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MN5F52FB Pitching and Negotiating Skills Level 4


In any business pitching and negotiation plays a critical role. Pitching and negotiation assist in seeking the attention of stakeholders and making people accept on communal interest. It is techniques which assist if identifying the interest of all the people who has involvement in the function of company. Mark and Spencer company is being taken in this assessment. This assessment will determine the qualities and skills of manager in negotiation and pitching. This report also focus on identifying the steps in dealing and presenting problems and issues by management of Mark and Spencer. Furthermore, the report also determine the proposal and documentation for breaching of contact. Beside this, repost also evaluate competitive tendering and contract procedure. More over this repost also make understand the dynamic and creative pitch for Mark and Spenser company. This assessment also focus on implementing  appropriate  documentation of contract.  Mark and Spencer is the leading retail store in United Kingdom. This study will also critically measure pitch and post pitch outcomes for determining issues and problems and  risk management in the organization.

P1 Negotiation and involvement of key stake holders in negotiation process

In a negotiation process, where the two parties are discussed to involve in one solution to problem with mutual interest. Effective process is IT process to implement by an organization to helps in maintaining  to involved in interest of every stakeholder with the help of business operations (Mejía-Arauz and et.al., 2018.). Moreover, for the manager is important to implement the use of negotiation process  to appropriate because it helps in managing every bit of detail which is essential to be divided with stakeholder. The key focus on manager of Marks and Spencer when negotiation with key stakeholders is over their profit because it is the only condition which help in conducting process.

In negotiation process, the key stakeholder individually get affected by change in decision making. Overall, whatever the changes occurred in the company the manager will consider priority to employee because in the company employers are those person who organized and aware about the taste of users and consumer preferences. In negotiation process, entity is important for the involve and to serve stratification of the employee. Apart from this, shareholders are the most important part of organization because these individual are the investors which pull companies to share their value.  Changes in the company is directly hampers their invest.

Rationale for negotiation process

Behind this all main motive implemented that the process will seek to advice from every stakeholders about the changes in decision. It also included for the people to help in step wise process all the details is here to agree on common interest(Tse, 2014). Moreover, determining needs and expectation of every stakeholder are important for the managers. It is included, that assists to managing successful business operations are considered to be prominent. Thus the management of Marks and Spencer will focus on negotiation because of its helps in seeking consent of every person who is relating and must be affected by the decision making.

M1 Steps of negotiation process

In negotiation, the important part is that apply the utility of negotiation process because it helps in to explain step wise process which involving every necessary step which need to file negotiation agreement. Further, planning the negotiation personal assistant utilizing systematic step wise process because it will helps in  the system to outlining all the primary information and step. Such as, negotiation process followed by manager is described in below:

Planning and Preparing: in this report, the meeting has conducted to discuss aims of making people aware about the whole issues which are considered(Junoh,  2014). Next step, also included that aims of manager to collect whole the information which must be arises like expectations, need and different perception, etc. prior stage of management where Marks and Spencer aims that outlining all the details which can be taken as part of negotiation process.

Setting around rules: In this step, to maintain the entire process is assisting to conduct a negotiation process. Therefore, to making successful negotiation process, the manager and assistant will focus on setting back up plan (Tse, 2014). This is a last option of negotiation to be successful, manager and assistant will focus on setting back up plan.

Clarification and Justification: In this step, the discussion on negotiation all the time the manager knows the discussion about all individual interest in business operations. Hence, over all the discussion will be based on negotiation with mutual interests (Fletcher, 2018). It is opportunity for the firm to determine the various loopholes and shortcomings to share information and knowledge regarding changes in business organization.

Bargaining and problem savings: In this process, manager is trying to understand the different opinions to create a discussion on over negotiation. In this manner, the management of Marks and Spencer is responsible for examine the state on which negotiation can take place. This process analyzing all over the consideration, clearing and discussion on which concessions can occur in favor of all the organization (Tse, 2014).

Summarizing and Executing: In this process, the manager aim was to document the process of negotiation where all the sudden changes are elaborate into one statement (Mejía-Arauz and et.al., 2018). It is a last phase, to forming agreement for the common interest and signing agreement. In the process, the important part for the manager to make sign negotiation agreement from the every participant those are in the process which participate.

Critical evaluation of steps of negotiation process:

it is an effective process, which helps in setting in order to flow of negotiation which helps in easy action of stakeholder. Moreover, the beneficial process is aimed to discussed the views of every person working in the firm but in the other hand it is restricted to  limited the steps which can be altered. The process which are making ethical is discussed and argued by the manager. The next step is discussed that sharing their interest with the help of both parties argument. In last, the discussion and arguments are over manager summarized the basis of negotiation which can be made on common interest of workers and trade union, etc.

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