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Research project on Development of Technology

University: Melbourne Business School

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1411
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: 9132IBA
  • Downloads: 687
Question :

The aim of this unit is to carry out research report on study which are conducted in classroom in order to know about the advanced technology tool beneficial for study.

  • Carry our brief introduction of the topic development of technology.
  • Conduct literature review using well structured data
  • Formulate methodology and data collection procedure for the study
  • Critique on the finding of relationship among variables explored and reported.
Answer :


Computers consider improvement in the productivity of students with implement several innovative features. In this regard, drastically changes occurs in the institutions to take comprehensive outcomes and results. With this regard, they can also stay more organised and instantly to access broad range of learning material. There are several instructors can be view on laptop and computer to attain more significant advantages. Indicative content also consider implementation of the signal that enhances learning productivity. Different factors implemented that consider major efforts to attend class.

Today's time is age of technology so that human being consider computer and laptop use continuously. It is very important to develop systematic work performances as per the latest investigation at workplace. It helps to engage people in the internet consideration and expand capacity as well. In the way of teaching, Thomas Edison consider book in which development of technology continuously expand day by day.

Literature review

As per the view of Downes and Bishop, (2015), technology consider effective results in human being to increase their understanding and results as well. In this regard, it is essential to consider tool of technological advances with the latest investigation in analysis and research. There are more than 100,000 students using advance technology in their school and college to refer most utilised and essential gadget for scholastic purposes. Computers are also using in the classrooms to engage people in work. Furthermore, Zheng, Warschauer and Chang, (2016) stated that it helps to increase capacity of students through focus on the engaged activities and outcomes in systematic manner. It will assist to develop learning and innovation characteristics at workplace. It is the element to take significant advantages at workplace. There are some amazing activities signify by advance technology that assists to ascertain more effective functioning.

According to the point of Low and Ng, (2018), classroom consider exponential development in the education system with the latest investigation. Computers are also used to increase knowledge of students through different software such as power point, SPSS, etc. However, Jin and Schmidt-Crawford, (2017) consider their views that in the colonial years wooden oars printed lesson that are known as Magic Lantern. It also helps to focus on the straight forward in the slides that floating with the Chicago Public School. In this way, new areas of teaching has been founded that helps to consider development of innovations and instructive ability at workplace. In this regard, systematic work performance develop with making changes every day consideration. Internet tremendous electronic library considered direction that accomplished with tick the mouse. Genkin, Pipman and Tromer, (2015), stated that recent time consider development of the laptops in classroom consideration develop more systematic work performance with counter-attack. Demand of the research educational system contentiously expanded on learning has been ignored. In this regard, it is important to identify impact of laptop teaching on students learning in the classroom.

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Bower, Dalgarno and Kenney, (2015) argued that there are three main factors exist which influence and impact on laptop using in the classroom. In the particular study, there are real classes has been taken which are not crafted on the using of laptop. As results, it will indicate in the research to consider high cost for laptop program with fundamental reasons. On the basis of Mariga, Ogenga and Muliaro, (2017), counter-attack against the projects made warmed demand for different research. As results, they guaranteed in hurry to embrace laptop. It is the best instrument of the day in advance education. Inquire about the effect of laptop on learning which could be ignored. There is wide reason for the research to look students for using laptop and impact on their learning process. On the basis of Beuermann, Cristia and Cruz-Aguayo, (2015), they consider view with undeniable that computer and laptop consider become essential role. In the educational system, there are certain drawbacks exist that need to implement to consider high connection between student tablet usage and more actions on interpersonal organisation. As per the view of Nogry and Varly, (2018), teachers consider their activities with devices that are developed with classroom environment hugely. It considers reasonable assessment with constraining access to college Wi-Fi in the substance which develop systematic understanding. In addition to this, it has been scholarly esteemed that rate in classroom consideration also develop to focus on the perfect world. It is the major concern which essentially looked by the occurrence of using laptop and consider it to perfect world. It is the main approach which helps to take support and attain claimed as per user needs. Additionally, exhorted to teacher utilise software which enable to instructor on the screen within the class time.

In addition to this, Meng, Wu and Weekse, (2014) consider their views that computer and laptop become essential elements of the education system. In this regard, it is important to the educational system which consider some drawbacks. High connection between the students' usage and actions taken on the basis of interpersonal organisation stressing.


In the research of qualitative and quantitative parameter, there are both aspects has been undertaken on the basis of research questions. Therefore, 10 participants has been taken from the Griffith College.

Procedure and participants

In the survey question, it has been analysis that laptops in the classroom has been considered to develop things in systematic manner. In this regard, it is important to consider better academic and prevented without disturbing in the learning process. Convenient sampling consider for selecting respondents (Tallvid, Lundin and Lindström, 2015). All the questionnaire, considered directly after the participant. Survey conducted to considered proper and systematic results that are developed in the classrooms. Most of the questions has been asked in the duration of 10 minutes. There are 3 female and 7 males included who ranges at the age of 20 to 25. All the students are graduated. They are qualifying master degree in the age of 20 to 25.

Furthermore, 12 questions has been considered on which survey develop successfully. In this regard, general questions has been asked to obtain personal and background information. In respect to progress the questions there are certain personal reasons implemented which indicate in the laptop and tablet. Students are also asked to indicate degree for experience on the basis of five points (Crook, Sharma and Wilson, 2015). There are open ended questions considered as per the opinion of participant. In order to look towards the different aspects that consider important survey with different questions. Students are also asked about the strongly agree questions that indicate systematic work performance on the desired results. Closed-ended and open-ended questions has been provided information as per the participant outcomes. Pilot test analysis to take respondents views in systematic aspects and attain more significant results.


1. How do you come to school if you take laptop?




Public transports




Private transport

Interpretation : On the basis of above of observation it has been seen that 9 people will interest to take public transport rather than walking taxi or private transport. Besides, only one respondent taken taxi while they come to the school.

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