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Research Project on Digital Technologies - Talent Plus

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 16 / Words 4016
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BM565
  • Downloads: 365
Organization Selected : Talent Plus


1.1 Overview

Digital technology plays a necessary in order to making business more successful. Main motive of every organisation is to execute the digital technologies in an organisation for developing their performance level along with the growth. Digitalisation plays an effective or essential role in development of all the organisational activities as it aids in giving proper significant direction to company for achieving development. The main focus of very organisation is to gain the competitive advantage with the help of offering better quality of different products as well as services to their existing consumers which are willing to take many advantages. In addition to this, advancement in technology brings many diverse opportunities along with the challenges for business firm. Many of the business entities do not related with the proper priority of the business area (Fitzgerald and et. al., 2014). In context to this, for enhancing productivity of business, there is a need to execute the innovative and creative technologies which will support in make improvement and uplifting all the working process and activities in an effective manner. Every business firm use different technologies for making the business activities more attractive. Different organisation use separate technology on the basis of culture or nature which has critical hindrance on the structure, working styles along with the designs. In this modern era, scope of the digital technology is broad and it also supports the management in order to achieve its objectives as well aims in particular period of time. But there are many complexities found in implementing the advances technology and firm faces many issues regarding this. It can be harmful for the company as well as its operations. In addition to this, it is a responsibility of management to develop new techniques as well as tools to increase the productivity level for achieve the more effectiveness and efficiency.

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1.2 Background of the research

The present investigation explains different challenges or issues at the time of executing the digital tools in an organisation. In changing working environment, it is necessary for organisations to use the better techniques to producing services and goods through which cost of operations can be reduce. Most of the time, this is not possible for some organisations to implement all the digital technologies as well as execute them in functional areas. This report is based on the Talent plus. It is a global recognized management consulting organisation. It provides the better consultancy services to people through knowing their point of views. In addition to this, emerging technologies gives opportunities along with the challenges for business firms and government. Small scale businesses have do not much money to purchase advanced technology for increasing the productivity of business. If firm will not adopt advanced technology in its business then its affect on business swill be bad and company will not be retain at marketplace for long period of time. In context to this, it is a responsibility of management to determine the effectiveness of technologies which develop the value in increasing sales along with the profit level of an organisation at the competitive market by attracting large number of consumers (Leeflang and et. al., 2014). The competition is increasing in this time period. So, regarding this there is a need to use the digital technology in business and make improvement in existing business related operations. Under this, business are consistently looking towards make improvement in business models and demands of market. Talent plus is a consultancy firm and it use the advanced technology in its business for doing its activities in easy manner and cost of operations will also be reduced. Through digitalisation, this firm can interact with its consumers in better or fair manner. But from this, there are many different challenge faced through firm.

1.3 Rationale of the Research

The rationale behind the research is to know about the challenges which are faced by companies at the time of emerging technologies. Technology provides many advantages to company in order to making business operations more effective or beneficial. With the help of this research, firm can know about the many advantages of digital technologies and also to know about different ways to overcome from all challenges in an effective or proper manner. In context to this, computerization advancements are became very successful in order to make improvement in an authoritative implementation of digital technologies in an effective manner. The tools of developing innovation management empowered through the merging technologies which will aids an organisation in the development of firm by innovation (Koen, Bertels and Elsum, 2011). The main focus of Talent plus organisation is on provide satisfactory consultancy services to the employed as well as unemployed persons in better manner.

1.4 Research aim

It is a necessary pat in research project and also a general statement which is concerned about the aims, objectives, goals and rationale behind study. In addition to this, it is a predetermined statement which aids to carried out whole work of research in proper or right direction. The aim of this investigation is “To identify challenges of integrating emerging technology with business. A case study on Talent Plus”.

1.5 Research objectives

This part of research is a necessary part which aims in simplifying research aims under which different variables are involved. The research objectives are totally based on aims of an investigation. Some objectives of research are given below as above:

  • To evaluate an importance of emerging technology at workplace.
  • To determine main challenges which have to be faced by executing advanced technologies in business of Talent Plus.
  • To ascertain different ways by which firms can enhance its sales and profitability.

1.6 Research questions

  1. What are importance of emerging technology at workplace?
  2. What are main challenges which have to be faced by executing advanced technologies in business of Talent Plus. ?
  3. What are different ways by which firms can enhance its sales and profitability?


This part of research is text of an academic paper which consists particular knowledge including the substantive results as well as theoretical contribution on the particular topic. Literature review assess in conduct research in a detailed manner through a researcher in order to carried whole research work in proper direction. In this part point of views as well as opinions of different authors or writers are to be taken.

2.1 Importance of emerging technology at workplace

Emerging technologies refers to ability which develops positive affect on society as well as providing the new exciting option for organisations. In will be helpful in getting the effective outcomes through making business activities more easier, reduce time, eliminate risk and also minimize the cost efficiency. On the basis of view point of Rozenblum and et. al., 2011 it has been stated that digital technologies is crucial aspect for any business and the growth of firm can also be increased through using the proper digital tools for doing business, making infrastructure better and improving in communication. In context to Talent Plus organisation it communicate with its consumers with the help of digital technology tools in better manner. Emerging technology is innovate which currently going to make business more successful. It is a responsibility of an organisation to provide better of effective quality of services to people which can satisfy their needs or requirements in a proper way. According to Fleisch, Weinberger and Wortmann, 2015 it has been concluded that digitalisation provides many opportunities to organisations to increasing productivity along with the profit level in an effective manner. The main importance of digital technology is to make effective business strategies which are different though level of maturity of technology. It is necessary that Talent Plus firm should update its technology from time to time because if technology will be obsolete then it can develop negative impact on business and firm can not do its busiens operations in an effective or proper manner. With the help of technologies, business has been able to do some advances in a way that firm can communicate with its employees along with the consumers in better manner.

On the basis of view point of Matt, Hess and Benlian, 2015 it has been stated that technology develops significant impact on business operations along with the activities. The technological infrastructure impacts on effectiveness, culture, efficiency and also relationship of business. In addition to this, an emerging technology is an information technology sector which is responsible for producing new devices as well as goods which are expected and used in next 5 to 8 years. In relation to business of Talent Plus organisation, emerging technologies for its existing as well as new services which will aids in develop effective competitive advantage to business. Under emerging technology includes technological advancements which this company is already use. These kinds of advancements are helpful for business organisation to increase operations of business at minimum cost. The main emerging technologies are artificial intelligence and robotics and both are effective technologies. The main focus of artificial intelligence in developing some innovative machines for business. With the help of this firm can determine current market trends. On the other hand robotics refers to technology as well as engineering science which used mechanical or electronic technology in order to replace human.

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2.2 Challenges which have to be faced by executing advanced technologies

At the time of executing the innovate and advanced technologies, there are many challenges which are faced through Talent plus organisation. In addition to this, it is a responsibility of manager to determine all challenges in better manner and try to eliminate them from business. On the basis of view point of Lee and Kwak, 2011 it has been stated that It will provide many advantages to business firm for enhancing development along with the productivity of an organisation in an effective or proper manner. Some of the challenges are given below as above:

Increase cost-If firm will purchase new technology, then there will be requirement of more funds and it is the responsibility of finance manager to arrange funds in systematic manner. Advances technology is helpful in increasing development along with the productivity of business with in specific period of time. But arrangement of funds is a main challenge which is faced through Talent Plus organisation in better manner.

Assembling- In addition to this, new innovations can not be meet with any traditional style of manufacturing of an organisation. Regarding this, company can face different challenges in the process of manufacturing. It is a main advantage for company and also negative impact on the business and it is a main issue (Soteriades, 2012).

Durability- In this modern era, many different technologies are to be taken place at the workplace which gives benefits to firm. In order to this, digital technology is not durable or effective for long period of time and can not give the long term effectiveness to the process of business. In order to reduce this affect, it is necessary to update them so that operations as well as activities of firm in a better or effective manner.

So, these are the problems which are face through Talent plus organisation at the time of implementing the advanced or digital technologies. In addition to this, it is a responsibility of an organisation to use the advance technologies in business and deal with all challenges in better manner.

2.3 Various ways by which firms can enhance its sales and profitability

The main motive of every business firm is to increasing sales and also profit level with the help of using effective or beneficial methods. In addition to this, it is a responsibility of manager to find the appropriate methods for increasing profit level of company. As per the view point of Berman, 2012 it has been stated that there are different methods given below through which Talent plus can increase its sales along with the profit level of business:

Enhance marketing-Marketing is an effective way to enhance sales of firm. It is necessary for an organisation to focus on quality, test marketing, careful planning in order to enhance efficiency of sales. If cost of goods will be minimum then large number of consumers will be attracted towards firm in an effective manner. In order to know about the market, Talent plus organisation conduct an effective research and determine marketing strategies, existing services or goods and many other things.

Reduce cost and increase quality- In this modern era, the main focus of people is on purchasing better quality of goods at the minimum cost. In addition to this, it is necessary that Talent plus organisation develop goods and product on the basis of needs and demands of consumers in an effective manner.

Enhance productivity of employees- They are main part of an organisation and give their contribution towards achieving aims and goals of firm in an effective manner. As per the opinion of Davies and Harty, 2013 it is stated that Talent Plus organisation provide training as well as development facilities to staff members so that their skills, core competencies, knowledge and working performance will be enhanced in proper manner. With the help of this, they will focus on achieving aims of firm and enhance productivity in a proper manner.

Produce unique products- The needs and demands of consumers changing day by day, so it is a responsibility of an organisation to determine their needs and then produce the better quality of goods in an effective manner. In context to this, firm can make changes in its existing products and make them unique.

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It is a procedure to gather the relevant or accurate data for making the better business related decisions. It is theoretical and systematic analysis of different methods which are applied to the field of study. Under this includes interviews, publication investigation and some of the other research related techniques by including historical and current data. It is systematic plan in order to conducting research in proper period of time. Under this, some parts of research are given below as above:

3.1 Types of Investigation

It is a process to gather various kinds of data in order to identify different aspects of an investigation and helpful in increasing knowledge in particular field. Under this, there are mainly different methods of collecting relevant as well as accurate data. There are three kinds of research such as qualitative type, descriptive and also empirical type. On the basis of venture, qualitative method of research is helpful in providing data in a detailed manner and provides better outcomes (Weller, 2011). In addition to this, it gives outcomes in hypothesis form as well as theories. For doing this research, researcher uses this method to gather data in detailed manner.

3.2 Research philosophy

It is belief regarding an effective manner under which an information about phenomenon should be collect, used as well as analyse. Research philosophy deals with nature, source and also development of the knowledge. It is determine as an effective process and in this different kinds of data as well as record to be determine in an effective manner. Under this, if Talent plus will implement the different digital tools and it will provide many advantage to firm and accomplish needs and demands of consumers in order to enhance profit and sales of firm. In addition to this, there are two kinds of philosophies positivism and intervistism. Both philosophies are beneficial for business. In order to conduct this research, an investigator uses intreprevistism philosophy in a detailed manner.

3.3 Research approaches

It is concerned to identify different kinds of data which are related with numerical format. Through this, researcher can find the better outcomes in an effective way. In addition to this, there are two different research approaches such as deductive as well as inductive. With the help of using effective research approach, researcher can implement all business operations in correct directions to get better results. This present investigation is based on an inductive approaches which depends on the qualitative methods to execute the innovative methods at the workplace. In order to this, an inductive approach of research is beneficial methods to increasing development and growth of all research related operations.

3.4 Research design

It is a blueprint and on the basis of this an investigator set business objectives along with the goals. It is regarded with effective strategies which an investigator executed for doing the study of different part for search experiment. In this, researcher develop an effective research design for implementing various process of an investigation. It is necessary for an investigator to search better outcomes with in specific period of time. There are three different research designs and these are experimental, exploratory and descriptive (Zhou, 2013) There is a need to an investigator to execute better research design for perform different research aspects. For doing this research, an investigator selects descriptive research design for accomplishing the positive results which aids in emerging the integrating technologies in better manner in an organisation. It will be helpful in increasing performance level of firm. With the help of this research design, researcher can collect the data or information in detailed manner.

3.5 Data sampling

It is a necessary factor and its main focus on choosing most effective sample size from total population. In this, researcher selects people through random sampling to know about their opinions regarding the research topic in better manner. For collecting relevant data, an investigator uses 30 sample size. In order to this, there are two different types of data sampling methods and these are probabilistic and also non- probabilistic for doing research in a systematic manner. In this present investigation, researcher uses probabilistic sampling techniques which assess in measuring the valuable information which are concerned with an investigator. It is a procedure to collect kinds of information and data which are concerned with the statistical population selected through an investigator.

3.6 Data collection

This method of an investigation is concerned with collect of relevant collection or data on targeted variable in effective manner and it aids in getting the better outcomes. Data collection revels regarding the network location as well as survey to logging, data entry and capture. In addition to this, there are two different types of data collection method and these are primary and secondary. In primary method of data collection, researcher uses questionnaire, surveys, observation, personal interview and different methods. On the other hand, in secondary method, data is collected through researcher from different sources such as books, journals, articles, libraries, magazines and many other sources. Both methods of data collection are very beneficial and helpful in completing research on time and know about the opinions of people in better manner. Among these two different methods, researcher uses questionnaire from the primary method on which different questions are mentioned.

3.7 Ethical consideration

At the time of conducting an investigation, it is necessary for investigator to follow ethics in this. It is the responsibility of an investigator to include the ethics in research. At the time of conducting research (Standing, Tang-Taye and Boyer, 2014). There are many different problems which are faced through research. So, it is necessary that researcher should have ability to deal with them in better manner and get the effective outcomes.

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Time scale of research activities

This part of research is regarded as most beneficial and aids in giving proper direction to an investigator to execute all research related operations along with the activities in proper manner on the basis of task. In context to this, it is a responsibility of a researcher to develop better time scale which need to be execute in systematic way for completion of activities with in specific period of time. It is a kind of bar- chart which shows finished as well as scheduled work over given period of time. Time scale according to the tasks given below as above:

Gantt chart-It is a chart which is horizontal and under this tasks are divided on the basis of time period. Every activity or tasks has particular period of time. In order to this, it is known as the visual presentation.

S. no Task Name Time Duration Begin Finish Predecessor
1 Identify issue 3 Days
2 Literature review 8 Days 1
3 Clarify the issue 6 Days 1,2
4 Clearly define concepts and terms 5 Days 2,3
5 Define the population 4 Days 4
6 Collecting data 10 Days 5
7 Analysing data 6 Days 6
8 Conclusion and Recommendation 4 Day 7
9 Submission of report 1 Day 8

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