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Research Project - Marks & Spencer

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

Research has been undertaken on the organisation for analysing the impact of digital technology on the activities of the business so that the issues faced by the organisation in context of technology can be resolved and for this the question to be answered includes:

  • Determination of research aim and objectives
  • Methodologies to the be used 
  • Activities and Timescales for the research 
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


1.1 Overview of research

In an organisation, the company will survive in competitive market place because this will help in conducting effective research that assist in making and formulating decision making process. Along with this, investigation is that procedures which help in gathering and collecting all required data of MNS. The conventional method has been operating and regulating the business functions and on the other hand, most of the people are mainly involved with effective digital technology at the time of organising and conducting potential business operations and its functions in appropriate way (Alshamaila, Papagiannidis and Li, 2013). These kind of technologies and methods are directly influences by both positive and negative factors which is essential for implementing some major business operations and activities in an organisation. For determining and evaluating accurate results, firm are able to increasing their profitability and income level in accurate manner.

1.2 Background

In this section, research has been collecting and gathering large market area which help in assembling required data and information for particular sector which can make transform for using accurate facts and figures in better manner. This will directly affect on firm which help in acquiring high level of revenue and income. In addition to this, the company will analysing and examining the impact of digital technology on business activity and growth that can directly affect on business operation and its major functions. An organisation are also adopting or using effective techniques and methods that will help in gaining attention of large number of customers towards creative services or facilities in proper manner (Apulu, Latham and Moreton, 2011). Therefore, staff members are adopting such major techniques and methods which assist in increasing their company abilities and capabilities that can easily control and manage their appropriate business operations and its functions in accurate mode.

1.3 Significance of research

The main objective of this specific investigation is that this will assist in analysing and examining such places and locations where they required to develop latest techniques and methods in better manner. Along with this, they need to manage and maintain all effective business operations and activities which help in enhancing company profitability and income in effective manner (Awa, Ojiabo and Emecheta, 2015). So it is required for firm is to examine and identify certain techniques and methods which is helpful in recognising the major impact of business operations and its functions on digital technology.

1.4 Research aims

Aim of this research is “To ascertain the impact of digital technology on growth and expansion of business operations. A case study on Marks& Spencer (M&S)”

1.5 Research objectives

  • To analyse the impact of digital technology on expansion and growth of business activities.
  • To determine the major ways through which firm can use technology in an effective manner.
  • To identify the contribution of technology in growth and development of M&S.
  • To identify the importance of social media for growth and expansion of M&S.
  • What is the impact of digital technology on expansion and growth of business activities?
  • What are the major ways through which firm can use technology in an effective manner?
  • What is the contribution of technology in growth and development of M&S?
  • What are the importance of social media in growth and expansion of M&S?

1.6 Research questions

1.7 Time scale

In this part, the company will divide their tasks in various sections so with the help of this, organisation can complete their whole work in given time frame. In addition to this, Gantt chart help enterprise for analysing and examining various data and information towards accurate work. It can also identifying the deadline of their business activity and operations in the context of an organisation. Along with this, time scale help in developing and formulating different policies or strategies by this they can easily finish their working scenario within the firm. There are different business activities and operations that will take lot of time which directly affect on various working situations and conditions (Baines, Lightfoot and Smart, 2011). Time scale assist entity for maintaining and managing whole work regarding digital technology that will help in smooth running of business functions and its activities. MNS will assist in gaining appropriate revenue and income for enhancing effective profitability in effectual manner.


This part of research is known as one of the most significant element of research. One of the main reason behind this is that under this views and opinions of various authors related with the main topic of research is collected and analysed by researcher. This make the investigator inform about various aspects of research and help in take better decision. All this support researcher in draw meaningful and valid conclusion. Effective use of technology enhance efficiency of business activities and help in offer quality products to its customers at affordable prices (Hajli, 2014).

As per the point of view of Carayannis, Sindakis and Walter, 2015 for get maximum benefit of implementation of technology, it is very important for firm to use right technical tool. This help in store large amount of data and at the same time support in expand business activities in new areas. Further, it is very necessary for M&S to have adequate amount of funds as lack of resources increase cost of business (Friedman and Friedman, 2013).

Eesley and Miller, 2018 summarised that technology provide various long and short term benefits to company. It provide various tools to store data and all this increase effectiveness of management. All this help in execute commercial activities in better way and encourage large number of customers towards company's product. Effective use of technology provide competitive benefit to firm. Further, it help in collect information about the needs and requirements of customers. Safe storage of all data help manager in take right decision related with business activities. In addition to this, technology boost up the process of business growth and success.

According to Indian CEO team, (2018), Social media brings various advantages for the business organisations in terms of achieving growth and expansion. Here are the some importance of social media in the growth and expansion of M&S:

Increase revenue: The main benefit that can be received by M&S using social media media is to generate huge revenues which can be possible through building a community or promoting products and services through posting advertisement which took customers directly to the company's home page. This will bring awareness among targeted people about the range of products M&S offered.

Brand development: Social media platform provides an opportunity to M&S to develop its brand image by enabling to communicate with targeted people which requires less time and efforts. It facilitate company to try maximum to inform customers about their offerings.

Attracting customers: By organising social media campaigns, M&S can easily attract followers with promotions or giveaways. Once the company get followers then they will easily retain and encourage them to stay with company for longer period of time.

Research: Social media is a online platform where large number of people are active on daily basis which makes easy for company to interact with them and ask them for feedbacks and suggestions that can help them in enhancing their products and services. It will help company to achieve huge customer strengths (Hinton and Hjorth, 2013).


It is identify as an essential and foremost element of research projects which is beneficial for the company to develop their business operations and activities effectively. Thus, with the use of this, an enterprises easily get better outcomes in short duration. Research methodology includes various components which are shown as below:

Type of investigation: It is a role of the specialist in order to use philosophy which assist to identify basic needs and wants of clients. In this specialist apply various strategies with aim to do research in successful manner. In this almost business entity use two types of research one is subjective and second is quantitative (Ward, 2016). Both are useful for the organisation to easily identify response of the customers about digitalisation. Quantitative research provide accurate data and information to the researcher. This type of information support to identify basic requirements of clients. Present research project in mainly relay on qualitative investigation to gather valuable information.

Research design: It is defined as handling of many advancements or instruments that render supports in investigation as well as accumulation of data which is to be applied as a study aspects to determine unmistakable data estimation to analysis different exploration problems. Research design is classified into different parts such as descriptive, experimental and exploratory (Keeble and Wilkinson, 2017). All these are useful for the organisation to understood about the expectation of clients regarding digitalisation. In many ways, research need to use subjective research because it give accurate information to the company.

Data Collection: Main role and responsibility of researcher is to collect necessary information. It is depict as an effective process of gathering and calculating data on targeted variables systematically. It is useful for the enterprises to gather data regarding customers needs and demands about business services and products. It will assist the enterprises to maximise customer base in the firm as well as increase their sales and revenues effectively. This part of research includes two noteworthy plan of actions of strategies for data accumulation Nguyen, Newby and Macaulay, 2015. These are known as important and vital tool for gathering necessary data. Methods of data collection are classified into two parts such as primary and secondary. Primary data includes first hand information which is collected through various methods such as questionnaires, interviews etc. whereas secondary data is considered as second information which is collected through online sources such as articles posted by some authors related to the topic of research. In the present research, both primary and secondary data has been collected. Primary data collected has collected by using questionnaire whereas secondary data has collected by using online sources which describes the views of various authors related to the topic of research.

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