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Issues of Newly Graduated Health Professionals

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The role transition of registered nurses from newly graduates to clinical practice role is an important phase. Thus, at this stage it is essential that pertinent guidelines must be provided to these nurses so that they can meet their objectives of health care. The novice nurses lack the preparedness, functional and managerial experiences which can affect the quality of health care provided by them (Wright & et.al., 2018). Due to these concerns it becomes necessary to discuss this issue so that registered nurses and other health service providers can assess these difficulties which emerge at the beginning stage of nursing practices.

The article will highlight the significance of this issue and the experiences of these newly graduated health professionals before actually transitioning into clinical practices. It will discuss the various literature reviews on the issue and how the issue has been addressed. The report will also evaluate and analyse the strategies which can be introduced in the practice. These practices will help these new professionals to develop better and more practical understanding for their job role and duties. The article will also analyse the impact of these guiding strategies on performance of novice nurses. It will explain how current information guidance about health care system and practices can give benefits to the nurses so that health care quality is not compromised due to their lack of experience.

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The acute health care settings are becoming complex day by day. According to Lea & Cruickshank (2015), Australian registered nurses which transition from university to clinical practices suffers from emotional and workplace stress. It is also observed that these new graduates are often suffer from the stressful environment at their practice clinic. The new pressure of managing workloads and expectation the nurses find it difficult to balance their stress with work. As a result, there are possibilities that they may find it difficult to deliver care appropriately. As per the views of Chang (2015), factors such as technical advancements and increasing burden of chronic diseases urge for the rising demand of highly efficient registered nurses.

However, it quite difficult that new graduated nurses will be able to deliver extreme high quality services in the first year of their practice. Thus, it is necessary that in the first year they are provided guidance with issues faced for their successful transition. It will help them to adopt practical aspects of clinical practices at the earliest and they will be able to deliver services as the experienced nurses without any difficulties. It will also help novice nurses to deal with their issues without hesitation or stress.


As per discussion in Lima & et.al., (2016), health organisations must ensure that supportive environment is maintained so that novice nurses can adjust themselves within clinical environment. It is the responsibility of health professionals and organisations to ensure at organisational level as well as on ward level these fresh graduates does not face any uncivil behaviour and stress. However, Ashley. (2017), claims that though initial experience especially in first year of practice may be stressful for nurses and it can affect the quality of services but through strategic planning it can be resolved. The supportive approach from clinical environment and other staff members as well as awareness among nurses regarding this experience can help them to adjust in the changing clinical environment. The evaluation approaches for concern issues can effectively deal with the retention of nursing workforce.

According to Bull & et.al., (2015), the new graduates in nursing profession can have both positive and negative experiences. These experiences builds strong foundation for the future of excellence nursing care. The evaluation of these experiences can help to identify the changes in nursing graduates after transition. These changes influences the factors such as confidence level, satisfaction and effectiveness of nurses. Aggar & et.al., (2018), argue that there is a wide gap between the nursing training programs and clinical practices. The efficiency can be achieved only through understanding and guidance. To ensure that quality care is provided to the patients the understanding and implementation gap between training and clinics must be abolished. It is possible only if nurses are able to share their experience.

The health authorities and organisation must consider these experiences seriously so that transition programs can be developed effectively. The transition program and training sessions for these novice nurses will help them to improve their experiences and to support them with friendly and qualitative clinical atmosphere. As per the view of Phillips & et.al., (2014), the biggest challenge faced by nurses is that they find it difficult to implement their knowledge into practical offers. On the other hand their instructors and managers expects them to apply it with high efficiency. It creates the pressure and bitter experience for them in their first year of practice just after their graduation program.

In the same context Logan, Gallimore & Jordan, (2016), argue that Australia is having slow birth rate and old age population is increasing rapidly. It has created shortage of nursing staff in primary care. Thus, Australian health care system must focus on practice program which can promote the novel transition into professional and practical behaviour. Such structured program which aims at guiding new registered Australian nurses in their early practice period are effective and plays a key role in tailoring support, knowledge and skills which are necessary for the nurses so that they can transform from students to nursing staff and can provide more accurate and qualitative care to the patients.

However, Ashley, Halcomb & Brown, (2016), also states that transition programs were first of their kind in Australian nursing sector thus it is necessary for health regulating authorities such as Australian nursing and midwifery federation must support these programs. For example such programs are not cost friendly, it involves additional cost for employing new graduates as an employee. Thus, many health organisations believes that there is no need to spend unnecessary expenses on the program.

Another concern identified is that the existing registered nurses are less willing to support these programs. The rationale given by them is that they consider that being senior and experience they already provide training to newly joined nurses so such separate programs will unnecessary consume time as well as their efforts. Despite several barriers it is analysed that fresh graduates must be given specific training for their transition from learning phase to practical implementation phase. Bull & et.al., (2015), explain that it will definitely enhance the confidence and satisfaction level of new graduates. They will also learn the communication skills, prioritisation in work practices and leadership skills.


Australian health ministry supports transition programs which provide practical exposure of clinical practices to graduate nurses. According to Lima & et.al., (2016), at present there is a huge gap in funding for the programs which support the transition of graduate nurses. The transition models differs in their structure, content and cost parameters. There is need to make these transition programs more supportive. The health professionals and registered nurses do not provide appropriate support to these programs and are unaware for the purpose and importance of transition programs. Due to these reasons many graduate nurses hesitate to take responsibility and to participate in clinics. The excellent performance in transition programs encourages the permanent job at the clinic.

The 12 month duration transition programs gives opportunity to fresh nursing graduates to experience the various clinical settings such as ward orientation, clinical supervision and pre-planned study durations. In Australia different health reforms are also introduced which aims at addressing challenges associated with nursing (Lea & Cruickshank, 2015). Similarly, Nurse entry to practice (NETP) programs ensures that transition of nurses must be friendly and comfortable so that they can easily stimulate with working environment. These programs are widely implemented in Australia and New Zealand. To ensure the successful learning of the nurses NETP coordinators are also appointed who monitors and regulate the well-being and continuous learning of the nurses (NETP: A decade of growth, 2015). During entire one year of the training sessions nurses are also given salary and preceptors. After the completion of program if performance of these graduates is satisfactory then they can be given job offer in the clinic. In this way these programs not only provides an opportunity to nurses to explore their learnings but are also beneficial for hospitals because they can analyse the performance of graduated nurses and can recruit the best of them.

According to Australia’s first transition to professional practice in primary care program for graduate registered nurses: a pilot study, (2017), nurses must enrol in transition support initiatives as soon as their graduation is completed. These programs must be developed on the basis of experiences and requirements for the primary care. For example during programs the clinical rotations are also involved. It helps nurses to be familiar with variety of challenges and to address them along with the appropriate support to the patients. When these clinical rotations are planned then nurses are comfortable because they are aware about it. However unplanned rotation of wards create a challenging task for new graduates and they learn to deal with realistic situations.

Thus, it is important aspect that health professionals and organisation must support and encourages such types of programs. It will nourish the skills of new graduate nurses by giving them realistic experiences. Australian government is supporting such programs by funds and regulations but these programs cannot achieve their objectives without cooperation of health organisations (Ashley, 2017). Transition programs and awareness of these programs must be created among health professionals and nurses so that they can actively and necessarily participate in such approaches. Buy assignment USA is here for those students who are lazy and do not have the skills to write a perfect assignment.

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From the article it can be concluded that mere engagement of nurses into acute care settings will not deliver the satisfactory results in health care. For achieving qualitative health standards as per the regulations and instructions of Nursing and midwifery board of Australia it is essential that after completing learning nurses must be trained enough so that they can understand the practical and realistic approaches of health care system. The article has explained the impact and need of transition programs for fresh graduates in nursing. It has focused on the need of such programs which are effective enough for the nurses so that they can overcome the factors which prohibits their growth in early years of nursing.

It can also be concluded from the report that for meeting the future needs of acute health care Australian health department must make specific policies and procedures for the transition programs. The experiences of nurses in their first year of practice must be evaluated so that root causes affecting their work efficiency can be identified. The article has successfully discussed and highlighted the need of orientation programs for newly graduate nurses which are transitioning into practical health care environment.

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