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Procedure Required to Commercialize Innovation in 4Com Plc

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of innovation in the context of a business organisation. In this regard, the CEO of 4Com plc wants to introduce innovation in their business that can assist them in implementing desired changes in the business process.

  • Discuss the context of innovation and identify differences between intervention and innovation.
  • Identify different types of innovation for 4Com plc.
  • Evaluate the procedure which are required to commercialize innovation in 4Com plc.
  • Analyze different methods that can assist in protecting intellectual property rights.
Answer :
Organization Selected : 4COM PLC.


Innovation is considered as the most essential element which plays vast role in growth and development of firm at market place. In the modern business era the major motive of each small as well as large business enterprises is to enhancing their production and operations through implementing new and innovative technologies at work place (Belussi, Sammarra and Sedita, 2010). Advancement is essential for each business enterprises as it create value in improvising the operations and function of firm. Advancement is the new improvement process, and this is proficient by more inventive or viable items, advances, techniques, administrations, forms or numerous plans of action that are instantly accessible to governments, showcases and also society. Advancement is required for each association keeping in mind the end goal to accomplishing objectives and targets viably. 4Com Plc is the chosen organisations for this particular report. The company is stated in United Kingdom and deals in telecommunication products and services. The organisation manufacture phones, produce software and offer internet facilities to their significant customers. They work for giving best and imaginative support of their potential purchasers. Commercialisation is a presentation procedure in which the firm present new item and administration with the market. Creation is specifically comprised to new revelation that is useful for development and achievement of an industry. This report substance the examination about the effect of advancement and creation on business firm. In this report new and imaginative systems, innovations, techniques will be talked about in detail. Advancement is considered as new idea and thought that can be change over into completed products and enterprises and make an incentive for clients.


P1) Innovation and its importance to organisations in comparison with invention.

It includes changing thoughts into pictures. It is depicted as changes which are made in items and these causes in adding esteems to merchandise and ventures therefore fulfilling the requirements and needs of clients. It helps in conveying new or change items to clients which are viable and they fulfils the present want of clients. Advancements can be made in existing items or new items can likewise be presented in advertise (Blindenbach‐Driessen and Van Den Ende, 2010). New item can be produced with the assistance procedure, innovation, changes or change in administrations. Updating of existing items gives different responses to current market require. All the methodology which are useful being developed of new thoughts and making an interpretation of thoughts into stock that are requested by clients are altogether secured under advancements. New and advance ideas are effective in implementing innovation within the products and services of firm. Innovation is beneficial for organisational growth and success and there are various importance of innovation in which some are described as under:

  • It helps in making upper hands for business by embracing to best targets and procedures to make overall availability of items and administrations.
  • It helps in making extraordinary business pictures which are useful in adequately accomplishing business objectives and destinations.
  • It helps in keeping up upper hand for any business firm by recognizing best way for activity. Development receive best methodologies and destinations so as to make worldwide availability of products and ventures which are offered by firm.
  • Advancement make an incentive for future marketable strategies, new thoughts are useful in achieving up and coming needs and request of clients that are change with the general public patterns.
  • It helps in making simple and successful correspondence channel for creating network among purchaser and dealer (Chesbrough, 2010). This offer help in overall exchanges of merchandise and enterprises.
  • It helps in creating extraordinary image of business at commercial centre which are useful in accomplishing authoritative objectives and targets.
  • It is useful in setting up best advancements and strategies for business which offer help underway capacity New considerations and thoughts are useful in pulling in huge number of purchasers through their imaginative items and administrations.
  • Advancement changes the current patterns of economy and create elements of work put.

Difference Between innovation and invention is described as under:





Innovation is a key element which is effective in implementation of new and innovative ideas for making appropriate changes in the products and services of firm.

Invention is consist to be the process of producing new and innovative products for the very first time.


As per implementing innovation organisations needs to have people with high marketing and technical skills.

As to evaluating new products company needs to have people with high scientific skills.


It is based on practical practices.

It is based on theoretical ideas.

Invention and innovation are two different elements and each have their own importance. As to implementing invention and innovation within the work place company needs to have an appropriate amount of capital and funds. As a small business enterprises 4Com Plc needs to spend a significant amount in implementing innovation within the work place as it helps in improvising the standard and value of products at market place. Procedure of advancement isn't simple, it set aside part of opportunity to make put in people groups mind. Huge number of purchasers know about new patterns, and they need products and ventures according to new creative thought. Innovation is the revelation of new thing which isn't identifiable by any one. The significant reason for 4Com Plc is to render quality items with new and propel highlight.

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P2) Vision, leadership, culture and teamwork for innovation and commercialisation

Each small as well as large business enterprises has some purpose and they work as to accomplishing their targets in respect to attaining high growth and success at market place. Target helps the firm in providing a clear vision towards attaining success and competitive edge at market area. In the modern market competition is so high at market place and organisations are widely concern on implementing innovation as to fulfilling the basic desires of people at market place (Chiaroni, Chiesa and Frattini, 2011). Commercialisation is considers as a procedure through which new thought and item is presented by any firm or association with a specific end goal to achieving abnormal state of benefit. 4Com Plc is celebrated for its continually changing thoughts and considerations which are gainful for buyers. 4Com Plc items are utilized by the young since its give creative component that are helpful for each generation. Vision, leadership, culture and teamwork are considered as the most effective element which plays vast role in growth and development of firm. The implementation of all these elements are needs to be appropriate as to carry out all the business operations in effective manner.

Vision of firm for innovation and commercialisation: Vision and mission are considered as the predetermined statement on which the whole activity of firm are based. The major purpose of firm is to reach at higher level as to attaining higher growth in the globe. The higher authority of 4Com Plc is concern about implementing new and advance technologies as to fulfilling the desires of people at market place. An appropriate vision of firm supports the element of innovation in effective manner. They trust that they have to possess and control the essential innovations behind the item that they make and partake just in showcase where they can make a huge commitment.

Culture of the Firm for innovation: This is also an another essential aspect of firm as it plays vast role in providing a good and effective working environment to their buyers. The fundamental purpose of 4Com Plc is to encouraging consistent development, which is at the core of the organization. They mainly follow the culture of secrecy which is the piece of organization's technique to limit or diminish theft of scholarly property,data and data that are imperative for association (Edquist, 2010). Culture is the key factor for organizations achievement. This accommodating in distinguishing capacities in empowering changes, approaches, innovations and methodologies.

Leadership of firm for Innovation: 4Com Plc is mainly follow autocratic leadership style for maintaining the micro range of business functions. This incorporates about the nature of the workers to lead their groups and propels them to grow new thoughts and innovations which causes the group to finish their assignments in more compelling way. An appropriate leadership helps the firm in attaining higher growth through implementing collaboration within the employees.

Teamwork for Innovation: Collaboration and team work is the real part of each firm, it is valuable in playing out an errand in powerful way. It begins at best and strain down through each layer of the firm whether it is enjoyed by any one or not. Cooperation makes great relationship among associates, so it is offering help in advancement and commercialisation.

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