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Benefits of Effective Communication in The Hospital

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Question :

A minor project report is needed to be written for journal publication. Report will cover the topic of improving communication in nursing handover using SBAR tool.

  • Provide an introduction by covering project aim, context and rationale.
  • Review literature on improving communication in nursing handover.
  • Describe methods used for completing the project and analyse obtained outcome.
  • Discuss barriers, challenges and opportunities on the basis of outcomes summary.
Answer :
Organization Selected : IKEA


Communication is that which is considered as the backbone of any organization and it is required to be done in effective manner. Many firms are there who is revamping the communication process in hospital industry so that patient can be treated in proper manner and can be cured in quickly basis too (Vines and et. al., 2014). Miscommunication is such which lead to have an incompletion of work or can lead to have mismanagement as well. A proper interaction with nurse by doctors can help them to understand the things in better way. Basically, communication in better way also help in increasing the image of the hospital too. Report is based on Bethesda Hospital of Australia, which is among the top ranked hospitals.


Aims: It is that for which the organization make itself stable in market and looks forward to earn higher profit as well.


  • To identify the influence of SBAR model in nursing handover.
  • Benefits of effective communication in the hospital.

Research questions:

  • What is the influence of SBAR tool in nursing handover?
  • What is the benefit of communication in hospital?


There is an main motto behind using an SBAR tools in hospital as to reduce the chances of accidental factors and miscommunication as well (Weller, Boyd and Cumin, 2014). This also help in having a effective interaction in between the staff and patient so that the people can also feel like home. Communication in hospital should be done in effective manner as this help in bringing cure to patient as soon as possible in better way.



Communication in hospital in between the management and doctors and with staff too should be there in effective way, which can lead to have an proper working in hospital. Effective communication is such which do help management of hospital to provide advantage to the patient as checking him/her on the regular basis by different doctors and nurses even (Cornell, and et. al., 2014). Bethesda Hospital is among the top ones and merely miscommunication can also be there and such thing can also lead to not providing a proper treatment to people in effective manner which can cause to his/her life as well and may cause death too. To have an proper communication and handover of the responsibilities in between nurses can be learned with the help of SBAR tool which does help nurses to lead with good communication and even make the patients to feel safe and cure as soon as possible too. Not only in Bethesda hotel every hospital and field requires to have an effective communication that can help to attain the goals and objectives in great way. It is required that hospital should have an effective communication in between the department and management of staff too.

Literature Review

1) Influence of SBAR model in nursing handover.

SBAR can be described as an effective as well as efficient techniques which is generally used by medicals professionals such as physicians or nurses to make an appropriate communication. It is an abbreviated form of several elements like situation, background, assessment and recommendations to conduct conversation properly. This technique provide support to make an accurate flow of information about medical status of patients amongst professionals. SBAR allows an organised, short and predictable transfer of knowledge regarding pathological reports of situation of an individual which is mandatory to carrying out an effective treatment (Foronda and et. al., 2014). Bethesda Hospital can implement this method for attaining better communication to reduce possibilities of errors in process of diagnosing the patient. SBAR model is combination of several elements which are described below:

Pre- SABR :- This step involved process of thoroughly check assessment of patient done by medical professional. It is very essential to start an the procedure of SBAR an more appropriate manner. Bethesda Hospital have to make an accurate patient chart which should be include information about present medication, allergies, and labs.

Situation :- Several types of pathological methods such as EEG, ECG, blood test, CT Scan, MRI and many more necessary tests to be done for identifying actual status of patient. It is mandatory to know about an individual like name, sex, age and reason of admission in Bethesda Hospital. Most important to gain knowledge about current health issue or problem of person so that an appropriate treatment can be begin.

Background :- This step includes to determine current status and history of health of an individual to compare both and define an effective course of action for treatment. It also involve to identify information by professionals of Bethesda Hospital about present vital signs, current medications, allergies, labs and code status.

Assessment :- After analysing various kinds of information about current situation and history of health status of an individual regarding present medical issue, it is necessary to define an accurate course of action. Assessments and findings about health problem will render support to determine an appropriate treatment procedure through avoiding impertinent knowledge to ignore confusion.

Recommendations :- This is last step of SBAR technique in which medical professionals provide detailed information about accurate criteria of diagnosing and individual to solve health issue properly. It includes suggestions to consult the specialists of particular fields such as gynaecologists, cardiologists, neurologists and many more to have more beneficial treatment.

It is required by the Hospital to educate there staff regarding the use of SBAR tool in effective way that can make them to perform there duty and responsibilities in great way, educating staff about use of SBAR tool can help in rendering the outcome in effective way too.

The above described method of conducting an effective conversation to exchange correct and accurate information about situation of patient (Liaw and et. al., 2014). Bethesda Hospital can adopt this technique to make as appropriate conversation between doctors and nurses to avoid possibilities of errors. As it is case related to someone's life then there are no chance of taking risks or mistakes so that it is mandatory to have an accurate information about every single patient. If you are a nursing student struggling with writing your dissertation, then quickly turn to Global Assignment Help and grab best Nursing Dissertation Help in UK at affordable price.

2) Benefit of communication in hospital.

Communication in hospital is such which does help patient to get cured within the time period scheduled. There are various benefit of communication in hospital in better way and thus it also lead to have an attainment of goals and objectives in better way too. Improper communication is such which also lead to have an death of patient as well and this is something which can create an hurdle for the hospitals too, even though they do try to reduce the death turnover in proper way. Moreover, the management of hospital is such which do make some strategies in effective way which is being followed by the management in right context.

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