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Personal and Professional Development


Every individual posses some good qualities and few loopholes. Through a personality development plan the professional is able to set his/her own goals, strategies and learning process for overall development. It identifies goals and develops individual skills, records and monitors the strength to obtain set goals (Ferriman, 2016.). The person is motivated to take interest in such measures that enhance their employ ability skills. It makes the manager or employee more aware about his/her well being and recognize their potential. This assignment prescribes various methods to implement and review your own personal and professional development plan. This personal enterprise plan aspires the individual to establish priorities relating to their career positioning by recognizing and sough ting opportunities and risks (Esmore and et.al., 2007).


Task 1

1.1 Approaches implied for self-managed learning

In order to improve the abilities and skills of an individual one should adopt a continuous learning process. There are different learning ways i.e, formal and informal in the form of group, one-to-one or self-learning and three main learning approaches are discussed below, briefly:

Behaviorist Approach

According to this style, appropriate behavior is required to achieve individual goal and for that constant repetition of task combined with feedback is formulated. This approach proponent Gagne theory of instruction and social learning theory to guide a professional (Hunter, Laursen and Seymour, 2007).

Cognitive Approach

Unlike behaviorist theory, here more emphasis is led on active participation of the learner rather than his trainer or mentor. The trainee himself identifies his own pros and corns while the coach suggests alternatives and measures to work up on. The principle 'learning process is more than just doing task or activity' is its key focus.

Humanistic Approach

This is a modern world theory, where learning outcomes are established through explanations of individual experiences. An emphasis on active learning is core of this approach. Participate methods are build on the basis of experiences, span of attraction, self-awareness and experimental learning (Hayes and Robnolt, 2006). The professional needs to be ready to learn apart from being motivated by fear or compulsion.

1.2 Ways through which the learning process can be encouraged

VARK learning style is suited most when an individual requires improving his/her skills. It has four essential ways through which effective learning process can be applied. Here V stands for 'visual learning', A for 'auditory learning', R for 'reading and writing learning' and K for 'kinesthetic learning'(Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013). This process can be understood below:


The learner uses visual and graphic displays like charts, diagrams, handouts and videos to grasp knowledge. It also makes use of such words and phrases that evoke visual images in the minds of people or group.


This mode focuses on hearing capacity of the individual, where the speakers are of slow pace and learners are natural listeners. Lectures, discussions and speeches are its tools to convey the skills and knowledge among the individual (Tudor O and Haff, 2009).


It is the traditional approach where reading and writing techniques are emphasized. Articles, mails, notices, research studies, blogs and magazines are the different modes to spread and communicate information essential for learning process.


Tactile learning takes place with the help of physical activities rather than listening, watching or reading facts and information. This way of learning is considered best as it engages all senses while learning. It includes trial and error method where a continuous process of experimenting and suggesting preventive measures take place in working (Cherry, 2015).

1.3 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to an individual and organization

In recent years self-managed learning has provided energy and enthusiasm to individual development and its organization. Major benefits of this concept are as follows:

It promotes natural development of self-confidence and initiative among the professional which in turn provides sensible, healthy and productive environment to the company.

The self-directed process provides opportunities to follow wide range of interests options while performing assigned tasks. It builds behavior among the employees to innovate new ideas and themes in their working style. Encouragement is provided to perform tasks with creative mind that ultimately benefits the firm (Ward, 2011).

As the individual is responsible for training and development by his own they become mature and sensible enough to make decision and implement them accordingly.

This process provides greater choice of freedom to a person to adopt which way or path to sought problems. Rather than rigid structure, flexible and favorable environment ic created among the corporation.


2.1 The process and activities required to implement a development plan

When I evaluated my professional and personal skills I found myself on an average scale. There are many traits which demands for serious concern from my side. So, after identifying key professional skills and rating them now I will focus on coping with these loopholes. The major areas that needs to be covered are:

Firstly, when assessing my attributes I found that my problem solving techniques are not up to the mark. Although, I am able to solve the problem on the spot still it lacks expertise. The remedies and solutions made are temporary. This can be improved by indulging myself in different decision making processes of th

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