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Research Project - Case Study on Wiser

University: ICON College of Technology and Management

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  • Course Code: JNB508
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Question :

The scenario for this report is based on research in accordance with marketing researcher for Wiser firm.

  • Preparation of research report by using various approaches and obtaining hypothesis for Wiser firm.
  • Analysis of business research report for Wiser firm.
  • Establishing communication with various stakeholders regarding the outcomes of the research.
  • Drawing reflection of methodologies of research and concepts for Wiser firm.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Wiser


“To determine the significance of using Internet techniques as marketing medium for an enterprise and its impact on increasing organisational value. A case study on Wiser organisation”.


Overview of research

Marketing consist as one of the most important component of any business activity that assist company in attracting large number of customers towards firm which help in generating large amount of income and revenue in effective manner. Along with this, marketing is determined as an effectual procedures which can be used by firm so this will help in developing and making interest among people regarding their new goods and services. They are mainly concentrate on those areas of an organisation which assist in developing sound or friendly environment and also build strong relationship with their customers for providing desired products and services to satisfying their requirements and needs (Adams and Simnett, 2011). They are creating value to the buyers and gain advantages from an organisation. Along with this, internet marketing is determined as crucial approach or concept that are play an important role in formulating organisational performance and productivity by providing accurate deals in innovative goods and services at large market place. In current time period, people are spending large amount of time on internet sources such as applications and internet tools which are effectively developing their abilities and skills of a person in various places. Internet is determined as necessary method of marketing which has been play huge role in giving efficiency to their customers for giving an alternative option for satisfying their all needs and wants in better manner. Wiser firm is selected organisation for the specific research project, which is small recruitment company that provide jobs to the desired people and also perform effective business operations and its functions. The main motive of this company is to giving effective consultancy facilities and services to their customers for developing their business operations at large scale (Büyüközkan and Arsenyan, 2012).

Background of research

In this, internet is most applied method of marketing in the modern time period and in competitive era the major purpose of small or large organisation gaining attention of higher market share and growth by implementing their business operations and its functions at large scale (Driouchi and Bennett, 2012). Along with this, internet is effective source that provide different online marketing facilities or services so this will help in satisfying their all needs and wants by using online marketing facilities in better manner. Wiser company is the small recruitment company which is based in united kingdom and provide job opportunities to their people. The firm is determined for increasing their performance by giving appropriate marketing facilities and services to their desired customers. On the other hand, the firm is generally concentrate on recruiting skilled and talented employees at work place so this will providing benefits and effective services to their desired customers, internet is considered as one of the most effective method which play important role in developing awareness among people about offer various types of goods and services of company. Along with this, internet giving a way to buyers and company will make effective transaction by which different online applications and process can be maintained.

Research significance

It is one of the most effective part of research report so this will assist the researcher in describing the actual motive of investigation in better manner. This factor is very crucial in nature as it is termed as that place where researcher mainly focus on convincing the customers about worthiness of particular research area. The main reason for conducting research is to overcome with major issues and problems which assist learner for developing their accurate skills and knowledge in the investigation area along with specific topic. The appropriate direction about research working assist a person in gaining high amount of profitability and income for future time period. The specified study area help in increasing their skills and abilities in such areas where people mainly concentrate. The research is based on significant tools of internet such as mobile application, online sites, web pages and social media. Such are effectively working as marketing medium that are used by each business organisation so this will increasing their income and profitability ratio (DurmuÅŸoÄŸlu and Barczak, 2011).

Research aim

The point of investigation describing the set target which are under experts through examination and surveys. It is explained for providing accurate framework that has to be determined in the midst of focus meaning for the examination. The effective reason behind driving the examination is to overcome with various issues and problems which main purpose is to conduct investigation. This is the common segmenting of research so this is important for experts is to select major purpose of investigation for starting the stage of enquiry (Ip, Leung and Law, 2011). Apart from this, the main aim of this specific research is “To determine the significance of using Internet techniques as marketing medium for an enterprise and its impact on increasing organisational value. A case study on Wiser organisation” (El-Gohary, 2012).

Research objectives

This will consist to be one of the effective part of research project that are based on research issues and problems in better manner. The target of such examination are working for particular research examination. They are effectively communicate with other persons and at last social events providing accurate data and informatics of specific structure in determined conclusion. The exploration is too wide so the adequate informatics can be accumulated with using right targets and goals in proper manner. The major goals which are surrounded for particular investigation as per their concomitant as under:

  • To examine the benefits of internet tools as effective medium of marketing within Wiser organisation.
  • To analyse the impact of internet methods on developing efficiency of organisation and its internal surroundings.
  • To ascertain different internet tools that are used by Wiser company in order to increasing their success and growth.
  • To identify effectual ways through which company can grow their business operations and its functions at large scale.

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Research questions

Research question need to be undertaken by using set goals that has be answered. The actual meaning of request develop it easier to accumulate information that are valuable and finally they are achieving desired goals and objectives for specific examination. This will comprise to be important part of research that predict tremendous part in analysing effective data and information with the assessment of various scholars and authors.

  • What are the benefits of internet tools as effective medium of marketing within Wiser organisation?
  • What are the major effect of internet methods on developing efficiency of organisation and its internal surroundings?
  • What are the different internet tools that are used by Wiser company in order to increasing their success and growth?
  • What are the effectual ways through which company can grow their business operations and its functions at large scale?

Time scale


It can be determined as one of the most effective section of research project that assist investigator in conducting depth investigation project for framing an effective research results for particular area of study. This is most of the important piece of investigation entity and the scientist collecting and gathering through various assets and actualise them towards specific work. The specialist have different ideas and thoughts of creators which are recognised with the entity and analyse the considerations of various creators and attempt toward advanced methods. There are various methods and techniques which are getting accurate data and information regarding particular subjects. Along with this, the data required to collect and gather different sources such as books, magazines, daily papers and many more. The scientist set the opportunities for project so it is simple for them is to complete whole work in given time period. Experts are looking towards strategies, policies, advancements and ideas which need to be analysed the best possible result or outcome for their own specific tasks in better manner. They need to make proper improvement and development in such terms as per their own skills and knowledge which are used for collecting specific facts and figures. The examiner need to adopt such methods and techniques for doing specific work in proper manner (Jehangir and et. al., 2011).

Benefits of internet tools as effective medium of marketing within wiser organisation

According to the (Kasemsap, 2016) view point, internet marketing is determined as one of the most developing and formulating factor which play appropriate role in getting high level of success and growth for an organisation in better manner. In current time period, the technology help in gaining attention of large number of customers towards their effective services and goods and also they attract towards internet and web, people who are from various age group are concern on expending high amount of time on internet so this will making their self busy in various types of business activities and functions in proper manner. Along with this, the internet marketing is the most useful thing for the firm because this will help in providing accurate position of company at the large market place. It is determined as indispensable method and tool which can be used by marketers, businessmen and entrepreneur so they are developing their customer base, lead different generation, effective marketing functions and activities, enhancing their firm profitability and performance level. There are different forms of benefits of internet marketing which should be described as follows:

Reach with the desired customers – This will determined as one of the most effective components so it is the main responsibilities of an organisation is to gaining and acquiring number of customers towards their company and also offer various types of goods and services in proper manner. Wiser is mainly concentrate on implementing internet sources for capturing wide place of market (Omotayo, 2015).

Improved customer reliance – Customers are the key factors or element of company so they can get high level of success and growth for increasing large number of customers towards their services and facilities in proper way. The main purpose of this firm is to gaining attention of people towards the company so this will create effective value of implementation strong relation with their potential buyers.

Enhancing brand awareness - The medium size business concern that it is essential for Wiser company is to adopting and using accurate source for developing and creating awareness among customers towards their goods and services which will help in increasing the company profitability and productivity at large market place.

Major effect of internet methods on developing efficiency of organisation and its internal surroundings

According to (Pantano, 2014) internet is determined as one of the most effective method and tool that can be used by enterprise because this will help in increasing their business profitability and productivity at huge market area. Along with this, internet is effective for delivering internal and external advantages for the organisation and their major business operations. In current time period, an organisation need to concern and using various internet sources and methods so this will assist in enhancing business operations and its functions in effective and efficient way. For small size organisation, it is required for Wiser firm which is recruit people for specific job profile and they help in attaining higher success and growth level at large market place. In an enterprise, this will create huge effect of internet methods and tools for developing efficiency and their internal environment that are described as below:

Formulating and developing company productivity – In an organisation, the internet methods and tools are very effective in increasing firm profitability and productivity by gaining attention of large number of people towards their creative and innovative goods and services at the market place. Along with this, this will assist in performing effective digital tools and methods which are capable for their firm improvement and they are help in gaining high amount of income and revenue for providing services to the country people (Pantano, 2014).

Customer attraction – In this, customers are determined as one of the necessary component which play important role in increasing organisational performance and functions at large market area. In the huge competitive time period, there are different substitute which are available for products and if people does not satisfied with the individual firm services and facilities so they can easily switch to the another company and use their products and services. For small business organisation, it is required for them is to gaining attention of number of people towards effective services by which they are also offer variety of services as per the customers requirements and needs.

Different internet tools that are used by Wiser company in order to increasing their success and growth

Marketing is a tough and fierce competition and it is harder to draw in new customers yet it is not possible to grow a business without marketing. Traditional methods are quite older now, so by leaving them behind its time to utilize internet marketing that can drive traffic to the Wiser company that convince new visitors to become paying customers. Internet marketing is much about quantitative and it has channels that yields detailed data which allows data to optimize online campaigns on the perch. This data also allowed to launch a new marketing campaigns on a strong foundation of established data that improves the success of the business. There are such tools of internet marketing that can be used for the success and growth of the Wiser company that are mentioned below -

Drive traffic from SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers a technique which optimizes performance on the search results. The SEO is tool which generated search engine results through search engine results like Google responds on the search keywords which is related to the specific products and services of the firm. Optimizing a firm's website for search is one of the very best ways to grow a site traffic and business too. Being at the top of the first search page is results can earn more than fifty percent of traffic (Parveen, Jaafar and Ainin, 2015).

PPC advertising – PPC or Pay – Per – Click is another way to bring new visitors to the website, these advertisements are also display along with the search results. A prospect user clicks on that links to find the desired things. As the name indicates that a business entity needs to pay a specific amount in response of each click. However, these are not too expensive even it can be controlled in terms of expenditure. If the competition is low then a investing a few pennies means a lot because there are a very advertisements are available so Wiser's ads can get more clicks (Pot, 2011).

Increase social media fans – Social media has a boom in internet marketing cause the accessibility and approach to the maximum users. There are various business who are creating there brand pages on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus. Before foot into the social media the business owner should realized to being social among the users cause it uses to direct interact with the customers. \

Email marketing – Email marketing is one of the method that brings customers back. Email service is an effective stem to place a company in the customer's email inbox. When a customer selects to email list then they wanted to stay connected with the business in order to take the advantage of new products and services.

Effectual ways through which company can grow their business operations and its functions at large scale

A company's existence is physical with its employees but nowadays there is change in traditional working pattern. Business productivity software used to ensures organizations have to the tools to overcome the challenges of executing on strategy. The productivity software can be traced to the automation of processes allowing for faster communication of the strategy. People are adopting a modern and high high – tech technologies to work. So, here are some technological changes are included that are using to made significance changes in business operations, they are given below

Intranet – Intranet is a private hub that can be accessed by any authorised users within a business organization and it is mainly used for the internet communication and collaboration. Modern intranets are often built using content management systems that are easy to manage by anyone (Quinn, 2011).

Private messaging - Team work matters a lot for a company so they need to communicate with each other. Therefore, chat or private messaging is a better option for them to communicate and the mangers can also establish a chat connections with their employees during their busy schedule. The central located performance appraisal information within a formal online framework, managers can easily communicate business strategy and they also create measurable goals for their employees.

Discussion forums – Discussion forums are still an effective way of communication in business tools. The employees and managers of Wiser company can discuss on the same topic on the forum where the others can also get knowledge by using the discussions as reference (Sinkovics and Sinkovics and Jean, 2013).

Tracking – An online help desk with a case tracking system enable employees and customers to submit a case or support ticket. This allows a case to be handled by the right employee and resolved it within time. It uses to track team productivity, prioritize the most relevant and important queries and collect valuable customer's feedback that can help in improving the products and services to assist customer relationships. This makes it easy to track the employees performance while completion of the task and it aid to offer immediate reinforcement to keep deadlines track. This process leads to greater business productivity because the staff is learning new things every day and they are putting there efforts to give the best.

Motivate employees through technology – As the manager gathers the online performance report then they can compare current skills with those required for the advancements or other recognition or reward opportunities that present themselves as the manager track progress on employee goals throughout the year. The managers can find to redirect employees to different departments if you feel their business productivity could elsewhere (Trainor and et. al., 2014).

Analyse performance – Technology provides a deep understanding of business performance, customer preferences and market trends. These metrics will be used to analytical reports and to prepare new strategies that can bring new profits and more profit to the firm.

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