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Resource and Talent Planning - ASDA

University: Regent College of London

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Question :

Working for ASDA limited it is necessary to understand the requirement of talent according to changing preferences of customers. Person specification & Job description can be adopted as a tool for understanding various aspects of talent and resource planning.

  • Application of principle of employee relation
  • Discussion about Fundamental of employment law for an organisation
  • Define of different type of duties, right and obligation an employees as well as employer
  • Identify the advice relating to duties, rights and obligation ofemployment relationship
  • Conduct and completing stakeholder analysis for ASDA
  • Discuss about the impact of positive and negative employees relations on different stakeholder
Answer :
Organization Selected : ASDA


Human resources management can be define as practice of hiring, selecting, organising, developing, managing all employees with an organisation through this firm are able to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time appropriately. In this report select ASDA in order to identify the impact of workers relations as and employment legislation on their performance. It is a British supermarket retail chain that was establish in the year 1965 (Abdullah and Zulkifli, 2015). ASDA entered into merger strategy with Walmart in April 2018, through this they are capable to achieve 30% share of total supermarket at United Kingdom. They have approx 642 store with almost 165000 workers. In this assignment covers values as well as importance of employees relations and fundamental of employment law. It also includes different kind of right, obligation, duties an employer or workers. This assignment report cover complete stakeholder analysis and impact of labour relation on them.


P1 Value and importance of workers relations at ASDA

Employees relation: It is define as organisation efforts in order to manage, control positive relationship between all staff members as well as employer. Through this they are able to enhance workers satisfaction in long period of time resulted they produce higher quality product and services and firm get higher market share. Happy workers are productive for an organisation so that management has develop strategies to create positive relation among all individual at work place. Importance of workers relations in ASDA has explain as follows:

Productivity: When organisation implemented employees relationship strategies at work place that help them to achieve goals and objectives in given time frame appropriately. Through this, enterprises enhance workers satisfaction and satisfactory employees happy with their role as well as duties and continuously trying to improve their performance (Albrecht and et. al., 2015). Resulted rise productivity of each one individual and they produce higher quality goods and services through this ASDA achieve higher customer's satisfaction as well as market share.

Employee loyalty: Management of ASDA has develop action of plan to increase healthy working environment resulted rise strong employees relationship among all staff members. In which, employers are support individuals and they are happy with that. Through this all labour become loyal toward their enterprises and duties. Loyalty is a factor of motivation and loyal workers are share their positive feedback with their community thus increase their brand value at work place. For example, staff members of ZARA has make note in which they includes their salary issues and put it into customers cloths resulted organisation face lots of criticism that affect their image negatively. So that, employees loyalty has important for enterprises which are came through healthy relationship among employers as well as labour.

Conflict reduction: With in ASDA, several individuals are work here and each one department has interrelated to achieve other. So that, employees has communication with all labours in order to complete our task effectively (Baum, Schäfer and Kabst, 2016). When they completing their role as well as responsibility, some conflicts are rising that affected staff members duties negatively. By implementing relationship plan at work place, human resources manager of ASDA able to reduce conflict among staff member that help to get higher employees satisfaction through this they are able to achieve objectives appropriately.

Effective communication: Communication is very important for an organisation so that management has developing strong communication network at work place and HR manager of ASDA has focus on quality of information that help to build positive relationship among labours. Through this, individual are share their experience as well as data thus enhance productivity and performance.

Motivation and reduce worker turnover: Motivated labour has become loyal toward their firm and duties that shows their job satisfaction. Management of ASDA has gain benefits of its reduce their employees turnover, now approx 165000 person are working here.

P2 Fundamental of employment law for an organisation

Employment law of United Kingdom has regulates relationship between workers and employers, it is governs that what owner of business can expect from their workers and what employers can provide role to labour for do it as well as individuals rights at work place (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Government of UK has identifying issues which are face by labour with in an organisation through this they save employees rights and reduce organisation harassment on their workers. Some important legislation of United Kingdom are detail as follows:

Healthy and safety law: Employers face large number of duties as well as responsibility aimed to protect welfare and health of their staff members. It is a ASDA obligation to implemented this government policies at work place through this they are able to enhance employees satisfaction in long run. It is a legal problem relating to identifying labours stress at work place so that management of the company has manage and control all these kind of problem appropriately in order to achieve target in limited period of time effectively.

Discrimination act: It is a one of the most important law which was develop by government of United Kingdom. According to that, human resources manager of ASDA has implemented anti discrimination legislation when they hire, promote, transfer, selecting works for their organisation (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). Discrimination are done on the basis of colour, age, education, religion, nationality, gender, race, belief and many others. It is a human resources manager responsibility to avoid these all elements of discrimination and select appropriate candidates which help to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time effectively.

Equality opportunity law: Through globalisation of resources, firm are hiring workers from all over the world, but after Brexit in UK it is hard to hire candidates that are belongs to other nation. Government of United Kingdom has develop law related to quality under this they have mansion that enterprises hire applicants according to their quality and provide equal opportunity to individual to present their talent in front of interviewer. In this process they can not discriminate person for any reason. Thus help people to get opportunity benefits and make their life better as well as gain goals.

Harassment legislation: Mostly women mistreatment is a very critical issues at work place rather then male. So that, authority of UK has create law against harassment activities at work place for both men as well as women. Human resources management of ASDA has develop rule and policies to provide safety working environment to female workers. For this, they are make panel judge to solve women problem effectively in limited time period so that they are working comfortably (Cascio, 2018). Not only female, ASDA has protect their male staff members from harassment issues through this they are able to run whole business activities effectively for long period of time.

Disability law: Each one individual wants equal opportunity for employment so that disable person also have same mind so that it is obligation for all enterprises to provide equal chance to all candidates for hiring, selecting, appraisal, promotion, transfer many more. Authority of UK has create this law to build motivation in disable person through this their living life standard has increase and they spend their life easily.

Maternity and parental rights law: Maternity and parent rights has very important for paternity, adoption leaves. ASDA has provide 186 days leaves to women as maternity leaves in this duration they are give them full salary and other benefits if any so that they are able to spend it effectively. After completion of leave period lady are resume their old position and work accordingly. Company has also offer 12 weeks non paid maternity leave to parents in order to save right of parenting (Donate, M. J. and de Pablo, 2015). Through this, firm are able to satisfy all staff members resulted they achieve goals and objectives in given time frame appropriately.


P3 Different type of duties, right and obligation an employees as well as employer

Employees as well as employer both have some role, right and obligation at work place thus affect their performance and productivity. It is responsibility of each one person that they know what is their role with in an organisation accordingly members are completing their task appropriately.

Some important duties, rights and obligation of employers are detail as follows:

Duties: Employers has some duties at work place thus effect firm performance which are explain below:

  • Employers want to communicate their vision, mission and goals to their employees so that accordingly all members are work achieve it in limited period of time.
  • It is a management responsibility to establish strong communication network with in an organisation. Through this, all labour are share their information from one place to another effectively resulted individual are achieve their target appropriately with the help of other.
  • They are make healthy and safety working environment which help to enhance labour satisfaction and reduce employees turnover appropriately (Grobelna and Marciszewska, 2016).
  • Human resources manager of ASDA has implemented HR policies at work place resulted remove discrimination and provide equal opportunity to all workers.

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