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Research Project - Cumberland Hotel

University: Regent College of London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

The assessment tasks which are to be covered under this project are as follows:

  • Demonstration of knowledge and understanding of business research to provider organizations with relevant, accurate, reliable and useful information.
  • Identification of relevant business issues for Cumberland hotel and show awareness of research methodologies and paradigms.
  • Critical evaluation of research strategies and approaches.
  • Recognition and consideration of ethical values and procedures while conducting research for Cumberland hotel.
  • Designing and developing a research proposal for Cumberland Hotel.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Cumberland Hotel



The particular research would be based on role of higher or senior level management could be playing for development of organisation and that of their leadership as well. There are many courses or development programs which are helping managers and leaders of team or organisation in their active participation of employees into goal attainment of company. The role which is to be played by team leader and management of organisation could be included like that of teaching, training, mentoring and evolving high potential aptitude so that results could be generated (Tse, To and Chiu, 2018). This research would be including Cumberland Hotel which is situated in London and what is the impact of leadership development programs on leaders of hotel. The main aim of leaders would be that to acquire knowledge of achievement and what is the capability to lead a team.


This research would be helpful and resourceful for those researchers who are conducting further study on same topic of leadership and its programs of development so that leaders could easily acquire knowledge that of achievement and capability to lead as well. So for this purpose it would be required to. It would also be helpful for those who are students in university and pursuing Ph.D. as it is required on their part to prepare thesis and dissertation on various topics. Other than these proposal will also be helpful for company on which research need to be done as then they would be easily knowing about influence of leadership development that on leaders.


In the current research proposal where scholar is conducting study on how leadership development programs would be influencing leaders in their way to acquire knowledge of achievement and capability to lead people in their organisation. It is included that leaders are regarded to like teachers, mentors and coaches which is very old concept but now it is been having vital importance on part of organisations as well. This particular concept that of leader was raised and evolved at the initial civilisation at that time there were philosophers and religious leaders who taught and trained people how to live and grow. Then during the time of middle ages there were many artisans and apprentices who use to practice see one, do one and teach one theory. Now with the theoretical aspect of organisation this is been lined up so that business could be moving forward and helping to grow and develop into market.


Leadership development programs:

According to Goleman, (2017) this is defined to as that program or activity which is helping people in organisations having quality that of leading and guiding others in becoming better and good leaders of company. There are lot of work which need to be done by part of leader who is making others influence and work so that they are contributing into grow and development of organisation as whole. The basic and elementary thing could be that to communicate with their subordinates so that both are been able to exchange their thought and process of policy or decision making in better and effective manner. Development of leadership is always required as per the part of leaders or management of company which is helping them all to grow and improve their quality of leadership or mentoring people who all are into their supervision. Bolden, (2016) said that it would be essential for all leaders who are leading and supervising peoples in organisations are themselves trained and capable to take up responsibility and roles as good and effective leaders.

It was proved in one of the research or study that was conducted by Centre of Creative leadership that all those companies who are using mature methods and forms of leadership which is about 65% are having improved business results in comparison to those which are not using. It was also included into this particular research that about 85% of companies using leadership development plans are adopting rapid changes in marketing conditions whereas 52% would not be able to do so. Koryak and Hodgkinson, (2015) included that at the initial level when leadership was introduced it was having main focus was on the development of ability and attitudes of leaders. However now they are focusing on deeper part and element of leadership and its planning into organisation. As there are various characteristics and traits of leaders which is making them successful and unsuccessful on the grounds of behavioural changes.

Influence of leadership development on leaders:

Bryson, (2018) indicated that all the leadership development programs would be helping and influencing leaders and their ability to lead and guide people. The main target is their characteristic and trait which is as per the part of leaders most effective and essential element of good and successful leader. If the company is engaging their team leaders and managers into all sorts of good and productive leadership programs then it is surely getting them all results which are according to their targets. It was included that only 15% of total learning of leaders are form traditional methods which is that of classroom style training through use of this they are been able to sustain their behavioural changes. There are mainly three elements of leadership that are been linked with successful leadership style which are individual characteristics of leader, from the changes in leadership supervision behaviour could be changed into success and then the nature or quality of leadership programs.

According to Johnson, Chen and Rosecrance, (2018) it would be included that company must be using only modern way of training and development the most one could be that of leadership course, workshops, and e-learning, role play and leadership consultancy as well. All these above said methods of enhancing leadership quality of leaders and managers as well so that they could be involving into target achieving and leading people of organisation.

Process of leadership development programs or methods in leading people:

Jasimuddin and Naqshbandi, (2018) indicated that if organisations like that of Cumberland hotel are using and applying various types of leadership styles and developing programs then they would surely be getting many chance to grow their company. Leadership could be defined to as that process or activity of busienss which is helping and enabling people and group to overcome all challenges. They are those people who are motivating, leading and guiding their subordinates so that it is easy for them to achieve all types of goals and target.

If leaders are using and getting training from their higher or senior management then it becomes easy for them to gaing key concepts of leadership developemnt which are like that of. DeGeest, Seibert and O'Boyle, (2018) argued that visioning which is that factor that is developing ability so that they could formulate clear and persice image of aims and objective of company and thus helping to achieve future goal. While on the other hand attitude would be that which is playing major and most important role in being a effective leader for their subordinates. Self efficacy is the right kind of training that is been given to person so that he could belive in his own doing and capabilities to lead and develop people.


To identify influence of leadership development on leaders in way to acquire knowledge of achievement and capability to lead: A study Cumberland Hotel.



To identify influence of leadership development on leaders in way to acquire knowledge of achievement and capability to lead: A study Cumberland Hotel.


  • To critically analyze literature review on leadership developing leaders within the organizations to have promising future.
  • To conduct in depth study of organization team leaders, mangers and member staff to understand how they process leadership developing leaders program or methods.
  • To compare data and analyze how Leadership development influence Leaders.
  • To provide set recommendation for the leaders to adapt and learn the outcome of development.

Research questions:

  1. Why an organizations leaders need to develop leaders?
  2. How to measure the characteristics ?
  3. What are the skills and attributes of a leader?
  4. How to develop current and future leaders?


Research philosophy:

It could be defined to as that belief and outlining of the research methodology which is helping in gaining opinions which are concerned by aims and objective of topic. Research philosophy is basic phenomenon behind the gathering and analysing of whole data whether it is primary or secondary one (Huxtable-Thomas and Hannon, 2018). It would be helping researcher to find out what is true and what could be false as per the part of topic. There are of two kinds namely interpretivism and positivism both of them are concerning about aims and objective of topic which they are studying. So in this particular project researcher would be including Interpretivism (Subjective) which helps in reflecting on different opinions concerning the research topic and then building theory on it.

Data collection:

This is the most important element of any type of project as without collecting of valid, prominent and correct form of data it would be not possible for any researcher to conduct project (Guillén and Fontrodona, 2018). Under this there are mainly two types of data collection techniques or sources which are primary and secondary both of them would be enabling researcher to find valid data and then use them to come to specified and valid conclusions. So in this current part only primary data collection technique would be used. In this type researcher would be using through in-depth meeting interview and literature review. Data which is to be collected may not be numerical but analysing and collect different suggestions and opinions so that researcher would be able to come on proper conclusion part. 2 team leaders, 1 managers and 1 of the staff members would be interviewed over their meetings and trying to come on to basic conclusions and findings as well.


This is another important step which is included within the data collecting technique this is helping researcher to sample out valid and relevant data from collected one (Bialaszewski, 2018). This is called to as sampling which is extracting important participants from a large population of people who are to be giving us valid results and finding as well. There are various techniques of data sampling but in this particular researcher is using sample technique as None-Probabilistic one. Under this techniques it is not easy to calculate that how we would be using this particular respondent into our research as odd number of members could be chosen.

Data analysis:

This is another important way to conclude our data and making results out of the collected data which is that of data analysis. As only collection of data or information is not enough that data need to be calculated further to take out valid and relevant results (Martelo-Landroguez and Ribeiro-Soriano, 2018). Qualitative data analysing technique would be applied as there is arranging of in depth interviews over meeting. This data will be analysed to build how to approach effective leadership developing leaders in organizations. 2 Team leader, 1 Manger and 1 staff member is to be taken as the sampling from whom interview questions need to asked so qualitative data analysing techniques are to be used.

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