activity of research in appropriate manner. In this, one is qualitative research and other one is quantitative research (Nicolopoulou-Stamati, Hens and Sasco 2015). Both are useful type of research for the investigator to collect relevant information from the respondents. In case of qualitative research, it is mainly applied to gain and discover an in-depth and detail knowing of respondents thoughts, opinion, experience and to dig insight into the issue. On the other hand, quantitative research, it is mainly related with the figures and numbers. It is applied to quantify attitudes, behaviours opinions and other outlined variables with the purpose to support causal hypotheses regarding a particular phenomenon and conclude the outputs from the research sample to the specific group or general population. Thus both types of research are important for the investigator to accumulate proper data but according to the topic qualitative research is used because it is more suitable for collecting quality information.

Summary of data collection and analysis techniques:

Data collection: For gathering information or data, there are essentially two methods or approach which will be used in the dissertation, one is the primary source and another is secondary data. Both methods are useful for collecting appropriate information about the research topic. In case of primary source, researcher need to prepare a questionnaire which will be more appropriate in gaining the proper data from the participants. On the other side, for collecting secondary information, there are some essential and valuable source which is used by the researcher such as books, journals, Magazines, publication research etc. Therefore both methods are more significant for the investigator to accumulate proper and relevant data about the topic or research from the respondents (Parlan, Kusumawati and Mawardi, 2016). According to the topic, secondary source is more suitable because it is available from the many other sources and may already used in previous study, making it easier or simple to executed further research in appropriate manner. One of the main reason behind using secondary source as it is cost efficient and time saving for the organisation and researcher.

Data analysis: It will be completed or done with the support of thematic method of data analysis. In this case, different number of themes will be created every questions which will support in carrying out each and every activities of investigation effectively. The pattern or themes will be developed every question as this will assist the scholar or researcher in minutely determining the response from respondents side.

4.2 Rationale

Main purpose behind choosing this topic is to identifying the disagreement surrounding animal testing in cosmetics industry in the United Kingdom. In order to achieve research aims, there are different proposed research methodology which is used by an investigator to collect appropriate data from the respondents (Rychert and Wilkins, 2015). Some methods are determined as under:

Research paradigm: Paradigms guide an investigator about how they make decisions and execute research in appropriate manner. In addition, it is refers to basically epistemological and ontological assumptions while investigation strategy or approach refers to whether deductive, inductive, mixed or adductive approach is applied by investigator. Thus all this are essential for the researcher to accumulate proper response of customers about the research topic.

Sampling: There are basically two types of sampling methods such as random and non-random. In case of random sampling method, each and every member of population has a same possibility of being chosen as subject (Laquieze, Lorencini and Granjeiro, 2015). On the other hand, non-probability sampling, it is a technique or tool where the samples are collected in an effective process that does not provide equal chances to the respondents in the population. According to the topic, 30 respondents were included in the questionnaire with the response of respondents identified via the convenience sampling approach.

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Use of secondary information mostly revolve around actual harm or hurt to individual subject and problem of return for consent. Such type of data vary in forms of the amount of information identifying in it. The research ethics principles are mainly related with informed consent, confidentiality and anonymity. All this are identify as a role of investigator to communicate information about research objectives in clear manner to the respondents. In this, investigator should ask simple and easy questions to the participants and make sure such questions not harm and effect on individual (Locke and et. al., 2017).


There are so many limitation or difficulties which are basically witnessed at the period of conducting investigation. According to the topic or research, time is identify as one of the main limitation because research topic is vast or large for getting appropriate response from the respondents side (Madia, Worth and Corvi, 2016). For this, researcher need accurate time period for identifying proper response of participants. So in the entire it can be described that time is not maximum for the all activities of research.

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