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Research Methods

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

Research Dissertation based on impact of terrorism, money and other attributes on travelling.

  • Research overview
  • Research rationale
  • Aims and objectives of the research.
  • Literature review
  • Methods for data collection
  • Ethical issues associated with research
  • Action and time plan.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Virgin Media

Section 1 Introduction

1.1 Overview of the research

Every individual have their own perception over the security aspect when they are travelling from one country to other. Other than that people who are leaving in the country have different perception towards the security aspect of the country there are several factors which can create threat in the mind of people such as terrorist attack, uncertain accidents etc. there are several aspects at which safety and security is being considered such as information safety, transportation safety, serving in the country without any attacks etc. When it is concerned about the public transportation, then it posses high risk of security and safety. Such as public transportation bus is there, it carries large number of people. If the accident occurs then it may cause loss of many lives (Monsen and Horn, 2007). The aim of this research is to explore the perception of safety and security problems on the part of those parties who are leaving in the country or tourist. Security and safety is the aspect which is being concerned about the daily life of the people weather they are travelling from one place to other, whether they are sharing any information to the other people, whether they are in the public transportation vehicle etc. In context with terrorist attacks, there are many issues that are raised. One of the main issues faced is in relation with increase in fear among people other countries. The hotels, restaurant, travelling agencies got affected. There were tremendous reduction visitors identified.

The focus of the study on terrorism that will express the effects and the outcomes that country face. The impact of terrorism industry on tourism industry can be enormous. It can be created unemployment, homelessness, deflation and many more economic causes. Any downturn of the country will affect the overall activity and growth. That is the concern for the government to enhance the activity and growth. Moreover, it gives negative impact on the behaviour of less effective growth (Monsen and Horn, 2007). Travellers are more likely to be affected by the terror attack. For that, they always prefer to visit risk free places.

Worldwide, there are estimated to be approximately one million road accident fatalities and ten million people injured annually, many with long-term disabilities. Almost 70% of these occur in the developing or emerging world. Most of the people have agreed that safety and security in the different aspects need to be enhanced and maintained so that people can feel safe while leaving and travelling in the country. All these type of problems have raised fear among people. Thus, it has negative impact faced in terms of economic growth. When it is concerned about the UK, there is less number of terrorist attack and other uncertain accident takes place. People perceive that UK is safe country as compare to the others (Nakkeeranand Zodpey, 2012). One of the terrorist attack that took place at UK was in the year 2011, when 17 people have been died and 25 have injured. During that year the rate of visitors reduced and people prefer to visit places that are safe. Even in the year 2017, terrorist attacks have continued to take place at UK that has caused serious impact on tourism. After the attack there are several protective measures have been taken such as security personnel in the hotel and different tourist destination

Other than that security is also plays very significant role in the organisation as well as for the customers. When it comes to the organisation like hotels, restaurants, security is one of the major aspect which customers want when they select any type of services. There are different issues that ate faced by the customers related to the financial crises such as uncertain accident, changing environment, threats from attack etc. in today's environment every individual want to be safe they have huge importance of the security and safety in the country either it is physical and financial security. On the other hand it can be concluded that security is a multidimensional and complex connotation which is co-existed since human civilisation came into existence (Khalid, 2009).

Overall, tourist places is all about the relaxation, beauty and enjoyment for that people visit different places and better effective growth making task. It gives new life to people ion order living the life in more effective manner. Apart from that, this study investigate the tourist risk perception towards the risk destination. In terms of current situation many of the tourist places are now become for safe in terms to avoid terrorism or any other miss happening situation. Apart from that, in terms of people they majorly avoid those places which involves risk factors (Nakkeeran and Zodpey, 2012). Understanding tourist related safety components which is very much essential for government to be taken strict action. London is the host city of the Olympics Games 2012, it is the opportunity for the country to showcase their talent and cultural features to visitors for world class tourist attraction. This event and sport meet get into the troubled due to which negative publicity will attract the negative impact on the London. This overall makes this overall presenting part will also create negativity in between the employees. The major component of risk factor will reduce the popularity of the country or places as well. Present study will have talk about the terrorism impact on the London. Due to which they face negative publicity and having low tourism scope.

1.2 Rationale of the research

Terrorism perception of a destination image as preferred choice for travel crucial. This make the proper changes and change their own perception towards the places. The first thought after making planning for travelling is that select those places whose destination marketing can be facilitated and well. Apart from that, these are the major barriers of the tourism industry that makes negative influencing factor. People are more concern about the tourist places that, makes critical point of subjective task (Alegre and Pou, 2006. That makes low influencing part. That makes good appearance, some other barriers lack of attraction, unclean accommodation, poor quality etc. these are the factors that impact on the perception of travellers. The main perception of tourist towards the destination are satisfaction, destination. Those must be on their correct position. These are the following impact on the tourism industry. For overcoming from these threats' tourism sector needs to get the possible action plan according to get the best possible results and more performing expectation. That also helps to make the proper changes and should adopt the best technologies and approaches. That makes better technology or growth. Threat of safety is a strong deterrent to taking a holiday, but this can also change the better perception level of growth. Overall, this makes the proper changing and approachable takes oriented makes better changes in the traversal perception. Every traveller their own perception and effective technological growth (Blanke and Chiesa, 2013). Apart from that, it makes better opportunity and growth in order to meet the needs of the people. Overall, terrorism fear is the overall factor to be reduced.

There are several reasons which help the researcher to conduct the investigation. The scholar have curiosity and interest on this particular subject, this is the major reason the researcher have selected the subject. The topic is to analyse the perception of people on security check within London City. Investigator has proper understanding and knowledge about the subject, this is another reason the scholar have select this subject in order to conduct the investigation. One major reason for select this topic is that researcher has sufficient data and information about this topic. In addition to this, investigators have detailed information about this topic through which he/she has successfully conducted the research on this topic. Another type of issue faced is related with security is lack of understanding among travellers. In this context, the rate of motivation should be high so that all people involved are able to focus on setting up step through which the issues related with security can be eliminated. There are many factors that make individuals to visit different place. In this context, marketing done for the different places. When a person has proper knowledge about the places, then it enables to boost individuals to visit these destinations. When the rate of security those are provided hotels are high, then enables to develop positive perception within the mind of people and it also motivate individuals.

The type of perception that is carried out by individuals towards security is different. With age the seriousness increases towards security and the perception that are carried by people of different countries is also different.

For completing all the research, total cost that will be incurred is about $500. There are different activities that are covered and to complete them all this amount will be required.

1.3 Research Focus

1.3.1 Aim and Objectives


Key aim of the researcher is “To analyse the perception of tourists towards destinations and security in London City for age group from 20 to 55”


  • To analyse the understanding of the security aspect perceived by the people in the London.
  • To assess the factors which influence to the security level in the London for age group from 20 to 55.
  • To determine the strategies through which security can become more strong in the London.

1.3.2 Research questions

  • What threats does tourist see to their safety and security in London?
  • What are the impact of terrorism on the perception of travellers ?
  • Has this perception of safety and security influence their decision to visit the capital anyway.
  • What needs to be done to reduce the threat in the eyes of the tourist in order to restore confidence in the city?

Section 2: Literature review

Why do People travel on holidays, what stops people from travailing for sun sea, no time, no money and sand.

According to Blanke and Chiesa, (2013)People majorly are more concern about its own services and growth. Before taking any plan for travailing they always checkout the destination planning and take better target goals. This makes situation more critical and complicated that affect individual perception. Besides, people likely to take new challenges and new experiences this is the first reason why people do travelling. For getting new learning, expanding your perspective, appreciating your life and better making task oriented growth. Some people travel to build strengthening relationship. Besides some of them wants to have new adventure for exploring the life according to Monsen and Horn, 2007

Another concern is that some activities get affect people to make plans for going or to visit places. Such as lack of finance, due to poor health issues and making growth factors. According to Jeong and Jang, 2016) or growth. Apart from that, accordingly this makes better changes and better making task performance. Having an adventure is the while going things and take better changes and growth. Some people avoid travelling because of the terror reasons and giving low services level.

According to the view of Alegre and Pou, (2006) there are several disasters that can take place in the country some of them are natural and some are man-made. Man-made are those which can be controlled by humans by taking some preventive measures. On the other hand, natural are those which cannot be controlled by human and cause different types of problems. When these disasters take place, this creates threats in the mind of people and they start fear out of it. Other that other important aspect which is related to the security is information safety. As it is the era of technology, all the information are stored and communicated with the help of digital way. Thus, it is very much necessary for the sender and receiver to take some security measures so that information cannot be used by unauthorised user. Majority of the people prefer to travel during holiday but the places that are decided have any type of terrorist attacks, then people do not prefer to visit these places. There are many factors that affects individual to cancel their plan. It includes reasons like lack of time, lack of money, etc. In order to travel it is required to have appropriate time and money so that all the areas that have to be visited can be covered. Further, any types of accidents that can occur are not predicted and so people always have the fear and when these are places where there are terrorist attacks happened, the people do not prefer to travel. This things give better performance level of growth. This also makes the better challenging and growth full manner of growth. Overall growth level helps to brings new services that affect tourism industry. Moreover, this brings new services and growth. It is the another growth channel and making good performance level of work.

What puts people off there can be many threats, political adjuration

This makes better changes and better environment growth. There are another many concern issues which affect company such as political threats, economic issues and most importantly major issues that impact on the tourism industry according to Jeong and Jang, (2016). Apart from that, it makes overall changes for the growth manner. Some traveller generally achievable and impactful decision making approach. The effect of perception can give new approachable growth. Besides, terrorism and political instability risk leads travellers dissatisfaction among growth. Perception of traveller risk influence their travel decision.

In the contradicting view of Ayuso, S., (2007) security is the felling and perception which can not be exactly calculated, this is because it is the physiological reaction of people for the risk and countermeasures. It may happen that person start feeling terrible afraid for the terrorism, or it may happen that person start feeling that they need to be worried about the different aspect of safety and security. On the other hand when the people find that individual around them are feeling safe and secure, they also remove their fear out of theft, robbery, murder, terrorist attack etc. and if the neighbour feel that he or she not safe and there is any risk of murder, theft etc. then the other person also start feeling the same.

As per the view of Jeong and Jang, (2016) there are different types of disaster which can take place and create a fear in the mind of people. Disaster can be caused by natural activities or human conduct. There are several resources which can cause disaster such as groundwater contamination or chemical spills. It can cause workplace fire which is most common and cause huge loss to the human lives. When it is concerned about the London, then there are different types of disasters. In the year 1952, Harrow train has been crashed, it is the worst rail accident, 112 people were killed, 340 injured. This has created threat in the people and perception of the people goes against it, but further some preventive measures have been taken and these have reduced the risk of train accidents.

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