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Leading Organizational Equality & Diversity

Introduction to Leading Organizational Equality & Diversity

Diversity and equality both are one of the most important concerns of any organization in order to provide respect to all human possession. It is essential to promote the broad culture for all the workforces. The present study mainly emphasize on all the legal requirements of the organization in order to effectively manage the diversity. For this purpose NHSBSA (NHS Business Service Authority) has been taken into consideration for the promotion of all the human rights. It is a special health authority which provides range of medical services to various patients and public (Gibb, 2000). They need to provide different business solutions that deliver excellent services and value for money. In order to promote the diversity in different associations there are various policies and procedures that needs to be taken into consideration. There are several methods of communication that are basically related to the quality and diversity issues. The needs and expectations of stakeholders are also within the policies of equality and diversity.

Task 1 Importance Of Effectively Managing Equality And Diversity

1.1 In any industry it is essential to manage the relations between all the employees. They need to follow various legal requirements through which they can easily maintain the quality of services. NHS business service authority required to follow all the legal rules and practices. Different legal requirements have been incorporated within the organization in order to reduce the diversity and equality issues (Bird and Fang, 2009). Firm are not allowed to exploit or discriminate the workforce on the basis of caste, religion, gender etc. One of the major aims of the different ruling bodies is to remove the partiality among employees. Equality Act 2010 is aimed to designed for removing the favoritism in the course of all the staff members. It is the major responsibility of NHSBSA to provide equal opportunities to all their staff members. These requirements should be follows as per the Equality Act and it will highly promote diversity. Employee's always feels dissatisfied with the exploitation and it directly affects the quality of services of the company. Organization needs to follow various laws related to equality, diversity and discrimination in order to protect the interest of employees. It will help the company in easily increasing their market share as well as profitability of firm (Elmuti, 2001).

In addition to this company can create their own legal policies and procedures in order to protect their employees with this type of exploitation. They believe that modern organization should reflect the diverse communities within the general population. One of the major duty of all the management people is to remove the inequality and ensure that there no barriers for all their consumers (Kippenberger, 2002). With the help of this they can maintain the long term relationship with all their customers as well as interest of all their stakeholders. All the human rights are also included in the legal requirements. It is mainly related with the person's individual rights and employee can demand for all those rights if he is not getting it. Furthermore, NHSBSA should also create an inclusive culture for all staffs in order to maintain eco friendly environment. It should be framed by the company because no such laws are associated with the cultural beliefs of people. Company can provide different training to all their staff members as per their skills and it will help in maintaining the quality and diversity.

1.2 In any business organizations can create various code of conducts and practices for maintaining the equality and diversity. One of the major purposes of creating these different practices is to remove discrimination and exploitation at any level (Syed and Özbilgin, 2010). Diversity can be described as encompasses the respect and determines that each individual have its own and unique identity. Company should respect theses skills. In any industry there are various employees from varied cultural beliefs and company can easily promote the different cultural norms all around the industry. In order to maintain the equality company needs to incorporate some standards into their firm. These standards have been incorporated to the entire department of the company. NHSBSA have set different policies and procedures for their different department. They serve various ranges of medical services to all their patients and it is essential for them to maintain the service quality as well. It is very important for all the staff members to satisfy all the customers increase the profitability of firm. They can further provide training to the overall workforce as per their skills in order to remove the diversity. It will help them in increasing their efficiency level and providing best medical services to all the patients. A legal code of conduct helps the company in maintaining the interest of employees by securing their personal values and beliefs (Milner, 2001). There are different codes of conduct such as Sex Discrimination Act 1975, in which all the employees of NHSBSA are restricted to exploit any of the staff members of the basis of gender difference. With adopting these different standards company can easily remove all the complexities from their work process.

1.3 There are various implications of equality and diversity for the NHSBSA and they can get number of advantages with the help of these suggestions. Different diversity and management policies help in motivating employees as well as increasing customer base for the company in order to motivate all their employees company needs to respect the cultural values and beliefs of the consumers. Company needs to maintain the interest of all their stakeholders so that better services can be provided to all their customers (Lussier, and Achua, 2009). It can be gain by promoting their cultural beliefs at higher extent and providing them equal opportunities. The main purpose of the company is to provide high medical services to all their patients and for this purpose company needs to recruit different employees from different cultures. In any hospital patients come from different cultures and the management people needs to respect them so that they can further gain their productivity and market share. In addition to this company can get various benefits by enhancing the performance of all its employees. They can provide them training as per their skills. With the help of equality and diversity management company can maintain long term relationship with all their employees. They can further adopt motivational strategies through which they can easily motivate their staff members. It will help them in increasing the customer loyalty. In order to manage the internal as well as external process of the NHSBSA it is necessary to enhance the employee's performance (Baer, 2004). They can find out various ways through which they can provide better services to their patients.

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1.4 There are a high requirements and expectations of all the stakeholders of company. Stakeholders are individuals or group of people who can deliver different services to the company. It can be employees, suppliers, customers, owners of NHS business service authority and it plays very important role in the process of company. It is one of the major responsibilities of company to fulfill the requirements of all their stakeholders. Most importantly there are customers and employees needs to be satisfied so that company can deliver higher productivity (Elmuti, 2001). Moreover, in any industry each and every staff member expects fair treatment and equal opportunities. It will lead to increase their motivation towards the organization and they will perform in well manner. All the consumers' needs proper response from the management people and it could be managed by the diversity and equality policy. NHSBSA is required to maintain proper communication with all their patients. They need to provide them fairer treatment during the care and treatment process (Hassall and Joyce, 2001). Employees of the company also need proper feedbacks so that they can improve their performance. It is necessary to implement the different policies of diversity and equality. It has its direct impact on the overall business functions and it will help in providing quality services to all the customers. The interest level of employees should be at its higher extent and if company fails to do so than it directly affects the sustainability of company. In health care organization for providing better services to all the patients it is necessary to have a good internal communication between all the workers. Different functions of the organization may hamper the coordination level of the team members. It will lead to decrease the employee turnover as well as sustainability of company. It may also hamper the communication process of all NHS business services (Milner, 2001). Company can further provide higher benefits to all their stakeholders by adopting diversity and equality management.

Task 2 Dynamics Of Leading And Managing Equality And Diversity Within An Nhs Business Service Authority

2.1 It is necessary to gain commitment to equality and diversity in an NHSBSA. For managing the policy of diversity in an organization as well as equality management it is essential to take different suggestions from all the staff members. They can easily go through the areas where they need further improvements. In the health care organization overall management needs to equality and shows respect towards all their employees. Company can further make higher commitment with all the consumers to provide them best quality services (Kapoor, 2011). Sense of belongingness should be created by the management people. Policies need to be implemented by them with the different terms and conditions. The possibilities of conflicts should be avoided as it may hamper the overall performance of the company. In order to show the concern of company about all their employees they need to provide equal opportunities to incapable candidates. It reflects the positive side of company along with the equality and diversity. There are different morale duties of different employees and top management people should avoid different things as cultural differences, bad words and actions. These are not in the process and entirely against the morale duties of all the employees. Company can further create different welfare schemes as it will give the positive image of company in front of all its customers. Equality and diversity in any industry can be easily managed by promoting different cultural beliefs (Durtschi, 2003). It is necessary to set various standards in the company through which they can eliminate the unnecessary things. Such as various staff members try to make cultural differences and it will lead to decrease the motivation of the employees. Company can further improve their services and gain commitment towards all their customers by providing them better services. Different employees of the companies are restricted to exploit anyone due to cultural differences. In order to avoid discrimination various rules need to be maintained and further NHSBSA can easily gain commitment to equality and diversity.

2.2 In order to promote the equality and diversity certain policies and procedures can be made. It will provide various benefits to the company and avoid discrimination. Organization needs to frame different aims and objectives that they are required to achieve. They can frame legal policies with the major concern of maintaining equality and diversity. With the help of this company can achieve various monetary as well as non monetary benefits (Syed and Kramar, 2010).  NHSBSA can adopt the Equality and Diversity Act, through which they needs to provide various opportunities to all the culturally diverse people. This policy helps the company in maintaining the eco friendly work environment and motivating all the employees. In addition to this they can also create a policy in which they can create positive impression in the mindset of all the stakeholders. It is much more essential for NHS business services authority to motivate all their employees in order to achieve their aims and objectives. For this purpose, they can take different suggestions from all its current employees through which they will fell motivated. By giving priority to a single employees or culturally diverse people company will leads to create a negative impression. Government also has to create strict rule and regulations that should be followed by the company. Maintenance of equality and diversity policy of the organization should be supported by the government (Reis and Pena, 2001). Company needs to strictly follow these rules and if they fail to do so then punishment along with custody can be charged. In order to provide high quality services to all their patient's health care services needs to follow diversity management policy. Company can create better image in the society and also protect the interest of all the patients.

2.3 Communication is one of the most important methods of the company. In any industry it is much more essential to maintain good relations with all their customers. It is a key factor for success and company needs to create various statement policies and procedures in order to promote all the set standards of the company. In the present report NHSBSA can adopt different techniques of communication such as written mode, feedbacks etc (Lussier and Achua, 2009). With the help of written mode all the staff members can communicate with each other via written paper and documents. Following methods needs to be adopted by company through which they can properly communicate with the relevant stakeholders such as:

Internet: In today's global environment people are much more into the different internet activities. NHS Business Service Authority can create positive image in the mindset of all its employees by providing them timely information. For this purpose large number of web related seminars can be arranged as well as various social networking sites also helps in promoting the services. Company can deliver the information to all their customers by providing them timely information (Gibb, 2000).

Conferences and annual meetings: All the policies and different practices of the company can easily communicate with all the staff members. With the help of annual meetings NHSBSA can maintain the equality and diversity policy. Conferences are one of the best methods and it should be arranged with the time. All the stakeholders of company can be easily connected with each other with the particular time period.

Interactive sessions: Commitment of equality and diversity management policy can be ensure with the help of different interactive sessions. It is necessary to select the best way implement these policies and with the help of these sessions company can easily gather various information regarding its selection.

2.4 In order to address the equality and diversity issues company needs to incorporate various methods. Company can arrange various training programs for all their employees as per their skills (Hogan, 2012). It will help in identifying the areas where improvements are requirements and further an individual can improve hose areas. Company can easily increase their market share by providing quality services to all their customers. Various e-learning seminars and training programs can be conducted by company. Different workshops also help in increasing knowledge about the particular areas. In different workshop and group discussion sessions all can put their advices related to issues prevailing in the organization. The interest of all the employees directly affected by the major issue of diversity and equality (Hassall and Joyce, 2001). NHSBSA needs to takes various measures in order to address these issues such as:

Fair decision without any biasness: Different management people of the company need to ensure all their staff members that they are always provided fair policies and guidelines.

Open sessions: Employees can easily address all their problems related to equality and diversity. They can further easily improve all those problems and provide higher quality services to the company.

Celebrate festivals and occasion: Cultural diversity is one of the major issues and it can be easily removed by celebrating all the festivals and occasions. Employees can easily develop the sense of belongingness and be with other. All the staff members are restricted to discriminate any of the staff members (Milner, 2001).

2.5 In order to monitor and review the equality and diversity company needs to adopt various methods. It will help them in implementing different strategy and policies and to identify its effectiveness. There are various methods that NHSBSA needs to be adopted such as:

Focus Group: Contact with all the superior level authority is necessary for maintaining the level of equality. Feedbacks can be given to all the employees so that they can improve their current process. It is also necessary to discuss about all the policy of equality and diversity with these authorities.

Training and workshops: Top authority usually reviews the various benefits of the policy towards the management of company (Baer, 2004). In these sessions each and every individual can share their views and opinion with the management people.

2.6 In order to reach the diverse stakeholders it is very important for NHS Business Service Authority to reach towards all their stakeholders. Better communication can be created with different methods such as conferences, meetings and seminars. Information can be easily given to all the staff members by the availability of policies and procedures concerned with equality and diversity management. Company can easily reach to diverse stakeholders group and provide them different feedbacks about how to improve their services. It will also provide them equal respect and dignity in the organization (Diller, 2010). With having full respect about each other they can improve the level of coordination. Different techniques such as internet and social media can also acquire by company and they can contact with the large array people. With doing all this company can create its positive image in the mindset of people and it also reflects that how much health care organization is fretful with technological progression.


From the above report it is concluded that in any organization it is necessary to set their code of conduct and practices in order to effectively manage the equality and cultural diversity. Employees of NHS Business Service Authority should follow all the legal requirements of the company. They also needs to maintain good relation with all their stakeholders in over to avoid the discrimination and exploitation. Various methods such as training and development, workshops etc. can be adopted by the company for reviewing and monitoring the equality and diversity of company.


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