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Analyzing Effectiveness of Digital Technology for Data Collection ASDA

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: BGN201
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Question :

The purpose of this research is to analyze benefit of digital technology especially as Mobile application in order to attain desired growth in business. These kind of platform will assist ASDA to evaluate its capabilities in order to develop an effective market share.

  • Discuss research area by analyzing background of this research.
  • Critically evaluate literature and gather information related to relevant topic.
  • State main research techniques as well as methods and evaluate timeline of research activities.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Asda


Overview of the research

The part of Digital technology and mobile applications can not be undermined in the present business world. There are different instruments and advancements which are being utilized by organizations around the globe. Propelled developments are effective in making individuals life straightforward and pleasing, this in like manner make an impetus in redesigning the learning and capacities of people about the essentialness of applying modernized mechanical assemblies and advances. Business industry is considered as a key segment which make an impetus in working up the budgetary condition of firms and what's more for country also. Asda is retail company of UK which deals in Super market (Tene and Polonetsky, 2012). The company is doing well and is expected to grow, thus the need of digital technology and mobile applications within the business process and for the purpose of delivering services to consumers are quite huge.

Background of Research

There has been steady change in the general doings of organisations around the globe, fundamentally because of new and inventive apparatuses and also methods utilised by them inside business. The noteworthy method of reasoning of firm is to satisfying the needs of people at business focus in order to accomplishing forceful edge at promote put. In the bleeding edge exhibit time contention is so high at business focus and affiliations are extensively stress on achieving higher centred edge through offering collection of things and organisations at business focus. In the present time people continue with a clamouring life and they are not having enough time they satisfying their necessities as for acquiring so they are in a general sense stress on applying on the sites as to making their trade more practical. Use of mobile applications has given various kinds of benefits to industry of retail as well as to companies operating under it.

Significance of Study

The current research will give an overview as well as detailed explanation on the topic. The researcher will be able to get necessary knowledge regarding the topic in an effective manner. The research will also lays down the right kind of procedures which will enable a researcher to formulate information as well as data regarding the topic.    

Research Aim

Research point is thought to be a general articulation which is worried on the general objectives, reason and expectation of the work. This alludes as a foreordained articulation which helps in complete the entire research work and exercises in efficient way (Subramanian and Ramanathan, 2012). The imperative point of this specific research is 'To analyse the benefits of digital technology,especially Mobile applications, on Business growth of an organisation. A case study on Asda'

Research Objectives

 It refers to the objective for which the research is conducted, there can be various objectives of a particular research and a researcher make sure that outcome of the research will fulfil the objectives that are needed to be achieved in an effective as well as efficient manner. This additionally an another fundamental piece of research venture which helps in illuminating the exploration issue in proper way. This can be assessed as the outcomes looked for through the agent toward the finish of the examination venture. This area of research is interconnect with inquire about point. Some fundamental destinations are portrayed as under:

  • To evaluate the impact of Mobile applications on Asda's Revenue and Profitability.
  • To determine the biggest beneficiary of mobile applications within Internal and external environment of Asda.
  • To ascertain the relationship between Use of mobile application and customer satisfaction.

Research Questions

This area of research helps in characterizing the exploration targets in an issue proclamations which are should examine in the segment of writing audit. This piece of research give a reasonable course to the analyst to do the area of writing survey in suitable way through examining the view purposes of essayists and writers. Some suitable research question for this specific research venture are related as beneath:

  • What is the impact of Mobile applications on Asda's Revenue and Profitability?
  • Who is the biggest beneficiary of mobile applications within Internal and external environment of Asda.
  • What is the relationship between Use of mobile application and customer satisfaction.

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There has been an adjustment in the ways business is being led by the associations everywhere throughout the world. Particularly benefit area has seen radical changes in its working. A portion of the real reasons of such radical change have been, the changing needs and requests of clients and The necessity of the organization to spare cost and to produce higher income over time frame (Cascio, 2014). The data is gathered from various source, for example, past undertakings, books, magazines, step by step papers and so on. The master set the ideal open door for specific undertaking so it is fundamental for them to finish the work in picked time portion. The ultimate aim of literature review is to explain the overall objectives of the research in an effective manner that will give a detailed view of the purposes as well as objectives of the research.

To evaluate the impact of Mobile applications on Asda's Revenue and Profitability.

There has been a considerable impact of Mobile applications and software on the overall profitability of the company. Consumers around the world wants that their work shall be done in an easy manner and it is only possible to have access to goods and services in a physical manner always that means consumers does not always want to buy stuffs by walking into the stores, rather they would want to get served by sitting at their home and this is only possible if the company will be having their own websites or mobile application which can be accessed by customers on their fingertips. With efficient use of mobile application technology, Asda is able to improve its market base very efficiently which has allowed business to grow and flourish even more (Weinstein, 2013). Specifically talking, Asda's Revenue has seen a surge of 8-10% post implementation of various digitisation tools like mobile applications, launch of new websites and digitisation of advertising etc. As per the views of Andrew Gaszdecki, 2017 There is a direct relationship of growth in revenues and profits with innovative changes within the  strategies as well implementation of technologies etc. and hence it is essential to implement those policies that will have a direct impact on the revenues as well as profitability of Asda going forward. If the profits will be increased then the same can be applied for the purpose of growth and development of company's business as well as operations in an effective way, thus it can be said that use of mobile applications for the purpose of increasing its customer base has resulted in positive growth of company and an increment in the overall revenue and profitability has been seen (Al-Jabri and Sohail, 2012).

To determine the biggest beneficiary of mobile applications within Internal and external environment of Asda.

A company operates in a business environment and all the elements of environment do have a direct impact on the workings of company. The environment of a company in which it operates can be divided into two parts, these include Macro environment and Micro environment. As per the views of Kimberlee Leonard, 2017, Use of mobile application as tool to reach customers has created benefits for various segments of this environment. The biggest beneficiary of implementation of mobile application are as follows:

  • Customers: The direct beneficiary of effective implementation of mobile applications has resulted in higher satisfaction to customers in an effective way. Customers can access stores of Asda on mobile applications and thus it has resulted in convenience to customers. The need is to make sure that these applications are reached to nooks and corners of the target area so that growth in customer base of company can take place.
  • Suppliers:  It has become easy for Suppliers also to place their orders in an effective way. They are using mobile applications for the purpose of informing management of Asda regarding the availability of supplies and the delay that may take place due to late supplies.
  • Employees: Employees also benefits from these application of digital technology tools within the company. They are able to sell products and services through internet and the need of physical availability of consumers in the stores has reduced to quite an extent (Kumar, 2012).

To ascertain the relationship between Use of mobile application and customer satisfaction.

There Is a direct relationship between use of mobile application and the ultimate satisfaction that is derived by customers. Customers do not have to go to stores physically every time, they can order their purchases online through mobile applications which will not only reduce their cost to make purchases but also lead to an increase in the overall satisfaction derived by them. Right sort of frameworks programming set up would guarantee legitimate income alongside bringing right effectiveness inside the organization. These product frameworks are interlinked with each other inside the association and enables organization to work together by successfully. Organizations in current situation is advancing and they would need to give administrations to clients on time and according to their desire and this has resulted in overall client satisfaction (Selander, Henfridsson and Svahn, 2013).


This can be evaluated as the most necessary bit of an investigation which aids in total  whole investigation practices into especially organized and effective way. This portion helps in picking the most sensible instruments and system for satisfaction of research work. This portion expect capable part in gathering fitting come about through applying most reasonable framework. It is useful in get-together data from various sources and discovering conclusions for this examination through a watchful research. This bit of research relies upon various applications which helps the expert giving deliberate path to the pro to progressing towards right heading.

Investigation Type

There are two kinds of investigation quantitative and qualitative in nature. it is the commitment of analyst to pick investigate as to actualising its assignments in effective way. Authority has considered subjective examination with a specific extreme target to complete this examination and fundamental part for this choice is that running subjective research structure is especially clear and any individual can lead this by taking a short instructional assembling in alliance. With the end goal of this examination, Qualitative strategy has been chosen by the specialist.

Research Design        

Research is a basic procedure and subsequently which sort of research must be chosen relies on the scientist. Comprehensively Research can be characterized into two Sections. These are Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research. The subjective research would be founded on the nature of information accumulated and subsequently gives a more extensive view to the analyst. The technique that has been chosen with the end goal of this specific report is Qualitative Method as the outcome gave by this strategy is sure and are in the for of postulation and suspicions which can be perused and comprehend by even a layman (Chaffey, 2015).

Research Approach

The exploration approach is essentially isolated into two classes these are inductive approach and deductive approach. With the end goal of readiness of this specific report Inductive approach is chosen as it depends on the subjective research. It is worried about different raw numbers which are being gathered by the scientist. Inductive research approach must be made into appropriate move as through this analyst apply to create a hypothesis and distinguish topics that depend on the predetermined inquiries of the subjective research.

Data Collection  

Information accumulation is an exceptionally proficient instrument which is utilized by the scientist with the end goal of viably assembling information and making investigation. It is essential for researcher to collect data and information through various sources. Expert can accumulate data with the help of various procedures. There are two sorts of techniques which are as under:

Primary Data: It refers to the data that has been gathered directly from public and there is no intermediary in between. This kind of data is much more reliable because there is no intermediary involved in between.

Secondary Data: The information which is beginning at now accessible from various sources which joins information which are secured in books, magazines, diaries, reports, reference books and so forth. As the information is beginning at now accessible it must be destitute down, deciphered and plot with the target that the data which is critical is perceived and differing miss driving information is dismissed by the master. The information which is collected through optional sources are correct and the depiction of information is right. There is less likelihood of miss driving or false data (Pesonen and Horster, 2012). It is an extremely helpful method for gathering information and this enabled the analyst to direct research in a compelling and effective way. The exploration should be possible in a simple way if the information will be gathered through optional source as it is a simple method to accumulate information likewise it permits to build the productivity of research.

Ethical Consideration

 While leading exploration, a specialist run over different circumstance in which the scientist needs to settle on choice ethically and morally. The respondents imparts data to the specialist, which is very individual in nature and in this way it is basic that those data are not abused or Misutilised by the analyst in any capacity. The vital thought is that expert ought to have a reasonable point identifying with this examination. It is fundamental to secure data which has been given sustenance by people close by get some information about pros. The bit of request is to be kept up so morals identified with research could be adjusted (Drucker, 2012).

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