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Digital Technologies on Business Activities of Vodafone


  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0522
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Question :

Research proposal contains information regarding the activities that will execute during completion of research work. The aim of this unit is to identify the impact of digital technology and how it supports multinational organisation in increasing performance level of organisation. Research proposal should contain following stages to complete:

  • Define research work along with its aims and objectives.
  • Conduct literature review including views of different authors on research topic.
  • Use research methods in carrying out research work.
  • Set time frame by producing Gantt chart and Work breakdown structure.
  • List out the references used to collect data for research work.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Vodafone


Overview of the Research

Digital technology is one of most effective tool which is apply by each and every organisation to maximise their sales and profitability. It has more influence on the development and progress of company at marketplace. In this competitive and modern business era enterprise are concern on applying E-Commerce at workplace with aim to increasing the productivity and performance of firm. Technology gives different advantages to the company via rendering them various mode to execute its operations appropriately (Bergvall‐Kåreborn and Howcroft, 2014). E-commerce is one of the main and effective tool for the company because it assist them to save their time and cost. All those are major element for the growth and success of organisation in global marketplace. Mostly business entity are concern on applying digital tools in regards to producing featured and unique products and services at market which assist in satisfying the wants of customers. In this research project chosen organisation is Vodafone, it is a telecommunication industry which deals in different products such as mobile phone, internet television, broadband fixed line telephone and many other items. In order to provide information about these products company use E-commerce technique because with the use of this they can easily introduce quality, feature, size of the products easily. Thus, digitalisation is more significant for the activities and operation of business at various level.

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Background of the Project

In today's modernised world, the main motive of each and every organisation is to accomplish higher success and growth via fulfilling the wants and needs of customer at marketplace. Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications organisation which is located in London (Hilbert, 2013). It was founded by Vittorio Colao, Greaed Kleisterlee in 1982. Company operates and owns network in 25 nations and has partner network in approx 47 countries. Company has large number of employees approximately 11,1,556 who are currently working in the organisation. Main purpose and motive of all workers is to implement E-Commerce tools in the enterprise to maximise their growth and development within predetermined period of time. In this modern place, it is essential for the enterprise is to achieving higher success through applying  E-commerce in regards to gaining competitive benefits at marketplace. E-commerce is a part of digital technology which give an accurate direction to the enterprise or its business operations to achieve long term success which develop an effective value in reaching competitive position. As a telecommunication firm, Vodafone emphasises focus on applying advanced tools to accomplish its targeted objectives and gaols within predetermined time duration.

Research Aim:

This can be considered as the important aspect of research project which gives an appropriate guidelines to the investigator in order to apply research activities in an efficient and effective way. It is a predetermined and planned theme which describe the entire motive and vision of research and give a way to reaching at better outcomes  (Bressolles, Durrieu and Deans, 2015). The main aim of this research proposal is “To analyse the importance of e-commerce and its influence on developing organisational performance.   A Case study on Vodafone.

Research Objectives:

This is also an effective and main aspect of research project which is mainly based on the research aim. The general objective of research states what researcher expect to accomplish by the study in general way. It is advisable and possible to break down a specific purpose into smaller, logically linked parts. The important research objectives are explained as under:

  • To determine the necessities of applying digital technologies on business activities of Vodafone.
  • To find out the advantages of E-commerce on developing unique services and products at market place.
  • To determine various measures which are adopted by Vodafone in regard to expand their business activities and operations at large scale.
  • To measure the impact of implementing E-commerce on increasing the profitability and revenue of organisation at market place.

Research Questions: 

This is another important part of the research project which is mainly based on research objective. This identify the statement form which is entirely supported on the objectives of research proposal (Chaffey and Smith, 2013). It is effective for addressing entire issue related to the research effectively. This kind of research is essentially interrelated with its objectives which are developed on the basis of preset research aim. The significant research questions are determined as below:

  • What is the necessities of necessities of applying digital technologies on business activities of Vodafone?
  • What are the advantages of E-commerce on developing unique services and products at market place?
  • What are the various measures which are adopted by Vodafone in regard to expand their business activities and operations at large scale?
  • How measure the impact of implementing E-Commerce on increasing the profitability and revenue of organisation at market place?         

Rational of research: Main reason behind choosing this topic is to maximising the sales and profit. Another reason is to attract large number of customers by providing quality products and services at reasonable prices. E-commerce support the company to increase their productivity and profitability within a predetermined period of time  (UHl, Born and ToMAszJAnAsz, 2016). Furthermore, digitalisation is more significant for the company because with the use of this technique's they can easily do their all activities and functions in an appropriate and systematic manner. So business entity prefer to use this topic  and gain competitive advantages easily.                     


A literature review is a critical analysis of a segment of a published body of knowledge via classification, summary and comparison of prior research studies, theoretical articles and reviews of literature. In simple word, it is a scholarly paper, which cover the actual knowledge considering substantive findings, as well as methodological and theoretical contributions to a specific topic. Thus, it is known as one of the essential aspect of research proposal. In nature, such part of the research is more effective in accumulating appropriate information or data through secondary resources by studying the thought of writers and authors (Cadden, Marshall and Cao, 2013). Further, it supports in conducting accurate and detailed investigation as to developing entire activities and functions of research appropriately. Beside this, literature review give an effective theoretical framework which highly essential in accumulating information via secondary parts such as online sites, books, journals and so on. All these helps in identifying the view of authors and writers as to gathering better outcomes for the closing of research project.   

The necessities and importance of applying E-Commerce on business activities and functions of Vodafone.

According to the Chiu and Hofer, (2015) e-commerce is a main part of the digital technology which is important for the company to expand their business operations and activities at marketplace. This tool more effective in increasing the performance and operations of enterprise. In modern era company are interest on establishing increment in regards to achieve maximum profit via applying suitable technologies and technique's at workplace. In this modern era competition is very much high at market so it is essential of Vodafone to implement digitalisation with aim to enhancing productivity and performance of enterprise. Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunication organisation which has various number of customers who are mainly emphasised on taking different benefits or advantages of offered services and products of firm. Thus, it is important for Vodafone in order to apply E-commerce in regards to serving variety of services and products to their target and potential clients. Proper implementation of the digital tool are essential and significant for the company to accomplish their wanted goals and objectives within predetermined period of time. As per the point of view of  Malik and Ul Mujtaba, (2018) Main requirement of the digital tool in the business is to save time and cost of the company. Both time and cost are significant element for the development and progress of company in limited time duration. This develop value in achieving higher success and growth of enterprise at marketplace.  

The benefits of E-commerce on developing unique products and services at market place

E-commerce is an effective activity of selling or buying of items on online services and internet. It draws on technologies including electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic data interchange, online transaction processing, automated data collection system and inventory management system (Tangible Benefits of Digital Technology, 2018). All these are effective and useful tools for the development and progress of company. Further these are support the company to introduce their all products and services in marketplace. There are different benefits of E-Commerce on developing new services and products are determined as under:

Knowledge of Market: E-Commerce gives additional approach for business in order to acquire market knowledge in which business operates. Thus it is important for the organisation to maximise their preference in the marketplace. According to the Alawamleh, Ismail and Hammad, (2017) market knowledge help the company to compete their challengers by providing better quality at affordable price to the customers.

Price Competitiveness: It is another benefits of the E-Commerce technique's which is essential for the progress of company at international level. As per the point of view of  Alawamleh, (2018) It decreased transaction costs in automated ordering as well as invoicing systems that can lead to minimum prices. Thus, it is main advantage of digital technology which benefited to the company to gain competitive advantages easily.

Increasing profitability and sales: Main and foremost purpose of the Vodafone in developing new products and services in marketplace is maximising sales and profit. According to the.... for achievement of long term growth and success, manager has to play an effective role for providing quality items at reasonable prices to the customers in a systematic manner.

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Various measures which are adopted by Vodafone in regard to expand their business activities and operations at large scale

In this competitive and modern world enterprise are concern on enlarging their business activities and functions at different level to increase growth and profitability of company at market. Thus, it is important for Vodafone to keep their goodwill and picture in the mind of people which help them to gain competitive position at marketplace. There are some aspects which are followed by Vodafone as to enlarging their operations and functions which are determined as under:

Introduce an unique product: It is identify as essential part of organisation because it play vital role in maximisation of profit and sales of company. According to the Ismail, (2017) preference and choice of clients are changed  according to the variation in market trend, thus it is a main responsibility of organisation to produce effective and unique goods as to fulfilling basic wants and requirements of customers.

Adoption of advanced technology: It is another important and useful aspects which is used by the Vodafone with aim to maximise their productivity and performance level. Beside this, company mainly emphasised on adopting unique tools such as E-Commerce, social media, mobile app, Robotic and many other technique's.  All these are assist the business to maintain strong and long lasting relationship with their customers.

Develop an unique segment and move into innovative place: It is significant component which develop a value in enlargement of their activities and operations at large level. In this competitive world, firm are mainly concern on increasing their market share as well as gaining competitive edge within predetermined period of time.

Impact of implementing E-commerce on increasing the profitability and revenue of organisation at market place

Digital technology is more significant and useful technique for the company to maximise their profitability and revenue in an effective manner. One of the main and essential tool of digital technology is E-commerce which benefited to the company to easily introduce their services and products in marketplace and to the customers. Therefore, it support the organisation to maximise their revenue and profitability. The development of advanced technology are useful in achieving higher sales. Proper implementation of digital tool supports in producing featured and unique items in order to improving the sales and performance of enterprise.  Thus, digitalisation has different impacts on the development and growth of company as well as it also effect the sales. In the each and every organisation digital technology play vital and effective role which is useful for the success of organisation within predetermined period. Vodafone use E-Commerce technique in their business operations which help the business to save their cost and time. As per the point of view of Hammad, (2017) in order to implementing digitalisation in the company, it highly effects on the business sales and profitability.

It is also impact on the productivity and performance of organisation in a direct or indirect model. With the help of digital tool, manager of the Vodafone company motivate their all workforce which help them to accomplish their long term objectives and goals in limited time period.  On the other hand Lee, (2012) digitalisation in the organisation to attract large number of customer's by providing quality and effective items at reasonable price. 

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This can be considered as an essential and important aspect of research proposal which help the company to identify point of view of the customers about digital technology. Research methodology is the process which is applied in order to gather relevant data and information for the motive of making business decision in an accurate manner (Gereffi and Lee, 2012). It includes interviews, survey, publication research, case study and many other tools. It also includes historical and present information which benefited to the organisation to maintain their better position at marketplace. There are some tools and technique's which are the main part of research methodology are determined as below:

Research design: The current research proposal is mainly relay on research design. This type of investigation are carried out by investigator for analysing the effect. Research design are basically classified into three parts which are exploratory, descriptive and experimental. As a topic of digitalisation, entire investigation is depend on descriptive which will be suitable and appropriate for the particular matter and through this, the determination can be traced in an effective and efficient manner.

Research technique's: There are some tools and technique's of research which are used by the researcher in order to analysis customers response. Some tools are determined as under:

  • Interview: It is the verbal conversation or communication between two people with the motive of gathering accurate data for the purpose of research project. In this interviewer can pursue detailed and in-depth information around the matter  (Holland and Mandry, 2012). Further interviews may be valuable as follow-up to few respondents. In this researcher follow different methods of interviews such as personal, telephone, focus group, depth and projective. All these are help in providing accurate information and data regarding the impact of digitalisation on business activities. It is a part of quantitative research which is important and useful for the investigator in order to analysis response of customers towards parts of digital technology such as E-Commerce.
  • Case Study: It is also a popular method of research with having motive to evaluate specific problems within the boundaries of a particular situation, environment or organisation. Main advantage of this aspect is to collect and analyse information within the context of phenomenon, combination of quantitative and qualitative information in data analysis. Thus it is also important part of the research methodologies which help in the accumulation of relevant information and data.

Research philosophy: There are basically two types of research philopshy i.e. interpretivism and positivism. Interpretivism philosophy is a part of research which will be applied in the research project, it will support in analysing the information in an effective manner. Further, it support in attaining better outcomes within predetermined period of time  (Hines, 2012). Another type is Positivism philosophy which will not appropriate for carrying out investigation.

Data Collection: It is another important and useful tool which is used by the researcher in order to collect accurate amount of the information systematically. To gather appropriate information, investigator follow two types of researcher such as primary and secondary. Under primary research, researcher will be made a questionnaire which will assist them in gaining the applicable as well as suitable data from the respondents On the other hand, in case of the secondary resource, books, journals and many other aspects will be referred to accumulate proper data about the digital technology. It is highly needed to achieve better results and gain competitive advantages easily.

Data Analysis: It will be completed with the use of thematic analysis. It is more suitable and useful technique's for the researcher because with the help of this, they can easily identify opinion of selected respondents (Vlachos and Gutnik, 2016). In this, researcher made different them on the basic of research question, it support them to analysis the response of answering.

Data Sampling: It is another useful and relevant part of research methodology which is applied by the investigator in order to set a sample size. In this researcher choose 50 respondents which is appropriate and effective for identifying response of answering out of total population.  

Limitations: There are different limitations which are addressed at the time of conducting research program in an appropriate manner.  In this researcher observed main issue is time and cost which impacts on the business performance and productivity in a direct manner. The research topic is huge and for acquiring the consequence, specific time period is necessitate. So in the entire it can be said that period of time is less for the full research.

Ethical consideration: The main factor which should be applied by the investigator is related with keeping the data which are collected from the clients privately so that there are very little possibility of creating mistakes and entire problems will be decreased in an effective and efficient way (Edwards and Bowen, 2013). The questions which are developed should be moral and they should not injured the feelings and opinion of others. Thus morals are essential in order to tell relevance of information so that entire operations and functions are followed in right direction.


It is another important and valuable part of the research methodology which is followed by the researcher in order to analysis time period about completion of research project. This part of the research includes Gantt chart and Critical path which support and benefited to the organisation to identify time of completing their research project in a systematic and effective manner (Buckingham, 2013).

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