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Research Project on Customer Behavior

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Question :


Research is based on understanding the behaviour of customer by considered online social networking websites and individual spaces.

1. Planning and designing collection of data by using different tools as a part of research methodology.

2. To analyse and interpret finding in order to reach meaningful conclusion and then provide recommendation.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury


1.1 Background information

Behaviour of the consumers is directly linked purchases made by the customers for particular usage of products and services. It depends on their behaviour of choice that whether they want to purchase it through offline mode of online mode. As per the taste and preferences, they tend to opt for various modes for shopping. There are various aspects that are considered by them before choosing between social networks and individual spaces. The main concept applied on the same is related to value for money, where, it is assessed that which mode will prove to be profitable for the consumer. The enormous difference found between, variety, quality and prices can help in suggesting the consumer, the right mode to be adop1ted for shopping. Based on merits and demerits of both the aspects helps in making overall decision regarding purchases to be made by the consumer.

People tend to prefer online modes of shopping in comparison to that of offline modes. It is due to direct delivery of products at the door step with simple as well as convenient shopping experience of the individuals. Further, wide range of collection, colour and sizes can be appropriately picked with adequate policy of doorstep return and exchange services offered by the online companies. However, there are other set of individuals who tend to prefer offline shopping as they require proper consumer and seller interactions. They are able to explain their preferences and are able to get the preferred as well as sorted material from their side. Further, consumers are able to gather detailed instructions and recommendations from the side of seller with adequate information about the product which they may be planning to purchase.

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1.2 Purpose of research

The main purpose of the present research is to ascertain behaviour of the consumer with respect to shopping within social network in comparison to individual space. Since, online stores are being able to gather adequate hype from the side of consumer due to its convenient aspect, there are other setoff consumers as well who still prefer to have offline shopping over the online one. The main objective of the research is to ascertain the difference in behaviour of consumer with respect to purchasing. The research has helped in developing adequate amount of knowledge and understand behaviour of the consumer with respect to online and offline shopping.

1.3 Aim and objectives of research

For the present research, aim can be framed in the following manner:

“To understand the behaviour of consumers for shopping within social networks as compared to the individual spaces.”

Based on the above aim, following research questions can be formulated:

  • To analyse the concept of consumer behaviour.
  • To understand the difference between online and offline shopping.
  • To recommend ways by which the behaviour can be analysed of different consumers for online and offline shopping.

1.4 Rationale of the research

People tend to prefer online shopping over offline due to adequate amount of convenience level attached to it. It is important to ascertain changes in overall behaviour of the individual based upon their preferences being made. The researcher does not hold adequate amount of knowledge regarding the subject matter, which has developed by the interest in the stated topic (Berthon and Shapiro, 2012). The researcher has been helpful for various other scholars as well, who may be conducting or planning to conduct similar type of research for investigation purposes. It has also been ascertained that there are various factors that helps in influencing the mind of customers with respect to opting for online and offline aspects. The research has also helped in understanding those factors as well.

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2.1 Introduction

After introduction, research methodology is the second chapter which is responsible for assessing various methods used by the researcher in order to conduct present research. Hence, this chapter will be responsible for discussing, research approach, strategy and design. Further, the chapter will also help in understanding various sampling and data collection methods that has been adopted in conducting this research.

2.2 Research approach

Research approach is considered to be an important aspect of the research, where researcher tend to put adequate amount of emphasis. It helps in ensuring that the researcher opt for the right path and researcher do not attract from the actual output and expectations of the research. Hence, it can be stated that it helps in providing guidance and direction to the whole research. There are two types of research approaches (Chung and Austria, 2015). These are, inductive and deductive. Inductive research helps in moving the investigation from specific to general manner. However, in case of deductive type of research approach, the investigation moves from general to specific manner. In the present research, inductive approach has been used by the researcher so that specific content can be used to derive the general results.

2.3 Research strategy

Research strategy is plan on which the whole research relies. It becomes important to ascertain that what type of strategy will be used by the researcher so as to ensure that how the research ill actually be conducted. There are basically two types of research strategy, which are, qualitative and quantitative type of research strategy. Qualitative research helps in generating in-depth knowledge about the subject matter. However, quantitative research opts for statistical tool to assess the results. In the present research, qualitative type of research strategy has been adopted to conduct the research.

2.4 Research design

Research design is considered to be the blueprint of overall research. There are various types of research design, such as, descriptive, exploratory and experimental. It can help in analysing various components that may directly or indirectly be related to present research. Since, the main aim of present research is to explore regarding behaviour of the consumer, considering the same, present researcher have opted for using descriptive type of research so as to ensure that one can reach to the effective set of conclusion and recommendations (ErdoÄŸmuÅŸ and Cicek, 2012). It is the best suited technique for present research where objectives can be examined accurately with right set of outcomes as per the formulated aim as well.

2.5 Data collection

It is considered to be one of the most important aspect related to the overall research, where, data is gathered from primary, secondary or both types of sources. In the present research project of analysing the consumer behaviour primary and secondary both type of techniques has been used by the researcher. Primary data will be collected though questionnaire and secondary data will be collected through books, journals and various other online sources. It has helped in increasing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the formulated aim and objectives. It has been able to draw a greater and detailed insight regarding the subject matter (Hetter, 2010).

2.6 Sampling

Sample is a subset of whole population. Since, it is not possible for the researcher to gather data from whole of the population, a sample is selected which is the clear representative of the whole population and results generated from the same can then be generalised to the overall population as well. For the present research, the effective sample which can help in generating accurate result as per the aim is through random sampling method. Hence, data from 20 customers will be collected to ascertain their behaviour with respect to online and offline shopping aspects.

2.7 Data analysis

Data analysis ios considered to be the most important aspect of the research here, the data which is collected from the respondents is effectively analysed so as to reach to the specific conclusion. Data can be analysed with the help of two methods (Heymann-Reder, 2012). These are, quantitative and qualitative type of data analysis. In the present research, qualitative type of research analysis technique will be used by the researcher where themes will be formulated so as to gather and analyse the results being taken from the respondents.

2.8 Research limitations

No research can be conducted in a perfect manner. However, it becomes important for the researcher to mitigate various limitation to the maximum possible extent. Present research has also been able to face various limitations. One of them are, time boundations. Since, the overall research has to be conducted in specific time, there can be certain points that may left to be unattended due to inadequate time given to it. Further, the researcher has not been able to conduct adequate amount of secondary research as well. In this scenario, there can be certain amount of deviations in the overall research results being taken out as well.

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3.1 Introduction

After research methodology, results and finding is the most important chapter of research as it helps in assessing the results that has been collected from the side of consumers. In order to deliver this aspect, themes will be formulated in a manner where, data will be collected from the responded and will be represented in tabular of graphical format. Findings will also be presented so as to interpret the crux of answer (Hoffman and Fodor, 2010).

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